Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/11/2020 - 3/21/2020Bella was a beautiful brindle English Mastiff. She was sweet, and excitable and would howl her excitement when we came home. Especially for dad, he was her favorite. Bella’s internal food clock, for breakfast and dinner, was more accurate than our alarm clocks. She could always be counted on to nudge us ( usually in the face) at 5:30am to let us know it was time to eat and and bark at us for dinner at 6:30pm. Bella was always a little frightened when newcomers came into the house but always warmed up after a few minutes of seeing that Petey approves of them. Everyone always commented at how beautiful she was. She was sweet, and dopey ( she was a tail chaser) and loving .. often putting her head down on our lap for pets. She loved to play ball and frisbee and was always proud to return the ball/frisbee right to our feet. She loved her treats ... in the end, she passed peacefully enjoying her last treat.Lynn BaasShirley, New YorkMarch 31, 2020
3/29/2020Lindy - I can't even begin to tell you how much you will be missed. You brought so much joy to my life and our whole family. From the moment you rescued us in July 2012 to when you went to be with Papa, you were the center of my universe. I know you are happy and healthy in heaven sitting with Papa and watching over all of us here! I love you Lindy!Lisa TuckerElma, New YorkMarch 31, 2020
10/4/2006 - 3/23/2020Well-loved by all totally spoiled and indulged younger sister of our fabulous GSD Zena who passed in June 2019.
Always served organic raw food and spring water (but liked to sneak in to sip toilet water). Goofy, interior decorator (moved our throw rugs around constantly), demanded her after dinner licks and Vitamin B infused ice cream, gave unconditional love and wagged her "stub" at every guest. We will always remember and love her with a special place in our home and hearts.
Karen WagnerMarietta, GeorgiaMarch 31, 2020
1/29/2009 - 3/26/2020Maggie, you were my joy, my companion, my confidant, my savior - sleep well.Kevin ConboyAurora, ColoradoMarch 31, 2020
4/20/2006 - 3/28/2020To My Precious, Sweet Lille:

Lille, you most certainly have brought so much joy and fulfillment to my heart. You were with me 24/7, and I was so lucky to be able to have you 24/7. You loved me unconditionally, you watched my every move, you were always by my side, and you needed me. Something you may not have known, Lils, was that I needed you too!

Lille, you were most definitely a precious member of our family, bringing sheer happiness to all. Everyone who met you loved you. You were always referred to as "that's the type of dog that I need/want." My customers at the store adored you and lovingly referred to you as the "Walmart greeter" at Underwater Adventures. Customers greeted and talked and petted you first. Some even got down on their hands and knees to spend time with you. The purpose of their visit (or seeing me) was always second. Seeing you was first. Some customers came to the store just to see you and for no other reason. You were my forever friend., my very best friend! Most of all, Lils, you were a precious and loving soul that I will never forget. My heart will always wear the pawprints left by you!

There is so much that I will miss about you. I will miss you greeting me at the front door when I returned home. I will miss your precious little kisses when I picked you up. I will miss your shoulder cuddles when I held you, and I always held you. (Someone once wondered whether you ever walked or could walk!) I will miss you lifting your precious little head from your bed, as I ventured around the house, always wondering where I was and what I was doing. I will miss your figure eight jack rabbit runs around the house and the store. I will miss you running circles around my daughter's house and letting my grandsons chase you. And then you would reverse your run and chase the boys, barking all the way. The boys loved you so much. I will miss always having to look for you when it was time to leave the house for work. I will miss you scratching at my leg when it was time to go outside or when you wanted to be picked up. Lillekins, I will even miss your now and again accidents!!

Lille, your life is not over, it has only just begun!! Now go and run and play with your sister, Madison!! Maddy has been patiently waiting for you!!

Love you girl!
My precious Lillekins! My Lils!! My Lille!!
Christine ShourotCarrollton, VirginiaMarch 31, 2020
Sophia Serenity
12/7/2009 - 3/23/2020My sweet Sophia,
It has been one week since we had to let you go. I can't even explain the heartache that I am feeling. I miss you so much my sweet little girl.!! There is a huge void in our family. I am grateful that you are no longer struggling to breathe and you have been reunited with Papa and your big brother Olly, but it is going to take Mama awhile to heal through this one. When I have had to grieve in the past you have always been here to lick my tears and give me your special hugs. Mama is having a really hard time without her best friend by her side right now. I am so grateful for the years we had together and all the memories that we made over the years. We were so Blessed to have you in our lives!! I will Love you Forever and Ever and Always my favorite little girl!! You will remain in my heart forever. I will not say goodbye only until we meet again. Eventually I will let another dog in to my heart to honor our love Sophie, but no one will ever replace you in my heart. Please meet me in the light when I get there my girl and I will give you the biggest hug ever!! XOXO
Christine MurrayWeymouth, MassachusettsMarch 31, 2020
7/24/2005 - 3/23/2020Everyone who met Bozo remembered him. They remembered him because he had a sweet, silly face and and a goofy personality. I was so proud to be one of his "humans" along with Marc and Duke. and had the shared privilege of taking care of Bozo and playing with him and making sure he had the best life ever. He was with us for almost 15 years, so I think we did a pretty good job.!!Kathleen FordDelray Beach, FloridaMarch 30, 2020
3/3/2006 - 3/28/2020On Saturday 3/27/2020 our beloved Bullet made the journey to be with Jesus on Saturday March 28, 2020. He was our family pet for 14 wonderful years, and we were blessed to have him from a puppy to now. He sure loved chasing tennis balls and we know you are chasing them in heaven without any pain.Heather PowersSumter, South CarolinaMarch 30, 2020
2/14/2005 - 3/28/2020Our sweet Max went to be with Jesus on Saturday, March 28, 2020. He was our family pet for 15 wonderful years. He had a sweet, gentle spirit...was a great cuddler, loved walks and the dog park, always had a watchful eye on our home, loved his little sisters Cutie Pie (dog) and Stormie (cat). We all will miss him every single day.Natalie StorrsSavannah, TexasMarch 30, 2020
5/5/2005 - 3/20/2020My sweet girl was all I had and all I ever wanted. There are no words...HoLee RolfKC, KansasMarch 30, 2020