Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/14/2001 - 8/8/2015Nilla was a warm hearted cat with a big personality. Her playful behavior always had her family laughing and smiling. She had a beautiful black coat which included white angle boots, white gloves, a white spot on her lower belly, and a very clean tuxedo trail from her chin down to her chest. In addition, she had long, which white whiskers and eyebrows which made her even more beautiful. From the moment she entered our lives, she provided a light of happiness that would outshine any negativity that the day may have brought forth. Over time, her meows became more like our own language and her head nudges were her ways of showing love and appreciation. A lover of deep tissue back massages, Nilla appreciated the simpler things in life, such as lying down next to her family snuggled up while watching a movie, or simply sharing a seat on the balcony and admiring the high-rise view of Chicago's north side. Her spirit and the memories that she has left us will never be forgotten and no day shall pass in which those special moments with her will not be cherished.

I love you so much my little girl. Thank you for being our best friend, our family, and our rock. You better not be late when I come looking for you in front of the Rainbow Bridge!
Ned RakanovicChicago, IllinoisAugust 11, 2015
2/12/2002 - 2/7/2015Kiya you made life easier, happy and special. You were always there for me, loving me unconditionally, and you took away the stress and replaced it with love and comfort. Letting you cross the rainbow bridge was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I will forever hold you in my heart and my memories. I'm so grateful I could hold you in your spot in bed to send you across the rainbow bridge. Until we meet again ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.Julie TreanorOrange Park, FloridaAugust 11, 2015
2/1/1997 - 8/7/2015Sunny was a wonderfully sweet, affectionate, amazing cat. She blessed our home for 19 years and even when she slowed down due to arthritis and kidney disease, she was always happy to be a part of our family and always greeted me with a happy meow when I got home every day. Dr. Mary Gardner gently and peacefully helped her pass in the comfort of our home on August 7th. Although it was one of the hardest things we ever had to do, we are grateful that Sunny was able to pass in our home, resting gently in my lap as I loved on her when she went. Thank you, Dr. Gardner for your kindness, compassion, and selflessness in helping us get through this incredibly painful time. Rest easy, my Sunny girl. We miss you terribly.Jill ZozulaIrvine, CaliforniaAugust 10, 2015
8/6/2015we went to the island this weekend, my you would have loved the ocean!!! Your Mommy and I left a few tears there for you, and your sister Kornelia looked everywhere for you. I am remembering how brave and sweet you were, even with all the pain of arthritis, you ALWAYS had a kiss and a tail thump for me when I came home from work. You are the sweetest soul, and I am so thankful for having you in my life.cheryl cobbsdunwoody, GeorgiaAugust 10, 2015
7/15/2015Dr. Jennifer Vencil came to our home July 15, 2015 to help me say goodbye to my beloved kitty, Samson (Sammy). We were best friends for 15 happy years together and Jennifer's kind and gentle support was truly a blessing. She called Sammy my sweet angel, but in fact, she was our angel that evening! Lap of Love is the answer to a pet owner's prayer. If only we had known about you last September when our beautiful lab, Winston (Winnie) died. His passing would have been so much easier. God bless all the staff at Lap of Love and our special thanks to Dr. Jennifer.
Jane Schwab
St. Augustine, Florida
Jane SchwabSt. Augustine, FloridaAugust 10, 2015
Bocephus Hovis
5/4/2001 - 8/7/2015Boe you are my best friend. I met you 7 years ago when I met your daddy, Russ. I never knew how much I would fall in love with either of you. You loved me so unconditionally, I suffer from anxiety and depression and you would come and find me and sit with me and kiss me when I was hurting. You knew how to comfort me like no person could. When you got older and couldn't go on camping trips anymore you would stay with me and protect me by laying next to me.

Every morning you and I spent precious time together and you loved your morning treats! I don't know how I will get through my mornings or nights without you Boe. I love you so much and the house is empty without you. I feel like you are still here watching over me,
daddy and Gavin, and Cameron
Molly HovisCorona, CaliforniaAugust 10, 2015
7/24/2015Seraph was loved so very much. She had the most beautiful face and loving heart. My heart is so sad at this time. Dr. Sara made a very difficult day saying goodbye to Seraph much more bearable. She is compassionate and kind and I will always be grateful she was there with me to help Seraph cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.Linda EThomasville, North CarolinaAugust 9, 2015
1/31/2003 - 8/7/2015our loving dog tyson passed peacefully at home on 08/07/2015 at 3:45 p.m. he was the love of our life. he loved playing with his tiys especially his daily growl paper. he was not only my pet but my best friend as well. he will be sadly missed.jessee hipkiss jrdepew, New YorkAugust 9, 2015
8/15/1997 - 8/8/2015Yesterday I had to say goodbye to you my beloved cat Scratchy. You were with us for 18 years and gave us a lot of laughs and most of all a lot of love. You were one of a kind, no other will ever be like you. I miss you sleeping on my pillow at night, your head in my hand and softly purring while we both fell asleep. I am glad you lived a long and healthy life, even though the last 8 weeks were tough. But you hung in there for Jonathan to come home and see you one more time. Now your suffering is over and you can rest in peace. Thank you for all the wonderful years. I love you so very, very much
Your Mama
Elke SheiderLake City, FloridaAugust 9, 2015
7/14/2015My dear boy Satchmo died on July 14, 2015. He was a beautiful marbled tabby with large soulful green eyes. He was the love of my life! On his last day, we sat together for hours meditating, chanting, and watching the rain fall outside the window. Satchmo was the sweetest boy always ready to reach his paw out and put it on your arm to let you know everything was ok. He gave the most loving kitty kisses and liked to rub human faces with his face. He had a long, joyful life with his departed adopted brother Sequoia. He and Sequoia are deeply missed! They both have deeply touched my life and I am a better person for having the privilege to learn from and care for them.Kai LeMassonTampa, FloridaAugust 9, 2015