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5/8/2006 - 7/27/2015Scarlett we miss you so much, you were our baby girl. You were always ready to take a walk or just go for a car ride. You were my best friend and confidant always listening with a willing ear and lots of kisses when I was feeling down. You gave your daddy and I the best 9 years of our lives. I know that we will see you again at the rainbow bridge.Jodi GomezLancaster, PennsylvaniaJuly 29, 2015
7/24/2015Life is an unbroken cycle of rebirth and release. I know this out of common sense but I also know because I had to kiss goodbye my 18 year old dog, Angel aka Angel Pie. She had a lot of spunk and charisma for all those years. There wasn’t a piece of food she wouldn’t eat or a bird or rabbit she wouldn’t go after. Since day one she showed me love and affection.
We were both always at the same speed: getting stoked for dinner or stroked the wrong way by a noise from upstairs. She always sensed when there was a problem, and not because of obvious things. She would follow me on days that I was sad and my body sick, she would lick my tears, and she would wait by my side until she felt a calm once again. She understood what I couldn't and somehow took on the role of a parent, sibling and best friend; all under one roof and within one beating heart.
This loss that I’m feeling is a horrible feeling. It hurts so much. Tissues have become blocks of concrete but the good memories fill in over all the blemishes of pain and suffering.
It's going to be hard to come home knowing her wagging tail won't greet me at the door or her kisses are going to make things better.
She was my best friend, companion and a wonderful dog. Thank you to 'Lap of Love' for making Angel so comfortable and at peace. I am grateful that Joshua, Carl, Reagan, and her adopted sister Vevina was here to say goodbye.
To my Angle Pie,
I miss you and my heart is aching for you. You can and will never be replaced.
Peter MelendezPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 28, 2015
10/8/1997 - 7/24/2015To my beautiful Monkey boy,
Tears swell up in my eyes as I try to write this and my heart is heavy and full of sadness now that you are gone from my touch... I am utterly grateful to GOD for blessing me with your love, joy and companionship for 18 beautiful years. I cannot put into words how much I am going to miss the comforting sound of your purring and your beautiful vocal meow. Thank you for being my best friend, and for giving me unconditional love through so many difficult life circumstances.

I will keep you within my heart and never forget you. I love you always and forever my sweet precious monkey boy. Until we are reunited again in GOD's glorious kingdom...Rest in loving peace my sweet angel
Denise BourneWest Hollywood, CaliforniaJuly 28, 2015
2/14/1999 - 7/27/2015Our sweet girl Callie lost her long fight with cancer yesterday. She was with us for 16 years and will always be a part of her family. She joins her brother Shadow and her sister Pala in Heaven. I imagine they're playing and running, pain free, and happy to be together again.

We love you Callie.
The house is not the same without you. Sadie and Olivia miss you very much.
We are not the same without you and never will be.
Laurie Proia-RuizChicago, IllinoisJuly 28, 2015
7/24/2015Phoebe gave us 17 years of unconditional love and we gave it right back to her. She was a gorgeous dark brown kitty with the sweetest personality.Amy LewisHershey, PennsylvaniaJuly 28, 2015
1/13/2000 - 2/24/2015Since we got our Butch he was the best dog loyal and loving and a lot of fun. You gave us so much joy and happiness. You a very calm dog who just enjoyed being with us no matter where we went or what we did. You loved going on the wave runner with your dad. He loved boating and his yearly swim but went into the creeks and up to his chest in the rivers.He had slept in his dads closet for over ten years so he wouldn't miss going bird hunting with his dad knowing Arnie got ready there in the early mornings. And eventually they all went Maggie and Jack & me. He lived to go pheasant hunting so excited on the ride there it was quite the scene of emotions. He actually hunted till he was 13 3/4 he was in the fields and we saw his back legs down and he pulling himself with his two front legs that's when we knew his hunting days were over. He always rode shotgun in the car unless Maggie got there first. They had ten puppies together back in 2004 his sons BJ thats Butchie Jr Cummings, Brodey Przewoznik Reel life bait n tackle, we named one pup Na nook blonde and adorable my son Joe wanted to keep him. We had all the pups to 9 or 10 weeks old. But they had changed to Baily Forfar RIP 8/28/2012, Patsy Zabriskie, Zeke Graham. The daughters Cassie Confessiore, Daisy McManus, Keyna Seabra, Aja Seabra, Lacey Baileys RIP 2015. All the pups are 11 years old now. We tried to see a lot of the puppies growing up or at least find out how they were doing. Butch's 15th Birthday week we celebrated with Daisy, Lilly, Butch, Jack, then back at home with BJ and Kobe Missy and of course Jack and our Birthday Butch.
Rest in peace Butchie we will miss you so much but i'm sure Maggie your love is waiting, Maggie 9/4/13 RIP. Miss both of you already... Mom & Dad Mike , Nicole, Joe, Marissa, Jack, Kobe,Missy Love you forever xoxo.

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Kate GinisFairfield, New JerseyJuly 28, 2015
3/17/1998 - 6/2/2015To little Miss Molly,
Our hearts are forever broken now that you are gone. You gave us so much joy, love, and devotion.
You were always by my side for the last seventeen years.
I miss you more than anything Miss Molly, and I am forever grateful to God that I was blessed to have you.
You touched a part of my heart that I never knew existed. I will never forget you.
I love you, Miss Molly, more than life itself.
You will be forever missed.
Fort Lauderdale, FloridaJuly 28, 2015
10/3/1999 - 7/15/2015Our Lola always showed her love for us in every way. But she also showed her love and patience to other dogs. She was our first rescue dog and because she was so wonderful we decided to volunteer as foster parents for other dogs in need. She welcomed them. She taught the puppies their place when they got too rambunctious, left the grumpy ones alone, she shared her bed and her toys and most importantly she shared our love without being jealous.
We stopped fostering as she got older so she could have all the love. Then when my Mom passed away and the dog she had adopted (one of our former fosters) needed to come live with us she graciously shared her home once again. She and Finley were a good pair, co existing peacefully in their senior years.
We will always love and miss our little girl. We look forward to seeing her again when we meet on the rainbow bridge.
Zoa KileMillersville, PennsylvaniaJuly 27, 2015
5/10/2001 - 7/23/2015Shelby was the best dog...He will remain forever in my heart. I never would have believed the grief I am feeling for my faithful companion. I pray I will meet him in the future at the rainbow bridge. I know he is in a better place without pain, a puppy once to walk and run and play. My husband and other dog miss him so much. The house and yard feel so much emptier without him. My husband commented that he hoped heaven invested in a vacuum cleaner as Shelby was a power shedder. We will always love you is a cliche but you did leave paw prints on our hearts.Janet DustmanDeptford, New JerseyJuly 27, 2015
3/21/2003 - 7/21/2015Tucker, you brought a smile to everyone's face when you were around. You never met a stranger; man nor loved everyone! God breathed life into your little pup body and now that breath has gone back to Him with love from all of us. You are now Jesus' lap dog. Put in a good word for us ! You are missed and will always be in our thoughts. We love you very much!Mike MitchellNashville, TennesseeJuly 26, 2015