Pet Memorials
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3/1/2001 - 7/25/2015Fourteen years ago I welcomed in to my heart and home my first rescue: a Mastiff-Lab mix 8 week old puppy. She was found living under a trailer with her mother, a sister and two dead other siblings. Her little body was ravaged by mange and her belly was filled with worms. A flea infestation left her anemic and in need of blood transfusions. The only hair she had was what little was left on the top of her head and on her ears. It took what felt like forever for her to heal. There were many nights that she would cry herself to sleep because of the itching, and it literally broke my heart. But heal she did, and once she was 100%, I came to find what a spirited little nugget of love she was. At the time, I was a car fanatic and I named her after my favorite mustang: Steeda. Steeda was my first experience with "a baby." Someone who depended solely upon me not ust for water and nourishment, but for raising and discipline, socializing and play. I was her "mother," and I loved her as my "child." As the years went by, through moves and roommates, we shared incredible moments that I will cherish forever. But perhaps the most important were the days and nights I spent in bouts of severe depression. Just as I had cared for Steeda when she was ill, she had cared for me: kissing tears that would fall and snuggling when I needed comfort. Steeda kept my head afloat whe I'd lost my ability to swim, and for that I will always be grateful.

Yesterday I was forced to say goodbye to the first person that I ever had an emotional connection with, as illness and old age robbed her of the ability to enjoy life the way she deserved. It absolutely has devastated me to lose such n integral part of my heart and life, and I've often been overcome by a floodgate of tears and grief. But it is at those times that I hold steadfast to the memory of our moments together in the "sun," and I am able to smile again.

So run free, my sweet Steeda, to catch frisbies and squeekies in the fields before the Rainbow Bridge, where we will one day meet to be together again. At the end of the day, it truly was YOU who rescued ME. Thank you for this extraordinary life you have given me. I love you, I miss you, I love you! XOXOXOXO
Januelle SimmonsLand O Lakes, FloridaJuly 26, 2015
Molsons Golden Deuce
12/19/2003 - 7/20/2015Deuce you brought the joy of clicking paws back to our home after your predecessor passed unexpectedly......your were such a laid back and easy going boy, whose greatest joy was cuddling in front of the fire and stealing everyone's possessions, from shoes, socks and underwear to dish towels and stuffed animals! You were never sick or caused trouble, just a lover with lots of love to give. You were our boy for 12 years, lifetime for you, a too short a period for your family. Your beautiful face greeting me each morning will be forever missed and always in my heart!Meliss FarleyHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaJuly 26, 2015
11/15/1995 - 7/21/2015Lucky was a sweet tabby kitty. She was Rachael's companion for eight years. A people's cat because she was friendly to everyone she met except for other cats. When she wasn't sleeping Lucky would seek out her owner and cuddle with her while she was working on paperwork, watching tv, reading a novel, or crocheting. Besides her owner, she hung out with a spunky baby chihuahua named Biddy Bish who constantly wanted to play. They would tease each other by my puppy nudging her with her nose then pretending to grab at her legs then Lucky would smack her with her paws and sometimes pounce on her with her front hid-legs. Our dog also to wanted to help clean her by licking her face and ears. They also slept together. A year ago Lucky had a bad tooth that her owner treated and fell out on its own but also found out she had hyperthyroidism. Rachael tried nursing her back to health again but she rejected all the medicine she tried and eventually refused to eat and dropped over ten pounds. July 21 2015 was when her owner chose to end her suffering. Lucky was a strong, stubborn kitty to her last days but when she wouldn't chow on her favorite foods anymore that was the biggest sign she was ready to be at peace. She was able to pass in the comfort of her own home around people and a puppy who love and miss her.Rachael VeneziaHendersonville, North CarolinaJuly 25, 2015
Punkin Conroy
4/16/1997 - 7/23/2015I lost my second angel on 7/23. Punkin and TG were my best friends and soul mates. They brought me so much joy and happiness. TG for 16 years, Punkin for over 18 years. Life is empty without their companionship. I will never forget my2 most wonderful friends.Karen ConroyCharlotte, North CarolinaJuly 25, 2015
1/20/2006 - 7/20/2015Apache, you were loving, loyal, strong, courageous, resilient, determined, persistent, rambunctious, and at times, introspective, but most of all, you were adored. Your departure from this earth has left a void in our lives that will never be filled. We hope that your new journey brings you much joy and peace, and that you will always remember us, because we will never forget you. Your illness may have taken you away, but the profound impact you had on us will be everlasting. Until we meet again...Lauren / Marco RodriguezCherry Hill, New JerseyJuly 25, 2015
11/22/2006 - 7/7/2015Bear was a big, goofy dog with a heart even bigger. Despite several years of neglect by the time we adopted him at age 3, he never failed to believe that humans were put on earth to love him. He'd greet people by leaning against them or laying on their feet and looking up with his big brown eyes -- and if you didn't pet him, or quit petting him, he'd paw at you as if to say, "we're not done yet." Whatever your problems of that day, you couldn't help but be reduced to talking baby talk and stroking his shiny black fur -- and feeling better about everything. Bear was so sweet, so giving, so loyal. My heart has a big empty hole and the house is so quiet without him. I'm so grateful for the 5 years I had with him and despite my pain, I know he is now pain free and romping around with Chevy and Max, waiting for us.Carol OlnickHummelstown, PennsylvaniaJuly 24, 2015
In case you've ever wondered what the face of an angel and one of God's most perfect masterpieces looks like, this is it. We'll never know why these amazing children that God entrusted to us have to leave this life in such short time. And to have their lives cut even shorter by such dreaded human diseases as cancer is way beyond my comprehension. But I could have been no more blessed than to have had the honor and privilege of being Spike's Mom for 14 years. This was my boy and the love of my life. Spike taught me what it means to be gentle, stately, loving, trusting, courageous, patient, and most of all, loyal. For that I am so very thankful and will cherish his lessons all the days of my life. My heart is forever wounded and my soul is empty without him. The pain is not physical, but it's unconquerable and desperate. The loneliness and separation makes me wish I had the power to replay and rewrite time. Letting go just feels completely wrong, but in some small way, writing these words in his honor releases a tiny bit of the burden I carry on my heart. Everyone said it, Spike was so very "HANDSOME" and I loved showing him off. I will miss that most of all because it will be impossible to ever replace the pride I felt having this most unique and extraordinary being in my life. Spike and I had our own little verse "He loves his mother and his mother loves him" and I will never stop loving him or his kind spirit.carolyn russo-cozadchicago, IllinoisJuly 24, 2015
8/1/1997 - 7/23/2015I carry your heart with me
(I carry it in my heart),
I am never without it
Anywhere I go,
you go my dear.

-ee cummings
Whitney RobertsDurham, North CarolinaJuly 23, 2015
4/8/2015 - 7/22/2015Buddy was an ex guard dog. We would get up in the middle of nights sometimes rainy, windy , cold nights and have to bring him in and close the door to keep him out of the weather. But you couldn't take that out of him. He was the best Gentle Giant we could have. He spoke his piece, when he saw anything you had and if he could get it , he wanted it! Of course that was quiet often! He would stay out and walk the perimeter of the place, all night and have his watchful eyes open for anything. Then come day break, he would meander in the house and sleep and eat and sleep some more. When we would get up, he would come in and push his rump against you to say HEY I"M HERE! NOW FEED ME! so we would scratch his belly and smooch on him, then give him his breakfast. He was and is our Gentle Giant and now is watching Gods gate for him, protecting all coming through as he did here. We love and will miss you terribly BOBO you were the funniest and goofiest pup ever!Jill CarpenterRriverside, CaliforniaJuly 23, 2015
3/3/2005 - 7/21/2015Monica you will never be alone you took a part of us with you , So loved as our great companion and very smart . So hard to make the decision if it was time but seeing the look on your face and the struggle you were having was getting unbearable. and knowing there is no cure for this devastating disease and would progress we owed you more than to have you go on with your Dignity being slowly robbed.. I thank Dr Rene for her total kindness and being there for me with my endless chatter which was the only way I could deal with this.Wendy MorawskiVallejo, CaliforniaJuly 23, 2015