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5/3/2000 - 3/7/2016Our beautiful Snickers came into our lives over 15 years ago. As newlyweds, Tristan and I walked into Kay’s animal shelter (2 weeks after surgery!) to adopt a kitten. He looked into her cage and she chose him immediately. He held her the entire time; never even considering another. This was his girl. I made a few circuits (I always like to know my options) but she had him wrapped around her finger from the get go; he even had her named before we checked out. (That name was popular for Rottweilers that year as well, because when I came to pick up my precious baby girl after her spay, they brought out a large dog instead. Oops). I always called her my ‘discount kitty’ because she had passed the age of the full price kittens. But she was priceless. And so so funny. As a youngster, she played hard. Hide and seek, attack around the corner, and chasing games (‘I’m going to get you!!!’ as I chased her up the stairs). She would get so puffy-bigger than any short haired tabby should be able to get! I remember her doing her puffy crab walk in front of our full length mirror…she had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. As our ‘only child’ for the first 3 years she was definitely spoiled…but in a good way. One of our favorite summertime activities has always been grilling out in the backyard. She loved this time of year. She learned to stay in the yard, and come in when we called her (well most of the time-I will admit I’ve had to convince her once or twice that, yes, she DID want to come inside). One of us would clap our hands and yell her name and she would come running from the peonies as fast she could; just to show off. She loved it when we told her how fast and ferocious she was. Often times, squirrels and birds would be scolding her from a tree or power line. We wouldn’t hesitate to let her know that they were laughing at her….was she going to let them say that?! Absolutely not! She would run half way up the tree and shut them up for a few minutes! Old habits die hard. This summer will take a lot of getting used to without my girl. She was my smart girl, always understood what I said (listen? Well, most of the time!). She would spin in circles in front of the door with her big doe eyes…so excited to go out. Unfortunately, a frequent phrase she learned was ‘excuse me’ (as in, no, I’m sorry, you can’t come outside, I’m leaving), ‘back inside’ (when she ignored ‘excuse me’ and went out to the mudroom anyway). Of course, we only had to say ‘Snickers! Let’s go outside!’ once and she would come running down the stairs-- a girl knows what makes her happy.
She was a such a lover. People say a cat will choose one person to be especially close to. No one could ever say that Snickers had a favorite, though, between her mom and dad. In the evening, her favorite spot was with dad on his lap watching tv. At night, if it was cold, she slept on my head (and stole my pillow). Otherwise she wrapped herself around my upper arm and lay down between the two of us, purring loudly. Tristan always joked that he ‘got the butt’, but in reality, she was truly devoted to both of us; and we to her. She even learned to love the new (loud) additions to our family. The older the kids became, the more protective she was. In fact, she had a habit of tucking in the kids to bed. She would jump up, make sure everybody was cozy and happy and then leave with me to go to the next room. If it happened to be a late bedtime, she gave me a reproachful stare as she tried to encourage us all up the stairs. After everyone was in bed, she joined the adults in the living room and let her crazy out. Leaping from couch to chair and back again, practicing her ferocious skills over and over. She really cut loose. Isn’t that what we all do after the kids go to bed?? She snuggled all four of us through surgeries (such as open heart, lap choles) and illnesses (shingles, strep throat, the flu, post ER visits); through grad school and the glut of random bad days that we had. She enjoyed cozy dinners and birthdays sitting politely at her dinner table chair; enjoying the conversation. She hung out with my son and his friends as they played Legos or video games. She sat with my daughter as she played with her Go-Gos and stuffed animals. Ever our ‘welcoming committee’, she would always be found at the door to happily greet her beloved family’s homecoming . She hated it when we left for a few days. She would sit in our suitcases as we tried to pack; looking very forlorn…and when we got home she would cry in the middle of the night, as if forgetting we were home and looking for us. I would call out to her from my bed and she would come running up the stairs in relief. She also developed a profound love/obsession for strawberries. She was always nosing through my grocery bags searching for them. Google later told me that strawberries are actually a member of the catnip family. Who knew?? She was also known to knock over my anniversary roses…this related to her love for baby’s breath (no she didn’t eat it) and not due to her excitement over my nuptial celebrations. Even when we got smart and removed it, we couldn’t leave floral arrangements within her reach.
All of her practiced hunting skills were called upon several times. The first time was when I thought it would be a good idea to decorate our front door with cornstalks. To her great pleasure, I had basically put up a welcome sign for rodents. Snickers enjoyed her brief, but gainful employment as resident mouse catcher. In fact, she always managed to catch the random mouse that has attempted to share our abode. Except once. Recently, she tried to convince me there was a mouse living in our return vent in the kitchen. It took me a few days to catch on…but then I SAW it. Unfortunately, dad took the fun away by setting a mouse trap. Such a kill joy.
Some of the things I loved the most:
1. Christmas morning with wrapping paper flying everywhere, catnip toys and tuna in my stocking.
2. The floor vent in the kitchen on a cold winter day.
3. My spot in the backyard by the day lilies and the little red trees….(they tried to grow a sunflower there once but, honestly, who was silly enough to plant it right where I liked to lounge?!
4. Running from the 2nd floor window down to the basement window and back again to keep an eye on those rude squirrels (they are always sniggering a bit too much).
5. When my favorite kids get home from school; the house has gotten way too quiet now that they are older.
6. Keeping my dad company and listening to him talk to me as he worked in the basement; watching the evening news safe and warm in his lap.
7. A lazy afternoon on a warm sunny day with the windows open, a breeze blowing, and the birds chirping while I cuddle with my mom. And that is my last sweet memory here on earth.

I miss you sweet girl. We all miss you terribly. Such a little cat, but your absence has engulfed me; the house is so empty with you.
I love you. Daddy loves you. Your brother and sissy love you. May your days always be sunny, may love always surround you, may your pain be a distant past, and may we see each other again some day. Hugs and kisses my special girl.
Sarah DacreElmhurst, IllinoisMarch 9, 2016
3/1/2016 - 3/5/2016Jasmine,

I will never forget the first day that we met: a gorgeous spring day right before my 14th birthday. You came to us through two other loving family members that we all miss very much, my aunts Peggy and Sheila. I happened to mention that Mom was thinking about getting a dog, but Dad said we weren't allowed until we got the underground spring in the backyard fixed. "Just circle the ad in the paper and show it to her", my aunts said. "The worst she will say is 'No'". Sure enough, the answer was "No." But little by little, as we made the two hour car journey home, her resolute response became a bit looser. Finally she told me to call the number in the ad and see where you were. We had just passed your exit. Mom turned around, and we pulled up to a beautiful farm right by the Conowingo Dam. Snuggled with all of your brothers and sisters right next to the horses' pen, there you were.

I think Mom knew, from the minute she decided to turn around, that you were going to be ours. In seeing you and your siblings, she knew that we were going to take one of you home. Basking in the heaven that is only experienced in playing with a litter a puppies, we spotted you and called out for you to come play. In a rebellious romp, you bounced in the other direction. In that moment, we knew that you belonged with us.

A few weeks later we came to bring you home. You cried the whole way, when you weren't taking a break to vomit. It broke our hearts to see such a miserable baby. When we finally got you home, we thought it might help to bring over the neighbor's dog, Cali. It was the first time we had seen your tail wag since picking you up. It warms my heart to know that the two of you are together again. I bet she has missed you.

The secret of our family getting a dog had nearly made my 14 year old self burst with excitement. When Dad first saw you, the first words he uttered were "take it back". You and I both know that he never considered that phrase again for the rest of your life.

I remember taking you to Grandmom Arlene's the first time, and letting you loose in her big, open backyard in the countryside. You loved to show us how fast you were, and began your signature figure-8 move that we eventually affectionately coined "Spazzy Jazzy".

One of my favorite memories with you is when we took you to the beach. I never saw joy in it's most unadulterated form than watching you run and play in the surf, honoring your Golden and Labrador roots. On one of those days, we got to take you out to a sandbar. Adam, Branden and I ran with you in the sand and threw sticks for you to chase into the water. At one point, you ran after Adam blind with joy and excitement, straight into a dip in the sand where the water was over your head. You came up coughing and sputtering, but tail still wagging and ready to play.

You always loved birthdays as much as we did. I would often hold your front paws in my lap so that you could be at the table with us when we sang happy birthday. No matter where you were in the house, whenever you heard that song, you would come crashing into the kitchen to be a part of the party.

As the years wore on, you began to slow down. Breathing became more labored, stomach more picky, hearing much more selective. Somehow the words "treat" and "walk" were never missed, but you began to stop hearing us when we called you. You stopped wanting to play as much, and would rather just sit in our presence instead. We knew that this day was inevitable when we got you, and that you have been on borrowed time for years. It still did not make your leaving us any easier.

Rest in peace, my beautiful friend. Thank you for choosing us, and for giving the gift of 14 years of your unquenchable light and love.

You will be sorely missed. Sit pretty and wait for us.
Danielle PleinesExton, PennsylvaniaMarch 9, 2016
Kenya atiya hayward
10/16/2016 - 3/6/2016Today we remember beautiful Kenya, the Rhodesian Ridgeback who flew to heaven while under the loving arms of her pet mom and dad. She had her Ridgeback pal Rain as a wonderful dog friend to keep her entertained in addition to her family. She met me with such an easy-going demeanor, and I could see what a genuine and welcoming character she had. Her pet parents said she was an old soul, and I saw that right away. Kenya came to her forever home as a tiny puppy, with big long legs under her she grew to be a runner. Kenya loved to hike and run and enjoy the outdoors. She stayed active right until the end, and always had unconditional love and kisses for everyone. Kenya's family will always remember and dearly miss their sweet girl.Angela HaywardLas Vegas, NevadaMarch 7, 2016
12/14/2003 - 3/5/2016To the best dog any family could ask for - Skippy! We had Skippy for 12 and a half years and he filled our house with lots of love, laughter and barking! He licked our tears when we cried, he begged for food all the time, loved sticking his out our the window in the car (his vacation), barked like crazy at the mailman, loved when Kyle tortured him with hanging his toys on doors and loved he sweet sister Lizzy for giving him kisses every night before she went to bed. Thanks for your unconditional love!Cathy KlosinskiSpringfiefld, PennsylvaniaMarch 7, 2016
6/10/1994 - 3/2/2016I knew Elliot (Cho Cho) was special the moment that pretty little kitten with big ears awkwardly jumped out of the cardboard carrier on the way home from the store almost 22 years ago. Little did I know back then that he would be one of the closest companions in my life, I’ve had a couple of other pets as well who we dear to me but Elliot was just one of a kind.

He was with me throughout all my growing pains, moving from my parents house to living with my first roommate, moving from the West coast to the East of Canada and then moving to the United States. He was by my side through it all. Along the way he met many people who thought they didn’t like cats but his charm would always win them over. He had this uncanny ability to sense that someone was distressed and would make himself available to comfort them. He was probably the most patient and tolerant cat I’ve come across. He was very loving and would always cuddle up with you whether you were watching TV, working on your laptop (he always tried to help out) or in bed.

He was at his happiest sitting out on the patio enjoying the sunshine and the oddball that he was loved to eat plants as well. He was a very vocal talker and he’d let you know when you crossed the line with a loud meow, like when you sat on his favorite chair. He had his favorite spot on the bed as well and unfortunately it was my pillow, he would also let you know when he wanted to go under the covers and his idea of an alarm was pushing his head on your face until you woke up and gave him attention.

As cute and loving as he was, he was also tough something I realized after he was diagnosed with kidney disease a year ago, which he fought through that like a champ. Even at the age of 21 he endured the needles, pills and doctor visits in stride. He was my tough little guy and I’ll miss his funny meow, loud purr, walking on me like I was a tree, cuddles and head butts. He lived everyday to his fullest with love, a playful attitude and lots of Chutzpah. I’d like to say that I learned a lot about how much there is to enjoy in the world by watching him enjoy the little things and how not sweat the small stuff by how resolute he was to adversity in his own life. Thank you Elliot for being part of our lives, you were special and will always be remembered.

Bonnie & Asher
Bonnie BishopPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 7, 2016
11/21/2001 - 3/3/2016I had the privilege to see my puppy being born a little over 15 years ago. Nowell was goofy and loving and always wanted to lean up against you or sit on your foot. We took her on tons of river trips, camping trips and car trips. She loved to play with any kind of ball big small didn't matter even played with a pumpkin during Halloween! She was loved by everyone that knew her all the way till the end. Nowell was a very sweet natured but very protective of her family. She woke me up one night to warn me someone was breaking into my car! I loved her with all my heart and she will be greatly missed. goodbye my sweet girllaura lethbridgegalt, CaliforniaMarch 7, 2016
3/5/2016We lost Scotty today and immediately felt the emptiness and sadness of losing a wonderful loving friend and family member. We will remember and miss his stubbornness and tenacity, his desire to live life on his terms and to hold others to accept him as he was. Scotty passed peacefully with his loving family by his side. Scotty will always be in our hearts. Heaven as gained what we have lost an Angel.Edwin RiosROSELLE PARK, New JerseyMarch 7, 2016
3/2/2016We are so fortunate to have had our Sweet Lady as part of out family and are so sad that she left us way too soon. She was the best! We love you Sweet Lady. RIPMichelle BentleyFt Lauderdale, FloridaMarch 6, 2016
8/6/2016 - 3/2/2016Derrick was an amazing and beautiful dog. At 83 pounds he was a champion racer a very stoic Boy. He was very well mannered but had such a playful side to him as well. He certainly is going to be missed in this household. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and the joy you brought to my life.Cindy NaughtonElma, New YorkMarch 6, 2016
Boo Boo
3/3/2016Boo, you are my heart, my joy, my angel of 18 years. At first you were skittish and maybe a little wild still, plus I didn't know how to deal with a cat yet. But you taught me and we became best friends. It started with you following me around the house as we played hide and seek. I loved how you would meow when you couldn't find me. We'd take turns chasing each other around the house. Medical school is tough on families, it was for me and Matt, but I forget that it was tough on you too. But we made it fun. Tossing crumpled notes in the trash morphed in to your favorite game of fetching tiny balls of paper over and over again. You mostly brought them back to me, but I could count on you bringing me one at 3am and pawing at me to throw it for you. God,I miss that, I miss you. I miss how you would always want to rub your whiskers on my hair brushes in the basket, and how you would give me kisses in exchange for snacks. I think you trained me on that rather than the other way around. What I will miss most are the snuggles. There were very very few times that I'd get in bed and you wouldn't be right there to snuggle with me just in the curve of my tummy as I lay on my side. You would rest your chin on my arm as you lay in the crook of my arm. I love how you used to head butt me until I was in an acceptable position for you our you'd paw me and your blanket over and over until it was just the right thickness for you. Oh, Boo, you took away so much pain. Maybe that's why it hurt so much now, you're not here to keep it at bay anymore. This is a price I gladly pay to have had you in my life so long. I love you so much. Sweet dreams for now pumpkin until I see you again.heather DozierAtlanta, GeorgiaMarch 6, 2016