Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
3/7/2004 - 6/9/2013You are so very missed sweet Sam. No one will ever be able to replace you as you were one of a kind. We are glad you are free from pain and at peace, even though now we are struggling from your absence in our home. We will one day be reunited and will love you from a far until then. We love you, Sam-O. Sashi sends tail wags and snuffles.Nancy and Maxwell OliverJacksonville, FloridaJune 10, 2013
3/14/2000 - 6/8/2013Chance was "scarey smart" and a true joy for the 12 years we enjoyed her! Rest in peace, pretty girl!Raleigh, North CarolinaJune 10, 2013
9/6/2013 - 5/11/2013Thank you Beatrice my little button who loved me, got me through so many difficult times always brought me so much joy and gave my heart a smile and everyone else who met you. You were always willing to offer love in in you very last moments to a total stranger. You will live on in my heart and all the others you touched forever and always. .Judy RandolphNeptune Beach, FloridaJune 10, 2013
11/22/1999 - 6/8/2013Jade, you will forever be in my heart. You brought me and the family so much love, joy, comfort and laughs. I know the last 14 hours were hard but I stayed by your side and Dr. Laura came and comforted all of us. I know know you are not suffering and you are up in heaven with will be in my heart forever!!!! Miss you MOMMY!!!Kim NoonanCoconut Creek, FloridaJune 9, 2013
7/1/2003 - 6/8/2013Katie was aloof, but no less loved than any other companion. Her direct attention was rare, and therefore special.
She was exceptionally bright, but preferred to use this for evil. I never thought I'd *miss* yelling at her to get out of the food, or screaming at me at meal times. I assumed I had at least five more years to do so.
We had a nightly ritual. I eat a slice of cheese with my sleep medications. I give her little, tiny slivers. Some nights, she just stalked my chair, waiting for me to crack open the pill bottle, mewing impatiently. As of two nights ago, cheese was no longer an option for her.
Lauren GilbertZionsville, PennsylvaniaJune 8, 2013
3/1/2001 - 3/1/2012Babe, we think about you so very often. What a bright light you were in our lives.Amanda RhodeTampa, FloridaJune 7, 2013
1/30/1999 - 5/7/2013Our FiFi,
You weren't just our fur kid, you were our true kid, our life and our love. Life will never be the same.
M. WilliamsO'Fallon, MissouriJune 7, 2013
5/1/1999 - 6/4/2013In loving memory of Hugo, a very special dog who touched the lives of many. He took his job of protecting me and our home very seriously and vocally. Even though he could be scary, he made friends with a friend of mine who was deathly afraid of dogs and with one of my cats, The Bear. I hope he is somewhere with my friend Shelley, who loved him, and who died recently, or maybe just with other dogs frolicking in a big field. We miss you, Hugo!Erika LockhartAlbany, CaliforniaJune 5, 2013
9/26/2000 - 5/27/2013Our Dear Foxy,
Letting you go peacefully is one of the hardest thing I have done. Your sweet face , your tenderness and you unconditional love will be missed , but you will never be forgotten and will always live in our hearts....

We will always love you,
Mom Dad Natalie and your other half Teddy......
Claribel Soto FernandezDavie, FloridaJune 3, 2013
12/8/2013 - 5/31/2013Message to a Friend

I miss you so much; my four-legged friend
I ask myself each day; if the pain will ever end
Your loss is so hard; for one person to bear
Because we were a team; an inseparable pair

You were by my side; when I got up each day
Waiting so patiently; to go out and play
You were there each night; when I got home
waiting to go to the park; where you could roam

You always knew; if I was having a bad day
So you'd snuggle up close; and try to get me to play
If that didn't work; you'd put your head in my lap
Then make yourself comfortable; and take a nap

One way or another you; would brighten my day
Like only you could; you had a special way
You gave me a lifetime; of memories to hold
Through all the years ahead; till I'm gray and old

I promise I'll see you; again one day
When we'll be together again; to go run and play
Your loss is a cross; I will just have to bear
Because you and I know; we're an inseparable pair

John Quealy
Valerie MetrosSunny isles Beach, FloridaJune 2, 2013