Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
5/12/2014Milo - run and play hard with those who were waiting! We know you're out on long adventurous walks - especially with Larry!Laura SutherlandDurham, North CarolinaMay 27, 2014
5/1/2002 - 5/17/2014Little Madison is so dearly missed by her Mom and Dad. As all animal parents, she was the highlight of our day. She seemed to understand as we spoke to her during the last hours that we spent with her. We told her that she was the best little girl in the world, and that she brought so much love into our home and our hearts. Our home is empty now, but the memories of Madison are all around us. She was and is our little angel!Bill & Francine MaretHouston, TexasMay 27, 2014
12/15/1999 - 5/22/2014Turbo was the sweetest, most loyal, loving dog! He will be missed....Beth MulvaneyPonte Vedra Beach, FloridaMay 26, 2014
7/25/2001 - 4/26/2014Our Daisy Girl, Pookie Girl, Curly Girl, Most Beautiful Girl, Pook A Dook, my heart is broken, I miss you more each passing day.Hudson, FloridaMay 26, 2014
2/14/2000 - 5/24/2014Cherokee, it took ten years before we finally found each other, and even though we only had 3 years together, I know that they were by far the best years of your life. You survived cancer twice and fought so hard for 2 years against your failing kidneys. The fight you put up was beyond words, you lived probably a year longer than most could have imagined. We made the most of every single day and I give thanks for every single one of those days. You changed my life as much as I changed yours. You were my big red boy and I will never forget you, all that we did together, and the unconditional love between us. Run free sweet boy and wear your silver harness proudly. You earned it more than anybody.Leslie RandallRoyersford, PennsylvaniaMay 25, 2014
5/4/1996 - 5/24/2014Catalina-you represented the perfect idea we all strive to be. You saw the joy life had to offer, ignored any & all negative, were smarter than most (humans and dogs), and brought an enthusiasm that made everyone's day brighter.

We'll never find another as perfect as you. For any purpose you had in this life has been fulfilled, you may now rest in peace my dear girl.
Debbie McPhersonOak Park, CaliforniaMay 25, 2014
Riley Kyle
6/23/2004 - 5/22/2014Riley you kept us safe, you kept us warm, you even caused us lots of trouble but we loved every moment you were with us.Doug KyleRiverview, FloridaMay 24, 2014
12/28/1999 - 5/22/2014Annie we miss you. It was so sad to see you loose your youth. We loved you from the time we first laid eyes on you. You always wanted to please. You were the best.Daniel HeathLas Vegas, NevadaMay 24, 2014
12/23/1998 - 5/8/2014My sweet little angel:
You can not imagine how empty our house is since you had to leave us. You were our life, our joy.
Our house is emptier than it must have looked to you when we had to go out and we could not take you with us. You did not like to be alone. I would then say to you: Don't be sad. You are staying with Jesus. He will take care of you.
Astrid, we believe that you were an angel sent to us by God to protect us and to give us joy. You fulfilled your mission admirably to the last day of your life. You were beautiful and joyful all the time.
We are very sad without you. We think that there must be a place in eternity for you. Why? Because you were created by God and God loves all that He created.
Till we meet again, mamita, our gourmet little angel (you loved good food, not necessarily dog's food) wait for us until we are reunited again.
With love,
your mother and godmother
Chatsworth, California
Chatsworth, CaliforniaMay 24, 2014
5/18/2014My pride and joy. TokieArthur NorrisSlidell, LouisianaMay 24, 2014