Pet Memorials
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2/10/2004 - 5/5/2014My Best Friend and Ball Boy, Solomon
We know that you have arrived at the Rainbow Bridge – whole and happy - and that your Grandpa Bud was there waiting for you. You gave him joy, late in life, during his battle with ALS. You are such a source of love and loyalty.
All the times we could hear you literally saying, “If Mama isn’t going, I’m not going!” Car ride or not, didn’t matter, you weren’t leaving without me. I will never forget your true devotion. I already miss the earful I received from you, along with your happiness (and ball), when I returned home from an outing that you were not allowed to attend. We had to start spelling G.O. because you were always ready.
What a true fighter for the joy of life and love! You amazed everyone around you as we fought that horrible mouth cancer together. You took in every step of homeopathic and herb treatments we could give you after the vets all said you would need to lose your jaw. That was the one thing I could not allow them to do was to take away your joy for tennis balls and food. Your joy gave me joy – you were unselfish that way! That was 9 months ago and you stayed happy the whole time. You hid your pain and never complained once and I was beginning to think every doctor was wrong. It was my honor everyday to spoon feed you when it was too hard to do yourself. Boy, the others were so jealous it became a conveyor belt of spoon feedings.
We are very thankful to our new friends, Poppy of Equine Alternatives and Gina, who guided us in the maze of natural healing. Our time together would have ended last August, but you and I got 9 more months of quality time together that I would never trade for anything in the world. But that day did arrive where I could no longer keep you here for my time minus the quality you deserved, so we had to say goodbye, but just for a little while.
Even though Mommy’s and Daddy’s hearts ache for you now, we know you are now cured. My heart is yours as I know yours was mine forever. I will be looking for you when I arrive there myself one day. You were the best little twin brother to Sammy. And the best big brother and mentor to your little brother, Charlie (not so little, huh?).
Until we meet again my sweet boy, play your heart out and have a BALL doing it!
Love you forever from your humans: Mommy, Daddy, and Jessi; and from your furry family: Samson, Jinni, Tazz and Charlie
Lisa BushnellSanta Barbara, CaliforniaMay 7, 2014
Ruby Ann
5/3/2014 - 4/22/2014Ruby Ann was the best friend I ever could have had. She was my life for ten years. Nothing came between my baby and I. Dr. Katie was the most gentle vet I've ever seen. The peace she brought not only to my girl, but to our family as we'll is something that I cannot explain. Laps of love is just that. Dr. Katie cried just as we did. There was nothing by love. I always wanted the best for my baby, and that's what I got. Thank you so much. While losing ruby will always hurt, seeing her go in such a peaceful way is a great comfortMatt DalyJacksonville, FloridaMay 7, 2014
Riley Mueller
2/14/2014 - 5/4/2014To our sweet Riley,
You were truly the most wonderful addition to our lives. Everyone who knew you always spoke of your kind soul. And your smile....that smile that earned you your name "Smiley Riley"...It was just the best.
You managed to touch all souls, even the the souls of people who were convinced they did not like dogs. In fact, you even managed to work your way into some of their beds as they secretly fell in love with you.You were perfect. You loved all animals (esp. squirrels) and all children. You were our protector and our best friend. There are not enough words to describe how much you will be missed. We were blessed to have you and we wish you much peace in heaven. I can't wait to hear about the rainbow bridge one day.
We will always continue to love you and you will always hold a special place in our heart.
Until we meet again.
Your family
Leslie muellercharlotte, North CarolinaMay 6, 2014
Ziggy Mcelroy
2/16/2003 - 5/4/2014Our Little Man: What a wonderful eleven years we had with you, with every moment good. If ever there was the perfect Chow, you were it; sweet, loving, carefree, easy to please, happy little free spirit who never stopped wagging. We have so many happy memories to hold close in our hearts and your spirit will never be forgotten.Marie & Bob McElroyLevittown, PennsylvaniaMay 4, 2014
Precious Cannon
8/1/1996 - 8/13/2011Precious was the love of my life, my soul mate. This beautiful black lab honored me with 15 years of love, laughter and life. I was never alive like I was with her. She took a part of me with her. One day I will be whole again, with her at my side.Dr. Sarah CannonPalm Harbor, FloridaMay 4, 2014
12/22/2002 - 4/27/2014You gave joy, happiness, and love to everyone you met. We are happy for the time we had together and the love we shared will never be lost.Arlene ElkinsHollywood, FloridaMay 3, 2014
10/8/1997 - 5/2/2014Sasha was the love of my life! She helped me through life changes, divorce, parents passing, moving and getting remarried...She was sweet, beautiful and gave me happiness for almost 17 years! RIP Sasha!!! Mommy loves you!Mindy OliverHigh Point, North CarolinaMay 3, 2014
4/29/2014Diesel, thank you for being our protector. We love you. See you at the rainbow.Charlotte FriedbergCherry Hill, New JerseyMay 2, 2014
5/1/2001 - 4/27/2014Teddy was a very special part of our family, coming to us as a surprise in 2001. He was a big fuzzy Lab Chow mix who was gentle with everyone, curious about everything, and was a tenacious fighter, battling cancer and megaesophagus for the last fours years with us. In 2011 he went through 7 months of chemo, which helped him for a while until January 2013 when his cancer returned. We increased his outings and adventures at that time and by July he was going out somewhere every single day (parks, beaches, car rides, restaurants, hotel stays) so he could enjoy every minute of his last days.
So many little things remind us of him every day. We miss him terribly but his passing was the most beautiful thing we experienced with him. On Sunday, April 27, he went for a walk with us in the morning. It was a perfect morning in Florida, cool, blue skies, gentle breeze. He walked along the hill by the waters edge many times in his life, but this time was much slower as he had lost much strength. He stood on the crest of the hill looking out over the water and I put down his bed. He turned and lay down, as if to say "I'm ready". Dr. Katie very gently helped him to get his angel wings as the breeze gently blew in his face (as he always liked). Afterward we returned to our car with our precious Teddy, and across the street, in the dog park on the hill, were all the many people who knew and loved him, standing and watching in reverence and love and tears, and waved goodbye one last time. RIP Teddy, we love you so much.
Rob CarlsonTemple Terrace, FloridaMay 1, 2014
3/30/2014Sunbeams strain to warm absent aches.
Pillows fluff to no comfort.

Pauses wait at doors for absent passersby.
Corners sit idle of occupants.

Shadows leave without casting.
Silence descends unbroken.

Strangers approach unheralded.
Friends depart ungreeted.

Sofas sigh at emptiness.
Rugs remain unrumpled.

Rattling pans incite disinterest
Bones lie bereft of biting.

Postboxes slip silently closed and wonder at the lack of barking.
Arianna Norris-LandryBelleville, IllinoisMay 1, 2014