Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/26/2006 - 11/14/2020Last weekend we had to say goodbye to our sweet Tobie boy. Our Little Tobers. My Tobie cat. And our hearts are completely shattered. I’ve woken up to his sweet face almost every day of my life for the last 15 years - it still doesn’t quite feel real. He was just the best boy. He loved eating flowers, curling up in cozy blankets, listening to birdies outside, sitting in boxes, and finding the sunniest window in the house to sit in. He had the silliest little personality. And he loved people so much. He gave the best kitty hugs. Had the most comforting purrs. And he was the best big brother to Charlie. Our house feels so empty without him. We love you so much bubba. We will never ever forget you 💔💕🙏🏼Jennifer QuireLexington, KentuckyNovember 16, 2020
7/16/2020 - 11/15/2020My Pretty Pony, was her nickname when I was cuddling with her and I would sing her a song that I made up for her. She loved that I would sing. She was my special companion who I deeply cared for. I love you Bazi! As I have always told you that I would be with you again soon. I know you will be at the gates of Heaven to greet me along with Karma, Ana ang Gaige.Robert EastmanApollo Beach, FloridaNovember 16, 2020
Rufus Beanbag Graney
8/13/2020 - 11/15/2020You broke the mold, Ruf. You showed us just how cool a lil' dog could be. We miss you and all the snuggles. You were such the best little lovebug. Have fun with Dex.Jenn GraneyAliso Viejo, CaliforniaNovember 16, 2020
Angel was a very special part of our lives. She was our family member.. she was our child before we had a child. And from the day our daughter was born she was absolutely amazing with her and just completely adored her.. never a worry in the world I can’t even express into words how we feel losing such a special part of us, she truly meant the world to us and we have so many wonderful memories with her that we will forever cherish! We loved her beyond words and we will continue to love her in our hearts for many years to come she has filled our lives with so much joy. Saying goodbye is never easy until we meet again we will hold you in our hearts and in our minds, never to be forgotten! You will always hold a special part in our hearts!Shannon, Gene & Ashley ChriseN. Huntingdon, PennsylvaniaNovember 16, 2020
8/8/2007 - 10/15/2020I'll take my coffee black this morning -
The bitterness seems to suit my broken soul.
I am trying to put together the jagged jigsaw puzzle
of my heart, with a piece missing -
No matter how I arrange the pieces, I cannot
make it whole.
I fill my days with thoughts of you
With images of you -
Doing things that I used to do -
with you, for you.
Tears well and spill -
silver tracks down my frozen cheeks
Under the cloak of darkness
I head out to walk -
where we walked.
I sleep, but do not rest -
missing the cadence of your breath.
The silence of this house pulses with
the missing familiar click of your steps
down the hallway and your welcoming
eyes at the door.
I look outside and see where you lay -
empty now, glistening in the rain.
My stomach churns - Is this how you felt?
Oh, I hope not -
The breeze brushes my shuttered eyes
and whispers "I am here . . . "
I smile for the first time in days
realizing that you are everywhere -
With me always now -
Ann Barton-BrownMonmouth, OregonNovember 16, 2020
10/14/2020 - 11/10/2020Our sweet, sassy Roxy. What can we say… You were the smallest one in our pack, but the one with the biggest personality. You bossed your much bigger brothers, like the Alpha dog you were. You were always vocal, making sure you and your siblings got fed, with multiple treats between meals and walked at the set times. You were the best big sister to all who joined our pack, siblings or fosters. You kept them all in line, showing them who was the boss, but we always could tell that there was a soft spot in your heart for all of them. Thank you for letting us be your humans, for being our guardian & protector. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and sweet kisses. We’re glad that you’re not struggling to breathe any more. Run freely sweet girl, sleep tight. Our hearts are bigger just from being loved by you. We love you so very much and will love you forever, Momma, Daddy and MaggieCarrie & Dan MedinaNaples, FloridaNovember 16, 2020
11/14/ boy. You are forever our first baby who will never leave our hearts. You have us so much love and happiness that even our short time with us will last us our whole lives. We will never forget your soft fur, your cuddles and your warming purrs and meows. We are sending you all the love in the world over that Rainbow Bridge ♥️Bryanna Novak-RichWest Hartford, ConnecticutNovember 16, 2020
10/10/2010 - 11/4/2020Although the house is quiet and his bed is empty, Iggy will always be with our family in our hearts and in our memories. He is now free of the degenerative myelopathy that robbed him of control of his back legs. However, it never damped his spirit. He never missed telling us it was time to eat or time for a treat. He had the best last day a dog could have ... pancakes, a couple of new toys, a whole bag of treats, and one special last walk (which he did with complete enjoyment despite the difficulty he had walking). And while we have shed many tears and we miss him dearly, he is now and forever our "boxer angel."Annmarie CarneyPlaya Vista, CaliforniaNovember 15, 2020
1/12/2005 - 11/13/2020Morgana passed away peacefully and quietly in my arms. She experienced no distress or discomfort. She graciously shared this home with me for over ten years. i will sorely miss the sound of her purring first thing every morning. It signaled the start of another day. The home we shared will feel painfully empty without her.Philip KellerTucson, ArizonaNovember 15, 2020
12/1/2006 - 11/14/2020Our Rocky has been sick for a few years. He passed on 11/14/2020. I am so grateful for Lap of Love. The vet Dr. Glasser was amazing from the time she arrived until the time she left. She made the whole environment comfortable especially with her calm, soft voice. She spoke with us and Rocky the entire process. All of my animals were calm and quiet. We are thankful that Rocky had the opportunity to pass in the comfort of his home with his family. He will be greatly missed. Mommy , Daddy, Brooklyn 🐕, Rosie 🐕, Ajax 🐕, Dottie 🐕, Logan🐢, Mama 🐢, Roxy 🐢, Pork chop 🐖 and Simba🐈 love ❤️ you and will always miss you.Angelina SventoraHudson, FloridaNovember 15, 2020