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1/28/1997 - 8/20/2015In Loving Memorial of Fifa
Fifa, my Fifa! Thank you for sharing 18 years with us. You are so dearly missed. How you enjoyed keeping us entertained while getting ready for work in the morning. Then you were off to catch the morning sun! And dinner time you tried patiently to wait for your niblet of the food. And how we loved watching you do the perimeter in the back yard, and rolling on the hot driveway. You were the best bud and even during your orneriness you were quite the personality and lived life on your terms! The house is so quiet now and how I miss you greeting me when I come home. You blessed us with joy, humor, laughter, companionship, and love, and will forever be in our hearts. Roxy and Jinx miss you. We will never ever forget you, King Fifa and will continue to share the memories forever.
Love, Nancy & Brooks
Nancy McCormickSeminole, FloridaSeptember 7, 2015
9/7/2007 - 9/4/2015We will miss our beautiful angel terribly. He was always the happiest dog and everyone who got the pleasure of meeting him fell in love! I couldn't have asked for a better friend than my Ruger!
RIP my love.
Crystal HarrisWesley Chapel, FloridaSeptember 7, 2015
9/7/2007 - 9/4/2015We will miss our beautiful angel terribly. He was always the happiest dog and everyone who got the pleasure of meeting him fell in love! I couldn't have asked for a better friend than my Ruger!
RIP my love.
Crystal HarrisWesley Chapel, FloridaSeptember 7, 2015
11/27/2001 - 7/28/2015Yancy, our special little guy, you will be missed everyday of the rest our lives. Buddy you touch so many people with your love and sweetness.

You will be on every walk I do until I can't walk anymore, I have your walking harness with me buddy and I will still take you to all your favorite places.

You are in our hearts and on our minds all the time. Yancy, you will never will be forgotten and loved just as if you were still by our sides.

We have a special place for you in one of your favorite places in the family room, but you know that already.

We miss you so much but at the same time are so glad that you are not suffering anymore, you were such a trooper through all this....

Buddy you rest in peace and just know that Mom and will never leave you!! So long our sweet Boy. Love Mom and Dad.
Chuck & Paula BeardBallwim, MissouriSeptember 5, 2015
10/23/2015 - 9/3/2015In loving memory of Dozer, a handsome and loving American Bulldog, who earned his angel wings tonight. Dozer was adopted at just 12 weeks of age from one of the best American Bulldog breeders. He was a huge puppy, which was exactly what his dad was looking for. His dad knew this pup would grow up to be a great companion who also could protect him, and that’s precisely what Dozer did for him. While Dozer never bit anyone, he knew just the look to give a suspicious person to keep his daddy safe. Topping the scales at over 128#, Dozer was a bit of a giant, but he also had a soft side. He was excellent around children and everyone just loved him. Dozer enjoyed travelling with his dad, going to such places as Oklahoma and Texas. And he was spoiled rotten, never spending a single day in a kennel and always getting the best care he could have asked for. He was a truly incredibly boy!

While resting comfortably beside his dad, Dozer earned his well deserved angel wings tonight. Rest in peace, sweet Dozer. You will be missed dearly by all who were blessed to have known you.
Wilhelmus NeggersMorristown, New JerseySeptember 5, 2015
10/23/2003 - 9/3/2015Dozer was a very special dog, I drove to Pine View, Ga. To CLK Kennels to pickup my handsome boy at 8 weeks of age.
Dozer was a trained Americanbulldog, used to keep me protected and also to guard my family. Dozer never spent a single day away from me in the entire 12 years that he and I were together, we we like two peas in a pod. As time passed on we learned to read each others body signs and words or commands became a thing of the past.
Dozer rode with me in the car no matter how short or long the trip, we were proud of each other, I of what a great dog he was and he of me because of how well I always treated him.
After 12 years Dozer became very arthritic in his rear leg from a past ACL tear repair and in the past 6 months cancer was doing its damage until I could see that he was telling me that he could no longer live the life that he was used to. Dr Sandra Simko, DVM helped with the transition to the rainbow bridge, and I truly feel that Dozer never felt any pain or anxiety. Dr Simko was a real sweat heart and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my boy Dozer in his final hours.
DOZER NeggersMorristown,NJ 07960, New JerseySeptember 4, 2015
Sprite Lee
5/30/1999 - 9/4/2015Oh Sprite, what a day. You are missed dearly, I hope you and mom are cuddling now or walking or running, maybe she is baking and you are standing right by her feet. Your 16 years was a JOY, a gift, it made life easier! You were such a great friend! It is strange to not have you here. Your dog hair will keep you around for some time now, but the cleaning session today was therapeutic.
I remember when mom and I brought you home, and dad asked whose dog you were....1 hour later Sprite and Dad were BFF!!
Each night Sprite would get his energy and excitement to lead me to bed(he would run!), I will think of that nightly and dream of him often. Guess when I am cooking now I need to make sure I sweep up, now that Sprite will mot be cleaning up after me anymore. So many positive moments and great memories- I could write a book...
Sprite's passing has shown me what a great family and group of friends I have, so thankful to you all!
Barbara BucciDeptford, New JerseySeptember 4, 2015
10/11/1996 - 9/2/2015Elliot and his brother Sid became a part of our family in December of 1996. The two were always into mischief but we're easy to train and always well behaved. The two would sleep in our bed under the covers and burrow down to our feet. Even after a trail run where unknowingly they brought home and gave me a poison oak rash. The two boys were never separated. They would run, hunt and play all day. We lost Sid suddenly at 14 years old. By that time Elliot had lost his hearing and Sid was his ears. He was lost without his brother. We were afraid that we might lose him soon after but we were so lucky to have him for almost 5 more years. This has been a huge loss for our family and we feel blessed to of been able to have such a wonderful dog a part of our family for almost 19 years.Mark & Patti DamaskeUpland, CaliforniaSeptember 4, 2015
10/31/2002 - 9/1/2015Herm`s was an 8 week old puppy we met at the Detroit Humane Society. He had just been bathed and was under the dryer. A warm fluffy fur-ball full of love. He was named by my youngest son after Herman Munster. They told us at the Humane Society he would be a medium sized dog......well 100 lb large dog is what we ended up with. :D He had grown into his name. He was a faithful, sensitive and comforting soul. He always knew when someone was sick or down and snuggled. He was also a prankster. He would try to trip us when we walked by him sometimes by sticking his leg out. I swear he had a sense of humor. I`m looking forward to that sleigh ride in heaven with him. We`ll miss you till heavenMichele FlemingRochester Hills, MichiganSeptember 3, 2015
Roman Magnus Aka Snoop
1/19/2007 - 8/28/2015Oh my big boy, it was so hard to let you go on ahead and cross that Rainbow Bridge, but I think we both knew you must. I hope the others were there waiting for you, Eden and Justine who you knew here on Earth as well as Tucker whose special spots you shared. No more pain, no more fear from the life you lead before coming to me... once mine it was until death us do part. Look for me on the other side as I will be looking for you. It isn't heaven without your dogs. Much love Snoop, the house is so empty without you here.

Once a dog has entwined himself round your heart
he is not only yours for life, but you are his.
When he is gone, his place is forever sacred.
Other dogs are just as precious
but they all have their allotted spot in your
affections kept for them or their memory.
A heaven without one's dogs
would not be the heaven we hoped for.
A dog is always man's best friend.
Written By: anonymous
Pat HoseLand O Lakes, FloridaSeptember 2, 2015