Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/6/1999 - 6/9/2015Jesse, Jess, Jessup, Buddy, Boo.....I loved that little guy so very very much. Almost 16 years of pure love. Thank you dear Jesse for all the wonderful years filled with love, mischievousness and cuddles.Meghan KellyRoyal Oak, MichiganJune 10, 2015
5/14/2003 - 6/5/2015Although Maverick was the trouble maker in a house of 4 cats, he is now missing from our lives. We held on to him as long as we were able. Lap of Love made this process of losing Maverick as well as it could possibly go. As our remaining friends age, they too will receive this same treatment as necessary because we all deserve this type of mercy.Chris hoblitTampa, FloridaJune 10, 2015
3/8/2007 - 6/9/2015He was my fur baby, my fur buddy, my fur brat for 8 years. I thank him for being in my life and making me smile on days I couldn’t find a smile in me.Shane HenryChambersburg, PennsylvaniaJune 10, 2015
6/7/2015Deisel you have the most beautiful soul I have ever been honored in knowing. You will truly never know how much of an impact you and your big olaf self made on this entire family. We will feel the loss of you every day.Elizabeth SheykaFleetwood, PennsylvaniaJune 9, 2015
6/5/2015If love could sustain life, you would live forever. If tears could wash away cancer, you would have been healthier than all of us. My heart hurts without you beside me. My beautiful girl rest easy until we meet again.Maria HeffelfingerHudson, FloridaJune 8, 2015
8/28/1998 - 6/2/2015Our sweet baby girl had to leave us today. Our feisty little lady ran off to Rainbow Bridge to romp and play.
To chase the squirrels and hear birds sing, To stand in the sunshine and feel the kiss of butterfly wings.
Her love unconditional, her heart always ours, She hated wet grass but loved to smell flowers.
She played with her hippo and tugged with her sock, She held our hearts ransom, now that's not a shock!
She loved peanut butter but cheese was the best, She loved to take naps after making perfect nests.
She'd dance a little bunny hop and howl a tune or two, When just a tiny baby, a shoe or ten were chewed.
She held us all within her paw, gave all the love she had, She lived her life with joy and grace, she would never want us sad.
Our sweet baby girl left us today, Our feisty little lady, no longer could she stay.
Pam wilsonGainesville, FloridaJune 8, 2015
Cleo Eve
8/1/1997 - 6/8/2015Cleo Eve - August 1, 1997 – June 8, 2015

Little Cat you came to us when my niece Rachel saw your photo on a bulletin board at Valley Veterinary Service in Murrieta. “Young female cat needs a good home”. Rachel called me saying: “Uncle Wow” we just saw a cat that looks a lot like Carolyn’s cat Lily”. I promised Rachel I would go by Valley Veterinary Service and see you.

Wendy led me back to your cage where you looked at me with bright gold eyes staring cautiously straight into mine then slowly approached and rubbed against my fingers as I placed them through the bars. Both of your front legs had small shaved areas where IV’s had been placed while Dr. Worfel endeavored to save your life. Your entire left rear leg and hip were shaved. I learned from the staff that they affectionately nicknamed you “BB Gallini” and gave me a glass vial with two BBs (which I still have) that were removed from you. We were told you had been shot, put in a black plastic garbage bag and dumped in the dirt along the side of the 15 Freeway between Clinton Keith and Cal Oaks exit.

As the story was relayed to me little cat, a nurse leaving her late shift at Inland Valley hospital saw your eyes light up as she headed south on the 15 freeway to her home in Temecula. She went down to Cal Oaks doubled back up the freeway and drove slowly on the shoulder with her emergency flashers on till she saw you again. She scooped you up in that garbage bag and drove you to receive emergency treatment. Valley Veterinary Service took over your care they tell me you had a broken jaw, hip, left rear leg and lost several teeth. After hearing this and seeing you look right into my eyes and gently rub against my hand I knew you were a very special cat.

I came home and told Carolyn about you she was at first understandably reluctant to have another cat since Lily had passed less than six months prior and we were both still mourning her. But I said, “just stop by and see this little girl cat … there is something about her, baby”. Carolyn saw you and felt the same thing immediately when she left work Christmas Eve 1997 at noon to go by Valley Veterinary Service and bring you home. We named you Cleo Eve because of Christmas Eve and you seemed to approve, making “love eyes” as Carolyn says, in response. I called from my job in Anaheim and asked Carolyn how you were and your new mom said, “She’s behind the couch in the living room and won’t come out”. You stayed there 8 hours strategically sitting in the center so no one could reach you from either side. Eventually you emerged and it was Carolyn you went to first. I can understand this little one since it was no doubt a male sadist who treated you so horribly to begin with.

They say you should keep new cats in a small space at first and let them get comfortable with their surroundings. We gave you your own bathroom downstairs. At first you did not want to come out but, we earned your trust, and you then ruled this house for over 17 years. The three of us have more memories than this space will allow me to share. All are beautiful and funny but today more than somewhat painful.

Carolyn and I have never known a cat so intelligent, considerate, loving or appreciative of all that is done for her or a cat of so few words. And for that matter a cat that if you whistled for her regardless of where she was in the house you came running. Though we recall an evening when your mom and I had a rare argument that got a bit loud... you came downstairs calmly walked right in between both of your yelling humans, looked up, let out a long loud meow as if to say “shut up both of you and hug each other …we’re a family”! Then there was the time I took your mom up the coast for her 50th birthday to Cambria for 4 days. You made it very clear to us on our return standing at the top of the stairs that you did not appreciate “strangers” coming into your house, feeding you or cleaning your cat box with another long loud meow. We got the message. Thank you for forgiving us that one Cleo.

Like the sign says on the inside of our front door: “Cleo’s House “and because of this we are giving the greatest last gift of love we can give you little Cleo, to allow you to transition painlessly here in your own home in your favorite bed with the humans whose lives you enriched tenfold by your feline presence holding you. You taught us many things and are teaching us even now.

They say “cats have 9 lives” and “If the universe finds you worthy a cat will find you” … please know this little one. When you see fit to return one day you are always welcome here. We want you back. You will always have a loving home.
John & Carolyn QuintMurrieta, CaliforniaJune 8, 2015
6/3/2015Mr. Penguin you were a sweet and handsome kitty. We will miss your little meows and your "gorilla charge". Thank you for the wonderful years of love and companionship. You came to us after we lost another sweet cat and you brought some much needed sunshine to our lives. We love you and miss you!Royal Oak, MichiganJune 8, 2015
6/1/2000 - 6/6/2015I was 20 years old... The local pet store was having an adoption event. I looked through dozens of other kittens; then spotted you. By far, the cutest one of them all. I asked to hold you... And that's when you did it, you stole my heart. Only 6 weeks old, so affectionate and loving... Purring loudly. "Romeo" would be your name. What a personality you had! Such an undeniable presence. Everyone that had the honor of meeting you could see it too! You became such a big part of my life. With me through ups and downs, sickness and in health...we went through so much together. I never gave up on you, even though there were times I felt that I couldn't care for you the way you deserved to be cared for. We moved around a lot and our life was bumpy at times, but you were always with me. I did my best to provide the best life I could for you. Ohhhh Romeo, my sweet little Romeo. You have given me so many memories and brightened my life in so many ways. I will never forget you. Today was one of the hardest days of my life... Such a difficult decision to make. I knew it was time. My heart knew it was time. You lost that gleam in your eye. Your zest for life was gone. You were suffering. I did it the best way I could... You were comfortable, in our home, in my loving arms, we said our goodbyes, you took your last breath....and up to kitty heaven you went. I love you always and forever and thank you for the many amazing memories and laughter. Gone but never forgotten. RIP Romeo...2000-2015Selina DoucetteTampa, FloridaJune 7, 2015
8/10/2005 - 6/3/2015How can you properly memorialize someone that means as much to you as Teddy meant to us. You can't. There are no words that can do justice to the pup that Teddy was. Anyone that ever scratched those veleveteen ears loved him and will never forget him. His mark on this earth is indelible. Even in his last terrible days, Teddy was the boy we loved, gentle, kissing and congenial. In pain and discomfort he still made us feel better. You were strong and carefree, chasing bubbles and birds to the end. May you have endless bubbles, sun, birds and beaches. See you soon, with an Old Dussledorf in a long neck, with fingers and opposable thumbs to enjoy it with. We're already pricing helmets because we're walking into walls without you. We love you forever.Katie GuthrieNiagara Falls, New YorkJune 7, 2015