Pet Memorials
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10/14/2001 - 7/6/2020My heart has never felt heavier, I’m absolutely devastated that after nearly 19 years of companionship I had to say goodbye to my dear sweet Georgia.

I was a month shy of 16 when she was born under my Grandpa Mac’s deck in Mississippi. I always said I wanted a black lab puppy that would never grow up and I’m still convinced he sent her to me. I named her after a sweet lady to taught me how to make blackberry pie who I hadn’t seen in years until my Grandpa’s funeral a few weeks after she was born.

She was with me through high school, college, and my entire adult life until today. We grew up together. She was my world for over half of my life. I’ll never get over this loss and I’m forever grateful for the love she gave me, and everyone who ever met her.
Katie McCartneyNashville, TennesseeJuly 14, 2020
7/16/2005 - 7/11/2020She was so friendly and loved everyone . She would truly be your best friend if you were eating she loved to eat. We had lost our Yorkie last year whom she loved last year . On the holiday as we were opening gifts She would play with all the paper like a puppy which appeared to us she want everyone to be happy not sad. She has been with us thru thick and thin always standing by our side. We will miss her dearly she was a big party of our family. Everyone loved her !!!Sue and Steve SummaNesconset, New YorkJuly 14, 2020
11/12/2007 - 7/9/2020Louie you are really, really missed. Your SPOT is empty and so are our hearts. You were a sweet and gentle man and a big one at that. You had to be big just to house that heart. We love and miss you . Give Thelma some kisses.Michael BarczewskiImperial, MissouriJuly 14, 2020
12/9/2008 - 6/12/2020Petey came to me later in his life and with advanced Cushing's disease. I wish more than anything we could have cured his Cushing's and had more time together for he was a special little dog. I didn't have him as long as other dogs I've owned but he has a very special place in my heart for he was my heart dog. Letting him go broke my heart and thinking of that day still brings tears to my eyes.

Everyone loved Petey from my family to the employees at our local pet store to all of his vets and vet techs at every practice we visited. He had big brown eyes and a sometimes comical expression framed by wild hair--what was left thanks to the CD. He loved walkies and food and his people. He loved life and he was taken far too early. I would give anything for more time with him and hope we meet again one day.
Suzanne RzewnickiLeesburg, VirginiaJuly 14, 2020
8/19/2007 - 7/9/2020Cecil was adopted with his brother Cyrus from Cozy Cat cottage in Powell Ohio. He came from a litter of 7, tiniest kitten with a loud voice telling us “get me out of here”. That voice never changed. Cecil was vocal, especially in the morning. No need for an alarm clock. He told you when breakfast was to be served. Our first stop every morning was Cecil and Cyrus’ room , jump up on his cat house and look out on the court. After the world was fine, he would run downstairs to the kitchen. He would jump on the kitchen island, all four paws on the corner, waiting to lick the lid of the can. After breakfast it was time for “Ceciil’s world” where he would observe through the window by the front door. He knew at 8:30 am that it was time to watch the children walk to the bus stop. Paws tucked he would sit there all morning.. Cecil would rest in the afternoon, maybe on the kiitchen chair, maybe in his teepee, maybe his Garfield bed but at 4pm he would be downstairs on the desk chair. It’s getting dusky so it must be treat time. Back on the island , 4 paws on the corner, waiting for some treats or sometimes Bonito flakes. Off to sleep on the love seat in the living room. So many times he would cuddle up with Cyrus.
Cecil was so predictable and now, my heart hurts as I look at those places where he hung out. Cecil would inspect bags when I came home from the grocery store. He would butt with me with his head. He would give me the slow closing eyes. Of course he was a lap kitty and knead. My little Cecil, my Cecilishous, you always made us smile and laugh, such unconditional love. You will be missed. Love you❤️
Carol GeisslerPowell, OhioJuly 14, 2020
2/19/2006 - 7/10/2020Look at her beautiful smile! We had the great fortune of adopting a senior pet at the Humane Society in 2014. She was 9 when her first human mom had passed away. She had been through a lot! When she joined our family, she already knew every possible trick! What a great girl! She was smart, funny, fluffy, playful, kind, silly, sweet, gentle, loveable, quirky, and had a proud prance when she walked. She had a huge personality! She loved food, too! In addition to her medicated food, she loved milkbones, chicken jerky tender treats, ice cream, cream cheese, chicken, roast beef, pizza, hamburger, steak, hot dogs, and especially Spaghettios! She was a Chow mix with 25% Chow, 25% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% American Eskimo, 12.5% Lab, 12.5% German Shepherd, and 12.5% other breeds groups. This DNA explains her love for tennis balls, protective nature, and huge smile!!
From Bear’s youngest family member: I recently had to say goodbye to my best friend Bear. She was going downhill fast and we didn’t want her to suffer anymore. It was clear she was telling us she was ready. I will always remember her beautiful smile and how much she cared about everyone. She had such elegance, kindness, grace, and such a gentle spirit. I am, and will forever be thankful that I got to grow up with such an amazing dog who really helped me become the person I am today. I will always keep you in my heart and I will love you forever. I know I’ll see you again someday in heaven.❤️🐻
Bobi-Jean AlexanderCranberry Township, PennsylvaniaJuly 14, 2020
1/6/2005 - 7/6/2020Lap of Love was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful for it. Our beloved Kenya became suddenly ill in June. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and despite starting treatment, clinically worsened. She was subsequently diagnosed with kidney failure, barely drank, and stopped eating. She was tired, so tired. Our hearts were broken. Despite knowing the time would eventually come, the thought of being separated from my baby of 15 years just broke my spirit. However, we would not let her suffer. Thank you so much to Lap of love, specifically Dr. Rachel Burns who assisted Kenya to her most peaceful sleep. Your team helped make a most painful experience so beautiful. It was the best decision we could have made, to have our baby in our arms one last time in the comfort of her home. Thank you again and again.Soana LaGuerreWethersfield, ConnecticutJuly 14, 2020
7/1/2005 - 7/12/2020Our family couldn't have wished for a sweeter girl. For 15 years, Saleen has always shown our family truly unconditional love, from her first steps into our home, through her last moments shared with us. All she has ever wanted was to be in our presence, never asking for anything more than a little love.

Through the happy times, she was so silly, rolling around on her back and excitedly running away with her ball, not really grasping what she should do after a fetch. Always a puppy with a huge and healthy appetite, she could probably eat a meal twice her size, then do it all again after a few hours. Through the hard times, she was so strong and resilient - never letting out a single whimper, and doing her absolute best to show us that she was still the silly puppy we've grown to love so much.

Goodbye sweet girl. Your love for us will always be cherished, no matter where you are. You deserve the world, all the love, all the steak you could ever want. We love you so much, Saleen.
Jeffrey EloriagaDiamond Bar, CaliforniaJuly 13, 2020
4/16/2012Sweet Parker, you brought us so much joy the past 8 years. Your life was short but well lived. You loved all the grandchildren
and had many adventures . We miss you.
Thank you for sending us a monarch butterfly that looked like you just after you left us, to let us know you were ok.
Love you. Enjoy playing for eternity.
Barby LandersTampa, FloridaJuly 13, 2020
Boomhower (boomie)
12/15/2005 - 7/8/2020Boomie, you are so dearly missed! Feeling a little lost right now! Though my heart hurts,
I know you are able to run and jump and free of pain now!!!
Denise MullenLehigh Acres, FloridaJuly 13, 2020