Pet Memorials
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2/25/2001 - 10/1/2015On October 2nd I said goodbye to my baby girl Paceybella-she had so many nicknames but the favorite of all was BooBoo. I've tried to write this tribute for her so many times in which I didn't expect this to be so difficult-they even allow you 10,000 characters. I never had a dog before-I never knew how strong the bond would be-now I know. For those of you that know us-Pacey too suffered a great loss this year, her Daddy. Years ago my best friend and first cousin Carl got our little beagle-we shared her love and devotion. We both had spoke earlier this Spring how Pacey was changing-we knew then we would want her last day to be in her home-that's when I found Lap of Love. With his unexpected passing I would have to make this decision on my own. She didn't do her dog things anymore that brought coming home so special-I still held on-probably longer than I should of-I didn't want to let go. Even though I missed so many things she did-all her Paceyness was gone. On her very last night I watched as she climbed the steps for her last time-it was so hard for her anymore-I could see her strength and determination-my own little fighter-oh how I loved that little girl. When the door bell rang the next day- I opened the door, I knew I made the right choice-in stepped Dr. Courtney Graham-my heart knew-she exuded kindness and respect for Pacey. My friend Korrie was with me-for that I'll always be grateful. Dr. Graham let me spend time with my little one-there was no rush whatsoever. She began to explain the process-I knew I wanted to be by Paceys side the whole time-I promised her that. Apon the first injection I couldn't believe my eyes-she lifted her head-she followed Dr. Graham's every move, then simply laid her head down and closed her eyes-all was calm, she let me know she was tired as she slipped away so bravely. So for me I have so many memories, photos and love I'll cherish-but in this tribute to Pacey I feel we both owe it to Dr. Graham-how she brought peace with such grace. Those last images will always be remembered-how she carried her away like her very own-she truly has a gift and I thank you.Karen GrecoShelby Township, MichiganNovember 27, 2015
Charlotte, Aka "Babydog"!
1/12/2003 - 11/23/2015What can I say about Babydog but she was the sweetest pet I have ever known. So cute and so loving. She and I became best friends right off the bat and she was my constant companion. No matter where I went she was right there by my side.. I can't express how sad I am and how empty the house feels without her. She will always be missed.JD PearceCharlotte, North CarolinaNovember 25, 2015
1/23/2002 - 11/19/2015Lucky
January 23, 2002 - November 19, 2015

If you were a friend, you were aware of my Lucky.
If you were an acquaintance of ten minutes, you too knew of my boy.

My devotion and love of Lucky began that first fateful ride home where he yelped the entire time. It continued through his unruly teenage phase where his off leash training would end abruptly when he would ignore my commands and run off, ending up in the pond near our home at The Lakes.
As a family, we endured his nightly surges of energy, earning him the nickname of "The Tasmanian Devil"
His senior years were enjoyed most by me. He was my shadow; calmly laying behind my office chair or just beside my chaise in the evenings, rising to follow me to my bedroom, where he slept every night.
The loss has been hard felt by Roxy and me as we continue our daily walks passing the park where I loved to photograph my most favorite subject. My handsome boy was so photogenic.

To my Lucky, my most loyal and trustworthy companion; Thank you for my part in your journey. I will think of you often and cherish my many memories of our time together. Saying Goodbye was so hard; holding you in my arms as you slipped away. My sweet boy...I love you with all my heart and will long for the time that we will meet again.
Johanna GrisnikLas Vegas, NevadaNovember 24, 2015
Unchie Hamburger
10/31/2015 - 11/21/2015You were a Super Dog. A champion among canines. There was no dog as beautiful, as athletic, as intelligent, as funny, as sweet, as sensitive, as loyal, as you. Even though I rescued you, the adage really is true-- YOU rescued ME. You gave me 15 of the most wonderful years. You were my best friend. My ace. You trooped with me whenever, wherever. You were there when I was at my happiest and at my saddest, never wavering. Never skipping a beat. I am so grateful that you were mine. So grateful that you let me love you as much as I needed to and so grateful for your love in return. I will never, ever forget you, my wonderful girl. I pray that you are running around, collecting all the balls, running up and down mountains and making everyone laugh, but most of all, I pray that you are at peace.Lynn FreedmanLos Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 24, 2015
Mr. Wills
1/1/1999 - 11/18/2015Our hearts are broken but trying to find comfort in the peace and hugs and kisses he was able to receive at home in our arms until the end. He was our beloved baby and trusted companion for 13 of his almost 17 years. His purrsonality was so unique and cool. He won everyone over with his antics and his super silky fur. The memories we have are plentiful, filled with laughter, his wonderful purr, love and adventure.

Willser, may you get endless chin scratches, find plenty of sunny spots, fuzzy sweaters, and piles of salmon, bacon and pancakes on the other side. You will be deeply missed but always remembered. There are not enough tears to cry to heal our hearts. We love you so much big guy, baby boy.
Karin + John TweedieChicago, IllinoisNovember 24, 2015
Lindy ruff thomason
12/22/2009 - 7/24/2015~My heart has been heavy since that day
The day I found out you were going away
I know you wouldn't leave me and never would
I just can't see you now, though I wish I could
I'm trying to ease the pain I feel in heart
The pain I've felt since I knew it was time to part
Trying to think of it this way, help myself to see
That you'll be right here with me and will always be
~Remember the times we were out in the woods
I could not always see you, yet you'd never go far
That's how it is now when I look for your puppy face
You're still right beside me filling your place
I find it so very sad
That seeing and believing seem to go hand in hand
The love and the loyalty the warmth that you gave
I felt them, did not see them, but believed just the same
~You'll walk with me now like you walked with me then
Your pain is now gone and you'll lead once again
Your love always following me wherever I roam
Making sure I'm okay and never alone
Our time was too short yet for me it goes on
You won't ever leave me or truly be gone
I'll live in your heart as you live in mine
An enduring, unconditional love that will continue to shine
~The day will come and together we will be
And I'll say take me home puppy and once again you'll lead
Until that day comes I know you aren't really gone
You're right here beside me and our love it lives on
You'll be waiting, waging your tail to greet me with kisses
I know you are happy now and truly free
I can't wait until we finally meet again
Thank you puppy for being my love and my best friend~
~RIP~ Lindy Ruff aka Puppy, Bubba, The White Furry Person & my best friend ever…
Betsy ThomasonEast Aurora, New YorkNovember 23, 2015
9/27/2004 - 11/9/2015We were so blessed to have 11 years with our beloved baby girl and best friend. She was so human like and we believe understood so much of the world around her. She brought us so much joy and laughter through our years with her. Sadie helped us celebrate our happiest moments and was there for the difficult days with her unconditional love and affection. She enjoyed camping, hiking and playing soccer. Our fondest memories were of her following our young boys around in the desert as they were learning to ride quads, almost as a protective instinct. Sadie also had many hours of fun when she learned how to play hide and seek where she would search every room in the house until she found us. She was the best friend we all need in life. There are no words to truly describe the love and companionship she brought to our home. We look forward to being reunited in Heaven with our beloved girl!Dawn RoppeTemecula, CaliforniaNovember 22, 2015
9/10/2001 - 11/20/2015A companion is defined as, "a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels". Mitch has been my companion for 14 years. But that's not even a fair introduction, he has been my room mate, my travel partner, my pillow to cry on, my warmth on cold days and nights, my dinner dates, my dance partner, my road tripper, my shadow, my leader, my security blanket, my motivation, my inspiration, and the foundation for the person I am today. Mitch has been the center of my life since the moment I laid eyes on him. I have been Mitch's entire life since the moment he laid eyes on me. There aren't words in any language that can begin to express the love, devotion, and respect.

I am less of a human without you,
Tonda BengePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 22, 2015
9/21/2000 - 11/20/2015Today, November 20th we said a peaceful goodbye to Tia, nearly 16 years old. She was a black lab and terrier mix. She had some white highlights, especially underneath her, and came to her forever home from the Lied shelter back in 2000. Tia was special to us both and many who have met her. She was one tough cookie, but even though she had some health setbacks in later years she worked her way through them with the great kindness and patience showed by us both and Grandpa. Tia was our baby "Child in Fur" and a great companion with many unique characteristics. Now that she has her Angel Wings and her body is no longer broken, she finally will have a chance to catch that cat that she always wanted to nab. Rest easy sweet Tia, your pet mom and dad will miss you dearly and remember you always.Tom & Anne MezzacappaHenderson, NevadaNovember 21, 2015
8/21/2000 - 11/10/2015Casper was my most loyal and loving companion for 15 special years of my life! See a tribute to Casper's life at: AragonCarlisle, PennsylvaniaNovember 21, 2015