Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/29/2002 - 8/27/2015In Memory of our girl .... Rainbow bridge is where all our beloved pets reside when they pass over, there is always sunshine, fields and lots of other friends to play with, and lots of food, drink and love. When we pass over our beloved pets await us, and then we cross the Rainbow Bridge together, in Loving Memory of our beloved family member, Roxy.Jim & Diana JenkinsWindermere, FloridaSeptember 2, 2015
5/28/2001 - 8/28/2015There are no words that can express how much we miss Lily. She was the best pet. She was a graduate of the K-9 Academy in Romulus so she was very well behaved. She loved her daily walks around the neighborhood to visit her dog friends, especially Jake and Shadow. She knew her family members and loved everyone as much as they loved her. She would greet you by leaning her big head against your leg letting you know she wanted you to pet her. She enjoyed being perched on the stairs and looking out the front door. In summer, she would spend most her day outside in the yard laying by the air conditioner. She loved winter as well, even when I put her in a sweater and yellow boots for our walks. She loved squeaky toys and throwing balls around the living room - an only 'child' playing by herself. Lily will always be in our hearts.Judy MagdalenicWyandotte, MichiganSeptember 1, 2015
7/29/2015In loving memory of Callie, a beautiful 15 year old calico. We adopted her from The Anti-Cruelty Society when she was a little bit older, but not yet a senior. Like so many adult cats and dogs in shelters, her chance for finding a home was going to end (in euthanasia) if she didn’t get adopted soon. Perhaps it was just her sweet nature or a cat’s intuition that time was running out, but Callie jumped on her dad’s lap and he was sold. Callie enjoyed snuggling in bed with us at night and bossing around her Dachshund siblings. When her health declined from chronic kidney disease and poor mobility, we made the heartbreaking decision to let her go. Cozied up on our bed, she munched on kibble until she became sleepy, and then peacefully passed away with her dad petting her. Rest well, sweet Callie. You will be missed.Evanston, IllinoisAugust 31, 2015
4/2/2002 - 8/28/2015We miss you my precious Abby. You were the best dog, so sweet, so easy-going, so special. We will hold you in our hearts forever.
Thank you for being our baby, our best friend and constant companion. You will be missed and will never leave our hearts.
Jean and Shane
Jean WilliamsBatonm Rouge, LouisianaAugust 31, 2015
10/24/2008 - 8/22/2015AKA Barnabas Collins, Mr. B, Goofus

In memory of Barney, my baby boy. When I first saw you, I knew I had to have you. I drove all the way from Jupiter down to Fort Lauderdale to get you when you were about 5 months old. Grandpa named you Barney. How you loved to cuddle, sleep and play with your sister Honey when you were a baby. Always more independent and cool, you loved to take naps on the porch and on the sofa in the living room and came around for affection every now and then. We had stare contests and sometimes you won. You loved your Grandpa and loved to sleep on his bed curled up by his leg. You could have had your belly rubbed for hours as you just kneaded away and purred very softly. You looked forward to your nummies every day and almost rubbed the skin off my leg when I opened the little can of food meowing loudly. You were very smart too, although a bit stubborn and learned to sit and give your paw for treats.

My little one, you were taken from us much too soon. I thank you for all the moments of joy that you gave to the family. Jose was your buddy and he will miss you too. I can still imagine kissing your soft furry belly. You were mommy's angel. At least I know that you had a good life here at home and were happy. The last moment you spent was curled up next to me on the kitchen chair with your little head on my leg. We miss you so much and will always love you.
Wendy Friedman MarinJupiter, FloridaAugust 31, 2015
Gabriella Fuzzyfeet
5/1/1999 - 7/23/2015God bless you, our Beloved Gabie: Always the Captain, with or without a boat. We love you, miss you, and treasure you. A prochaine (until we meet again) !
Love, Your devoted crew, Ande and Marie
Ande and Marie AlbertPalm Harbor, FloridaAugust 31, 2015
Gabriella Fuzzyfeet
5/1/1999 - 7/23/2015God bless you, our Beloved Gabie: Always the Captain, with or without a boat. We love you, miss you, and treasure you. A prochaine (until we meet again) !
Love, Your devoted crew, Ande and Marie
Ande and Marie AlbertPalm Harbor, FloridaAugust 31, 2015
12/21/1999 - 8/28/2015Our handsome loving Labrador Simba lived a long and happy life. He loved chasing crows, squirrels, and eating numerous things, including a bag of balloons,a dead crab and once even swallowing a tennis ball whole, which left even his vet in awe of his swallowing abilities! He loved hiking in Seattle and picking up numerous sticks to rip apart on his way back home. Swimming was another favorite activity. He was a loving family companion and showered his family with unconditional love. He ate everything he could get his paws on:) but his favorites were sweet potato dog cookies and apples and yogurt. Simba especially loved running around and playing catch or racing with our kids. He was a lively athletic dog. He was also very photogenic. ( A part of this note written by our 9 year old who misses her canine brother)
We know now that he is doing many of the same things across the lovely rainbow bridge and the thought of him full and whole and running there with his many doggy friends brings us much solace. We miss his presence in day to day lives but he will always be here in spirit and in our hearts. He was more than just our family dog, he was our true loving companion, we love you big boy!
Divya KrishnanSeattle, WashingtonAugust 30, 2015
Stella Favale
3/13/2003 - 8/26/2015In loving memory of our beloved Stella. You gave us so much love and laughter. Our home feels very empty without the wag of your tail or your greetings. RIP sweet puppy dog. We love and miss you.Penny FavaleEast Amherst, New YorkAugust 30, 2015
Maxie (doodlebug)
7/17/2002 - 8/28/2015Thank you Maxie for being the best Kitty ever!! you have left us with great sorrow but your memory will live on forever <3 I always had to laugh when Daddy would try and do paper work and you always without fail go on the desk and lay right on his papers. He always said go over there and you would never move he did Hehe mwah Love you Doodlebug.Traci JohncoxLantana, FloridaAugust 30, 2015