Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/1/2005 - 10/25/2020Our precious Noodle girl....we all miss you so very much. I look for you in your favorite spots, I wake up to check on you at night, I look for you when I drop something in the kitchen, or at my feet when we are eating. We wait to hear your bark when we come in the door, or to see your face peek around the corner in the kitchen for some food. I wait for you to shove the door open when I am in the bathroom and I miss you laying on the bath mat when I get out of the shower. I miss our "conversations" at night while I watch TV. I always loved how you could carry on an entire conversation with someone. That always made me smile. I miss your soft fur and your sweet little face and those eyes of yours. Daddy always said you could look into our soul. Gracie misses you in her room snoring while we read and say our family prayers at night and sitting next to us while we work on her school work during the day. Buddy and Boomer come looking for you when we get to Nana's house. Daddy misses rocking you like a baby in the rocking chair and just laying on the floor and snuggling you. You touched so many of our lives and our entire family misses you every day. Mommy loved you so very much, I wanted you to feel better. I hope you enjoyed your strawberry waffles and your chocolate brownie that sissy fed you as you crossed the beautiful rainbow bridge to heaven and ran straight to Grandma and Papa. ❤ We love you and miss you every day our precious girl. Until we meet again. ❤🌈Heather OyerHilliard, OhioNovember 24, 2020
8/31/2008 - 11/22/2020I had my beloved Gussie for only 9 years which is the least of any of my cats but in that time my love for her grew stronger than I could ever imagine. Gussie was the perfect little snuggle bug which I just love in my pets. She wanted to snuggle up to and would have loved to sleep right up against my other cat Rosie for as long as Rosie would allow it. She worked her magic on Rosie enough that they would occasionally nap next to one another and groom each other. They were sweet together. They would wrestle and chase each other at times too but it was always so playful and never too rough.
The last five or six years I gave Gussie a daily medication and she was SO good about taking it that it felt like she was trying to be helpful about it. I like to think she knew it was helping her. Sometimes when she'd hear me shaking it up she would come meet me to take it. Her sweetness like that just always got me.
She could be a little stinker at times too but I was already too in love with her to mind. For example she loved clawing up a chair that I eventually just called 'her chair' because it was shredded.
Chris SheetsPrairie Village, KansasNovember 24, 2020
9/22/2005 - 11/22/2020Junior will always live in our hearts. His life was full of fun, love, happiness and mischief. Always ready to play and most of all eat his favorite food and snacks. Even though there is an empty space at home left by him, I know he is in doggy heaven running and playing. Until we meet again my sweet boy, we will live like you did...with fun, love, happiness and a little mischief.Allison FreitasOrlando, FloridaNovember 24, 2020
7/8/2007I love you arwenJulia MichaelHillsboro, OregonNovember 23, 2020
5/3/2020 - 11/22/2020I miss you so much, Dora. You were the best pet, no friend, that I could ask for. I didn't deserve you or your friendship and I'm so grateful to have had 13 wonderful years, save the last 3 weeks, with you.

From the time you stepped into my life until the moment I was there when you left it, you were the most precious soul and I will never forget you.

I just always thought we'd be together for a lot longer. I don't know what happens after this world but I prayed for a sign this morning as I sit in your favorite spot [toward the end]. Just at that moment, the clouds parted and a big ray of sun shown through. That's what you were to me--a big ray of sunshine.

You were my baby before babies and I will love you always and forever.
Violet SmithDrexel Hill, PennsylvaniaNovember 23, 2020
3/2/2009 - 11/7/2020Beaker you're my son and best friend, you're gone now but never forgotten.Monty PerryMonroe, OhioNovember 23, 2020
2/14/2014 - 11/22/2020To our beautiful, sweet baby girl, you brightened our everyday. Such a love is unparalleled. You will always remain in our hearts and thoughts as the profundity of your love was life changing for all who knew you. An angel on Earth, you are now an angel in heaven! We will meet again by the rainbow bridge my love!Elda LeonettiTucson, ArizonaNovember 23, 2020
10/31/2008 - 11/22/2020My sweet boy! How I miss you so much and it’s only been a day - you weren’t there to climb the stairs with me to bed - you weren’t there this morning to kiss at the top of the stairs - you weren’t there to help me pack lunches and you weren’t there for our morning walk. Doing all these things without you - I did them - and cried the whole time. I’m going to get so fat eating my whole meals myself instead of sharing them with you. 😊

We knew you were starting to decline - last Monday when you didn’t climb the stairs and didn’t curl up on the couch, we knew. But we were selfish and needed more time with you. You gave us a whole week to love you and spoil you and cuddle you. Bruiser, you are the best! You brought us nothing but happiness. We were so lucky to have you!!

Thank you for completing our family and thank you for the extra week of snuggles. I know you’re out of pain and I’m sure Sandy was waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge ❤️ And that’s where I’ll meet you too, one day! Love you forever!!
Gloria GisrielMarriottsville, MarylandNovember 23, 2020
2/26/2016 - 11/2/2020The last thing I told Frankie was that I loved her and the best dog I have ever had. The bond we shared was so unbreakable and truly heartbroken. My best friend is no longer physically here but your spirit. I often dream of you.

We spent the last day by the water, and getting ice cream🍦some of your favorites. I am so sad and think of you multiple times a day. it's so unfair.

Frankie had so much energy, always so eager to please, always looked forward to eating her home cooked meals and dog food by giving me a look the first few bites and wagging her tail! So playful and always ready for a car ride then one day you became very lethargic and not eating and barely getting out of bed.

This month would have been my 3rd year anniversary with you. You were still so young and had a very hard life before me. I miss you so much and loved caring for you. My purpose is to heal and I'm naturally a nurturing person. I love to take care of things. You are loved and missed by all of us so much. I hope to reunite with you so I can hug and kiss you.
Kristina PaganLake Mary, FloridaNovember 23, 2020
9/21/2012 - 11/19/2020Our little boy Greyson, we are so heartbroken of your early departure . We miss your loving meows, affectionate purrs, and feisty ways. Our home has not been the same since you got your wings. You brought adventure, love, and life to it. Even though our time together was short, we thank God for the wonderful eight years we had you in our life. Thank you for teaching us the joys of having a cat.Maria CamachoBoynton Beach, FloridaNovember 23, 2020