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8/1/2020 - 10/27/2020Maggie was a pure light in our lives. She was part of our family for 7 beautiful years before she surcame to intestinal cancer unexpectedly. She was extremely loving and sweet. We miss our baby girl and look forward to seeing her again on the rainbow bridge.Emily FandreyFort Lauderdale, FloridaOctober 28, 2020
7/17/2010 - 10/27/2020Bailey was our staple and constant in our lives, our first ever baby. She was the greatest dog I've even known and was filled with so much love and happiness. She loved to cuddle and give kisses. We were each others comfort, and truly Daddy's best friend.

We love you Bailey! RIP
Daddy Mommy Madison Mackenzie Tucker Lacey & Louie
David BrimhallHowell, MichiganOctober 28, 2020
10/3/2007 - 10/8/2020Minnie, you are missed more than words can say but I thank you and am grateful for all of the wonderful days we had together. You were a gentle soul with a fighting spirit. Although you were blind you never let that get in your way. You were by my side through good times and bad. You were the best buddy anyone could ever have. You will be forever in my heart and I will always love you.
I want to thank Dr. Mandi from Lap of Love for all her kindness and caring at such a difficult time. For bringing comfort and peace on one of the most difficult days of my life.
Patricia CasilioRochester, New YorkOctober 28, 2020
1/29/2007 - 10/27/2020Oh Ty. My little buddy and sweet baby boy. I love you so much.Gloria QuickLas Vegas, NevadaOctober 28, 2020
8/10/2007 - 10/27/2020Garth, you were the love of my life. You comforted me during the rough times and were there to celebrate with me during all of the good times. I am heart broken but find comfort in knowing you are no longer suffering. Thank you for all the kisses and snuggles. Thank you for choosing me to be your momma. I love you forever and always my sweet baby boy. This place is not the same without you. Party on (wherever you are), Garth.Jennifer BullerwellBoynton Beach, FloridaOctober 28, 2020
10/25/2008 - 10/20/2020Molly , you brought so much love to our family, we miss you dearly.Viola MolloHuntington Beach, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2020
12/17/2007 - 10/19/2020It is with a broken heart that we announce the passing of our beloved dog Lexy, our sweet goose, cous goose, our moose goose. She has had many cancerous tumors over the years which she has been able to overcome until now. At just 6 weeks old she joined our family and was Fred and my very first baby. She’s had almost 13 amazing years with our family, was with us through every milestone and every hardship, licking our tears away. She was my soul pup, my best friend, my constant companion. She was with us through all the countless late colicky nights with our babies. She was Kodak’s best friend. Our guard dog. I am completely devastated but truly thankful for so many wonderful years with her.Alissa SavageAustin, TexasOctober 28, 2020
3/19/2005 - 10/25/2020Sophia, you were my everything. My best friend, companion and baby. You were there for me in so many ways you don't even know, during my most darkest times to my most happiest moments. You filled my heart and now will be filled of our memories together. You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. I loved you your whole life, ill miss you the rest of mine. 💔 #ripsophiaROCHELLE HOCKADAYCoconut creek, FloridaOctober 28, 2020
9/14/2010 - 10/26/2020Melodi, you are missed already more than you will ever know. The nine years we had together will never be long enough, but am so grateful for having you. You had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. You were one of the sweetest and most loving cats I have ever met. You didn't get long enough with us, but I believe you were just too beautiful for this earth. Thank you for being so sweet to our boys. Now you are at peace, no longer in pain and get to rest in paradise. We miss you so much and will love you forever. Please tell Percy and Maci they are so missed. We love you and can't wait to see you again one day. Curious will meet you on the rainbow bridge one day, but hopefully not too soon <3Chelsea PritchardRiverside, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2020
12/22/2005We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Piper. Thank you for loving us all of these years. Our house is not the same without you. May you rest peacefully, and enjoy lots of whipped cream and peanut butter!Melissa SimonPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaOctober 28, 2020
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