Pet Memorials
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3/15/2014 - 2/28/2014Yesterday my family and I said see you later to our ever so loyal, loving and giving girl, Nasiana as she gracefully and peacefully went to the Rainbow Bridge. We know you are free of all pain and are back to enjoying that frisbee you loved so much. Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful and always loving presence for over 16 yrs. Rest in Peace my NaniBooBoo.Mary AbregoZion, IllinoisMarch 2, 2014
10/1/1997 - 2/26/2014I will miss you more than I could ever express. Sleep well my handsome man thank you for the many years of love and laughter xoxoxLisa HaslamSeattle, WashingtonMarch 1, 2014
2/22/2014For my beautiful and faithful friend. You are loved and missed so much.
You were brave, loving, and a special part of our family. Rest in peace until we meet again.
Sandy ParsonsGreensboro, North CarolinaFebruary 27, 2014
4/9/2004 - 2/25/2014"At 4:58 p.m, my best friend passed away. Kenzzie brought joy to everyone she met, I grew up with her and now she's gone. She lost her battle to cancer, and I lost her. Rest in Peace my beautiful girl, I can't wait to see you again in a better place " Was written by my 14 year old about my beautiful furry baby-girl- you've been a best friend, sounding board and all around wonderful family member. I will miss you at my feet while I'm working at the desk and dancing circles when it was time for a car ride. Sleep peacefully baby-girl, mommy will see you at the rainbow bridgeKelly SattleyPalm Harbor, FloridaFebruary 27, 2014
Cali Elizabeth
3/15/1998 - 2/23/2014At 6:22 pm on Feb 23, Cali Elizabeth Thome while in my arms and with the assistance of Doctor Kiva of "Lap of Love" passed from this world to join her old sidekick CJ in Doggie Heaven aka Rainbow Bridge.
Cali had been ailing the past month or so and on Friday our local Vet told us she had renal failure [her kidneys were shutting down]. The last 96 hours have been very difficult as Pat & I had to watch our cherished member of the family stop eating & drinking. Cali went down hill faster than we expected and with DR. Kiva's help she left us in a most peaceful way.
Although avoiding grieving is near impossible – we are reflecting on the life we shared with her.
The near 16 years [15 years & 11 months = the equivalent of 87 years for her age & weight] we had with her make us grateful and thankful that our lives merged and we shared many memorable moments with her. We will always treasure those memories.
Clearly, our pets leave paw prints on our hearts & we are forever changed! [Anonymous].
James Thome SrClermont, FloridaFebruary 26, 2014
2/25/2014You crossed the Rainbow Bridge today... I know Simba was happy to see you. She always thought of you as her own puppy. Cleo was waiting too, your playmate, partner in crime. Thank You Taz for being such an incredible dog. You brought so much joy to your "Mom" and your family. I know you were always such a stoic boy and that you would have held on as long as possible. Your Mom's heart was breaking to see your body failing and slowly with the loss of more senses, your mind was losing it's clarity. I remember the day when we brought you home. Mom joked that you were a "replacement" for Jonny after he had "flew the coop". She named you Taz after one of his favorite Warner Bro's characters Tasmania Devil. You were an adorable little puppy and grew to be a gorgeous boy, always protective of your family and the kids. You traveled to the USA with us and back to South Africa again. Multiple homes, multiple countries... your love was always unconditional, you never judged, you were always thrilled to see us no matter how long we were gone. Today my heart is broken.... its not for you Taz, I know you are finally "free" of your disease and your failing body, i know you are chasing Cleo again and bugging Simba... my heart breaks for your Mom. Thank you Mom, for giving Taz such an incredible life, for showing him the love and patience and for putting your broken heart aside to help him pass in dignity in your arms. I am sending you a virtual candle today but have a real one lit too. I love you Taz, I love you Mom...Melanie CohenCape Town, Rhode IslandFebruary 25, 2014
Zoey Erdmann Hyams
10/4/2004 - 2/20/2014Zoey (Zo, Zoeymonger, Monger, Noodlemaker, Zoeymacaroni, Sweetness, Dearheart, Stinkerbocker, Cutie Pie, Little One, Fuzzy Face, Honey Pie, Baby-Bacon, Noodle, Snuggle-Puss, Crazyhead),

You gave us so much love and knew us so well. We loved playing ball with you, watching you try to catch squirrels, play with your “log” and other toys, and of course taking you for hikes and walks. You were silly and funny and brought so much joy to our house. Everywhere we went, from temporary to longer, was home as long as we were all together. You were the best daughter (that was shaped like a dog) we could have ever imagined.

All through your life you wanted a nice balance of together time and alone time. You wanted loving togetherness but also independence. You wanted a good snuggle with us in the mornings and at night, and even at nap time. But, you also liked a good alone snuggle. When you were resting and we bothered you, you let us know with your vocal displeasure and usually just put up with our neediness. It was the same with petting. You were the softest dog in the universe and often just didn’t feel like being pet. You again, put up with our tender caresses for long stretches of time, but when you were through, you’d relocate. You always knew what you wanted. We always knew what we wanted too: we wanted to love and take care of you forever.

Julia’s 3408 days and Mark’s 2342 days with you were nowhere near enough. We have so much more love to give you and our hearts are aching in your absence. The house is quiet, and without you it no longer feels like a home. We miss your neck hugs, “talking,” happy dances, your help in the kitchen, your junior gardening, night time tiptoes to be invited up on the people-bed, wiping off your feet, reminding you to chew your food, giving you treats, watching all your tricks, and reminding you to look both ways at street corners. We miss everything about you. We are so glad you are not suffering anymore. We hope you know that we had you sleep because we loved you so much and didn’t want you to have to hurt or be a trooper on our behalf.

You will be missed forever. We love you, Zoey.
Julia and Mark HyamsSt. Louis, MissouriFebruary 25, 2014
2/1/2003 - 2/21/2014I will always love you Darko. You have been my best friend that anyone could possible dream to have and I know you went to heaven and knowing that I will see you again helps my breaking heart at this time.Look down at me as I look up at you and smile that you are no longer in pain.
Love your proud owner Dorn.
Dawn MastronardiLand O Lakes, FloridaFebruary 25, 2014
2/12/1998 - 2/12/2014Annie was a Corgi, probably Sheltie mix. We always said we didn't know how we would go on without Annie. But here we are. She had a long life and a long old-age. She loved us very much and we adored her. She was very easy and made having a dog such a pleasure. Our time together went from long, joyful walks together to sniffing excursions up the block. We always told her we would take care of her forever, and we did. What a gift her life was to us and to all our friends and family who knew and loved her.Denice and Nancy Lombard-WohlforthWashington, District of ColumbiaFebruary 24, 2014
2/22/2014Soft and delicate, great synthetic mouser, quiet and friendly but never a pest, always a princess.Beth KeenaPittsboro, North CarolinaFebruary 24, 2014