Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/1/2003 - 2/13/2014Macy, my gentle little goose, I hope that I made the right choice for you. I know that you were hurting and I didn't want you to have to suffer. What I would have given, if only you'd been able to come live with us years ago. We will always miss you and wish that we could have done more. Know that you will never be forgotten or replaced. I will always miss you. I love you little goose.Erin McCallOakland, CaliforniaFebruary 18, 2014
4/22/1999 - 2/16/2014Edison, aka Sockboy, Mr. Clicky Toes, Topcat, Little Big Man, Defender of the Perimeter, Cleaner-Outer of All Drawers, the Great Communicator. He was the smallest cat of the house, but the biggest in spirit. From showing off his squirrel-like tree-climbing skills for anyone whom he deemed worth impressing (most everybody), to jumping out a window to tell a friend’s (gentle) pit bull that she had no rights to the yard, to letting us know--through his amazing vocal skills--every little thing he wanted us to do for him, he was a huge presence in our home, and loved.Evanston, IllinoisFebruary 17, 2014
7/4/2008 - 2/15/2014Bella, was one of a kind!!! I am sure everyone writes this about their animal but she truly was one of a kind. She was wild, crazy, full of curiosity and life. She had me smile every morning, in reality any time I looked at her. A face only a mother could love, is what people would say. She brought so much fun and laughter to our family. She was my little girl, in a house full of boys and men. She was my partner in crime. She would team up against them, attacking (playfully) both the boys and my husband, then jump on my lap after she won. We were blessed every day we had her. I will miss her with everything in me. Thank you God for sharing this wonderful spirit with us all.Bella PleschaBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaFebruary 17, 2014
2/1/2005 - 2/13/2014Brutus, our sweet baby boy, may you be pain free and able to run and play and wiggle your tail in heaven. It has been an honor to be your mom you were such a joy and comfort to our whole family. Everyone loved you, your were the coolest dog. We will never forget you my sweet love. See you in Heaven...XOXOXO.Monique MinguraSammamish, WashingtonFebruary 17, 2014
1/5/1999 - 1/17/2014Gypsy you were the best dog a person could ever have had. You were more than a dog, you were like my child. I love and miss you so much. Love your Dad.Wally ColettiPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaFebruary 16, 2014
8/6/1999 - 12/15/2013Zak was a shy, but fun, brave and loving dog, just everything you would want in a pet and then some. It was heartbreaking to learn that at 14 years old he was diagnosed with anal gland cancer.
After the diagnosis, we were thrilled to have him for an additional six months, but then he started to decline fast. Because Zak would get car sick, our vet recommended Lap of Love because of their reputation, and they would come to our home.
On 12-15-13, we called Lap of Love, and Dr. Kim came to our home. She checked Zak confirming our timing for their service was perfect (which took a huge weight off our shoulders) as his stomach and lungs were holding water, and he started labor breathing. She explained every step to us in the most professional, patient, kind and caring manner as Zak received his angel wings while in my arms. Our other dog, “PC” then had the opportunity to be with her older brother and “sniffed” him as her way of saying goodbye which we believe is the reason "PC" is doing so well now that he is gone even though he was the alpha dog, and she was never without him. Words cannot express our gratitude before, during and after, as Dr. Kim even took several calls from me weeks later. We highly recommend and will always use their service when needed as they treated our dog like their own and would refer to him as "our little boy."
Looking back, we were so blessed to have had Zak, and we repaid him by giving him lots of love and the best of care throughout his life and up to the end by using Lap of Love and A Rainbow Crossing for his cremation as we could not have “scripted” Zakary earning his angel wings any better. Our hugs and sincere thanks Dr. Kim and Lap of Love, Darlene, Tony and "PC" Schaukowitch
Darlene SchaukowitchJupiter, FloridaFebruary 16, 2014
Coco bean
11/6/2000 - 2/14/2014In our eyes this was not a dog but a member of our family. She was loved so much and she returned that love to us and anyone who crossed her path. She was the sunshine, the moon , the stars and all that was beautiful rolled up into one gift from God. She passed on Valentines day which in itself is fitting. Our Valenties gift to her was to let her go even though our hearts were breaking. We loved her so much and put our feelings aside so she would have a peaceful passing. We love her and always will. See you soon and remember you are in our hearts, minds and soul. Love you Girl.Sal CardileNew Cumberland, PennsylvaniaFebruary 15, 2014
4/11/2004 - 2/10/2014You are truly adored Presley! Thank you for blessing us with your love, and making us better people. One of a kind and forever missed~Rest in Peace good buddy.Michael and Kristie PicklesimerPowder Springs, GeorgiaFebruary 15, 2014
4/1/1995 - 2/12/2014Kibbles also known as "Boo Boo" was 19 years old and lived a very long, happy, and full life. We are confident in knowing that he was very aware of how much he was loved and what an integral part of our family he was. We miss him more than we could possibly convey. Our hearts ache at his loss and there will always be a void, but we remind ourselves that he is no longer in pain and free from the ailments that old age brought him.Brianna WebbPittsburg, CaliforniaFebruary 14, 2014
6/6/1999 - 1/1/2014My beautiful angel. You will never know how much you enriched our lives. Every single day you put a smile on my face for over 14 years. I miss your broken purrbox, your toothless smile, your unbelievably sweet nature, your soft, soft, fur, your little pink toes, soft pink belly, and mile-long whiskers. Each and every day with you in our lives was a blessing I won't soon forget. I hope when my time comes, I'm awakened on the other side by your velociraptor purr and cold wet nose on my forehead. I love you more than words can express my furry little angel. I hope now you find yourself without pain or disease in a world full of love, adventures, and kitty mischief. Your daddy and I will never ever forget you.Marie and Nate NaidasHerndon, VirginiaFebruary 14, 2014