Pet Memorials
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6/13/2000 - 1/24/2014I miss my beautiful, happy baby every single day. For as much pain as she was in towards the end, she mainly lost interest in other people. She still tried to play with other dogs. So when Dr. Stender came in, I was surprised that Cass got up, barked at her and then put her paw on Dr. Stenders' arm and proceed to give her kisses on the nose. It was like Cassie knew Dr. Stender was there to help. She hasn't been much for giving kisses in a long time. It made me feel better that she wasn't anxious or upset in a vet's office, but on her comfy couch, relaxing and giving kisses and being pet and cuddled.Carisa BClearwater, FloridaFebruary 8, 2014
11/20/2010 - 12/7/2013It's been two months since we said goodbye for now, not a day goes by we don't think of you many times. Every time I shake out a plastic bag I think how you used to come looking to go for a walk. And how when I opened the door of the refrigerator you always thought it was time for a treat. People knock on the door and I expect to hear your bark, Joan misses hearing it still. We miss your walks and car rides that you loved so much and made you so happy. DJ, you were such a sweet dog and too young to leave, but even though you were very sick, you hung in there, wanting to go for walks and car rides, wagging you tail with your big smile and giving all your love until you let us know it was time to leave. We all thank Dr. Amanda and Lap of Love for giving us that special time to let you go peacefully. Even though you did not have a long life that we wanted, we all have so many great memories of you that are etched in our hearts forever. You were such a great dog and friend, so missed and never forgotten, we love you so much. Meet you at the foot of the bridge DJ, Robert Kristie Joan Me.Keith HaagPOMPANO BEACH, FloridaFebruary 8, 2014
Miss Star
Miss Star was wonderful companion for 14 years! She is loved and missed.Gail PasternackDelray Beach, FloridaFebruary 7, 2014
11/1/1998 - 2/5/2014To my best friend and protector - may you find a shady spot under a tree, a bowl of cool water nearby, and a big garden with lots of flowers to sniff on the other side.Skokie, IllinoisFebruary 7, 2014
11/1/1997 - 1/31/2014Dear Nicholas,
You were a dog much loved, you lived your life to the fullest and brought joy and smiles to all. Our hearts are broken and our house so empty without you.
Sandra KrafftSt Pete Beach , FL, FloridaFebruary 7, 2014
We are heartbroken that you have left us. Our home is so lonely without you. I hope that you are running around playing with balls, catching frisbees and chewing lots of bones. We love you so much!
Karen GallGarner, North CarolinaFebruary 6, 2014
6/26/2000 - 11/14/2013I will never forget the little one who stole my heartHarmony BrownTucson, ArizonaFebruary 5, 2014
Jeron baptiste wallace
10/12/1994 - 2/5/2014My angel JERON, loved unconditionally for 20 yrs, my BFF, my star, sunshine, my everythingJennifer Baptiste WallaceOrlando, FloridaFebruary 5, 2014
7/1/2000 - 1/29/2014In memory of my sweet kitty, Rudy...this is her story.

Rudy’s early life is a bit of a blur. No one really knows where she was born or to whom. At some point in her early life, Rudy lost one of her back legs--it was never clear what happened to the leg. What was clear, however, was that Rudy was not going to let a missing leg stop her from having a full and enjoyable life.

When Rudy was around 9 months old, she was adopted by a suburban Chicago family. It was not long before Rudy’s precocious ways landed her as a teenage mom to a group of kittens. While raising her kittens, Rudy’s then adopted family learned they would be moving out of the country and needed to find a new home for Rudy and her 3 siblings, as well as her kittens. Concerned that adult cats (especially one with three legs) might have a difficult time finding new homes, I was happy to welcome Rudy and her brother Cody into my home. Since that time, Rudy has lived with me in Chicago, Ohio, Kentucky, and back in Chicago.

Although Rudy never reached more than 6 pounds (while Cody was always pushing 24 pounds), Rudy was the ruler of the house, keeping Cody and the occasional guest cat in line. Even with her missing limb, Rudy was able to chase Cody through the house, leap nearly five feet straight into the air (to get on top of things she was supposed to stay off of), and open doors (to get into rooms she was supposed to stay out of). Lack of a leg rarely stopped her, except when she tried to scratch her ear with the missing limb (a true exhibit of futility)--at which time I would quickly run to her rescue and placate the itch.

Rudy was a tidy cat, always well groomed with fur carefully coiffed--and she smelled unusually good for a cat. She enjoyed sharing my soup and liked to partake in the occasional duet, me attempting to sing and her meowing--oddly enough, the neighbors never complained. Rudy spent most of her days sleeping in the sun, playing with her green metallic fuzzy ball, and wondering when I was going to get home.

About a year and a half ago, Rudy was diagnosed with mammary cancer--a diagnoses that is not good news in the feline community. Because Rudy otherwise seemed healthy, we made the decision to have a triple mastectomy and follow it up with kitty chemotherapy. She bounced back from the surgery quickly but we soon realized that continuing the chemo was not in Rudy's best interest, so it was discontinued. Rudy managed to live nearly a year more and was happy and healthy right up until the last couple weeks. When Rudy could no longer be tempted by the buffet of food I set forth before her numerous times daily, we decided it was her time to move on. With the help of the Lap of Love vets, Rudy passed away comfortably and peacefully at home in her kitty bed with me and Cody by her side.

Rudy's most endearing quality and the one that will be missed most, was her desire to cuddle and be close to people. From the time I came home, she wanted to spend all of her time cuddled on my lap, in my arms, or simply next to me. That is how I will remember her, cuddled next to me with her soft kitten-like fur tickling my nose. Although my sweet Rudy's love and comfort will be greatly missed, I am so happy and lucky I was able to share her life, she was truly a blessing.

(A special thanks to Rudy's cat sitter, Lorena Jurado for the fantastic photos and loving care she provided to Rudy.)
Chicago, IllinoisFebruary 3, 2014
8/9/2000 - 2/1/2014Our precious Gunner was always so naughty. Where there was trouble Gunner found if.
He was so handsome. We rescued him as a puppy and had been abused and neglected.
He grew into a HUGE part of family.
The unconditional love and laughter he brought into our lives was unimaginable.
Our grief is so deep right but we know he will wait for us.
We miss you our protector.......we love you
Jo ChojnickiCheektowaga, New YorkFebruary 2, 2014