Pet Memorials
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11/7/2019GP was a rescue that had been passed from place to place and was 'pissed' by the time he came to me. A woman named Joy was going to move and ask me if I wanted him---I had just said goodbye to my long time cat I brought down from Alaska. I was grieving Kattan and in a way did not want to take on another cat but of course I did because the alternative was cat prison. That was in 2004. I promised GP he would have a forever home and I kept that promise.Grace E RPortland, OregonNovember 23, 2019
10/2/2009 - 11/21/2019To my loving Kobe,
We all knew you were going to be nothing but a bundle of joy to this family. You were such a good boy, truly a fighter to the end. Throughout all the pain you were suffering you still managed to show us love even during your final moments on this earth. We will never forget you Kobe, we love you and when our time comes as well we will see you again on rainbow bridge
Lydia RosalesFontana, CaliforniaNovember 23, 2019
Bugz Bailey
11/20/2004 - 11/20/2019Bugz Bailey was the toughest little cookie of cutie - the perfect teddy bear Cairn Terrier, with the most adorable big brown eyes and somehow pointy yet floppy ears . She was my angel, but she certainly knew her way into mischief... always knowing she could love her way out of absolutely anything AND being strong enough to out-power the challenges of ANYTHING situation she got herself into. Her first conquest as a brand new pup when she got home was to chug down Mommy's cup of Bailey's on the Rocks that was on top of the dining room table. She was only maybe 8 inches tall at the time and only a few months old, yet somehow she maneuvered her way onto a box, then onto the TV stand, onto a chair, and SOMEHOW onto the table where she fully enjoyed her first namesake drink. You'd think Mom would have learned... but then at her first Easter, still tiny Bailey knocked over a HUGE and full kitchen trashcan so that she could devour the tossed leftover homemade bread dough which gave her such a bellyache that she had to be rushed to the emergency room where it was discovered that the yeast had fermented!!! That day she got both drunk and opened her first CareCreditCard. Overachiever! She surprised everyone one day by chowing down on a box of white tea packets -how was that any good I'll never understand, and in her latest endeavor only last year, she opened Daddy's suitcase and found a plastic box of 420 chewies and ate all of them... THAT HAD US TERRIFIED and left us in obvious guilt and mortification - but she pulled through after the scariest trip... she definitely visited another planet during that experience! She always knew how to get anything she wanted in life - whether it was given to her, or she took it... (like alllll those expensive yoga pants, and jeans, and panties, phone chargers, computer cables, and soooo many high heels$!$!$! lol) Luckily, that determination also got her UNLIMITED love from: her Grandmie and Grandpie who cared for her and never cared how long she stayed, everyone who met her including her special roommate mom Alex, a flurry of daddy-wannabes from before Mommy figured her Sh*T out and picked the best one of all - her forever Daddy Justin, a couple furr brothers and sisters who at least tolerated the favoritism she got, and of course, me - her forever Mama. She was my best friend, the best 24/7 co-worker, best snuggler, and best potty-wherever-award-winner in the world. She loved all snacks and treats but especially 'Daddy Soup', goldfish crackers, and popsicles. She proved to all of us how tough she really was by pushing through arthritis, pancreatitis, and kidney failure so that she could retire at the Lake House long after we thought she might call it quits - where she learned to kayak and paddle board, and became the most beautiful and perfect Dog of Honor flower girl in Mom & Dad's home wedding. --- I will love you forever Bugzsy! You are forever my guardian angel and the love of my life! Enjoy a wonderful and well-deserved peaceful and pain-free heaven where you can eat anything in the world without a bellyache and costing mom a fortune lol. Try to be nice to the other furr babies even though I know you liked humans best, and say Hi to Morgan, and Rocky and Muffin - You will never be forgotten, never replaced, and always in my heart. - Love, Your human, your mama.ERIN ROSEDENVER, ColoradoNovember 22, 2019
6/17/2004 - 11/20/2019Today you did the bravest thing, today you set me free.
Thank You for showing me the ultimate dignity.
I'm sorry that my leaving has broken your kind heart,
But we knew this day would come, the day we had to part.
Don't think I did not hear every last word you said.
Don't think I did not feel your trembling hand touch my head.
Today you did the bravest thing, today you set me free.
Thank you for a wonderful life,
Thanks you for loving me.
Judith CollinsPLANT CITY, FloridaNovember 22, 2019
9/3/2005 - 11/8/2019Allegra was the sweetest dog I've ever known. We were together for 14 years. I really believe she lived her best life, and I know she would agree. From Philly, to Boston, to Raleigh this girl was by my side the entire time, and I thank her so much for this. May she be gallivanting in doggie heaven right now eating lots of beggins' and celebrating Christmas everyday! Love you so much Leggies! Rest in peace baby girl <3Kate, Phil, and Henry de VilmorinCary, North CarolinaNovember 22, 2019
6/22/2006 - 11/20/2019My Yammers left a gaping a hole in my heart. He was there for all the major milestones in our lives. He was rescued the year we were married, given to me the year I graduated college, went through several moves from North Carolina, to Philadelphia, to Tampa, saw us into our first home we bought, our first child, another home and our second child 7 years later. He spent 12+ years with our family and he was family. He could be an ornery old man in the end but was always gentle and tolerant, especially to the kids. I never realized how much I talked to him throughout the day, or glanced over at him when the baby was crying, or just look at his bed to check on him as he got older. I know he’s happy and healthy and pain free in Heaven and waiting for us but I can feel the emptiness of our home and my heart and soul ache for him. Thank you Yam for seeing us through everything. You may have been the most special thing in our lives together. We love you and miss you. Every day and forever. My Yammer-doodle, see you on the other side happy and healthy.Chelsy KernanLutz, FloridaNovember 22, 2019
Harley Earl
12/21/2003 - 11/19/2019Because Harley was a rescue, we were told by the vet Harley was approximately 4 years older than Peggy our little girl Pug, so we made his new birthday 4 years prior to her birthday.

"Have You a dog in Heaven, Lord?
Is there room for just one more?
Cause our little dog died today;
He'll be waiting at Your door.
Please take him into Heaven, Lord.
And keep him there for us.
Just feed him, pet him, love him, Lord,
That's all he'll ask of Thee"
Charlie and Virginia DiltsRidge Manor, FloridaNovember 22, 2019
3/10/2006 - 11/17/2019Joy was a Joy. She was ever so patient and kind when our children were growing up. She never had issues with other dogs and loved to simply greet and meet new friends. She enjoyed being in our family and always seemed happy and content. She camped with us many times and enjoyed hiking with me- being carried in my back pack of course. She was always kind to our kitties. Joy will be missed and I have much gratitude for her having been in our family.Carole GallagherDunedin, FloridaNovember 22, 2019
11/25/2004 - 11/17/2019Penny was the sweetest, most fun loving pet anyone could ask for. There wasn't a person or dog she did not like. She was an avid runner, which was good because she, like all Beagles, was a foodie. The past 15 years with her have been a blessing and this house is empty without her. We miss our sweet girl dearly.Kayla MoodBENSALEM, PennsylvaniaNovember 22, 2019
Cody Aka Codeman, Poopie Boy,, Cody Boy
5/26/2019 - 10/31/2019Cody was the heart of our house for 12 1/2 years and will be missed always. Miss the presents he brought every time we walked in, his nightly "exercise" against his bench, his hot dog dances, his watching dogs from the front window and asking to go out to meet them at the back gate, him sitting on our laps like he was a little baby boy .....and on and on.Amy TaylorPhila, PennsylvaniaNovember 22, 2019