Pet Memorials
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Max Pilny
7/7/2007 - 7/31/2020How do you memorialize an affectionate, loving, smart, gentle giant? My husband and I housesat a beautiful labradoodle named Lenny and said that if we could ever find a dog like that, we would open our home up to him. And, then Max appeared. His beautiful amber eyes could melt you and that's exactly what he did! He was gentle, obedient and mannerly. However, we also found him to be a "Goldilocks" when it came to his bed! Every pillow off every bed and sofa, were thrown on the floor and, oh, how he loved to eat the starfish out of my shell bowls! Each time we left our home, we had to rearrange the stools on the furniture and put my shell bowls on top of the refrigerator. But, Max got past that and soon settled into his big, new comfortable bed that we bought him. Did I say settle? He actually "cathunked" his 110 pound body on to the floor. I personally know. being an attentive "mother" and listening for him to go to bed. Max roamed a lot, watching and guarding. Our little guy, Elvis, misses him terribly, too, and has become very clingy since Max's passing. Our entire household is "raw" right now and we miss his deep bark and head butt greetings at the door. We know that Max is in heaven, roaming the hills, for if God loves whom we love, then Max is there waiting for us. See you on the other side, our beloved boy! We miss you and love you!Linda BrandtSt. Augustine, FloridaAugust 2, 2020
Wally, Bubby Boy
1/1/2011 - 6/29/2020Wally was a Cocker Spaniel mix rescue from Crawford County Humane Society.Debra JohnsonToledo, OhioAugust 2, 2020
8/1/2006 - 7/20/2020Wally P. Hatlen
August 1, 2006 (?) – July 20, 2020

Cuddler, Curmudgeon, Cheese Connoisseur

Nicknames: Walls, Wallace, Walter, Wallington, Nugget, Sweet Boy, Fluffbutt., and more…

It is with broken hearts that we have to share that we said goodbye to our fur baby, Wally. He put up a great fight against his kidney disease but ultimately we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go so that he would not suffer. He was diagnosed as Stage 4 (final stage) of his Chronic Kidney Disease in April so we spent his last three months keeping him comfortable and spoiling him. With the quarantine, we were able to be home with him so we take comfort in having had that quality time.
Jess & Meggie HatlenWatertown, MassachusettsAugust 2, 2020
Mr. Wiggles
7/12/2008Mr. Wiggles was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle dog in the world. He slept right next to me every night from the night I adopted him to his last. Its hard to think of words that would him the justice of honoring him. He kept me alive when I didn't want to continue anymore. He spent his life doing nothing but loving those who needed love and offering his companionship. He was loyal, and smart, and brave. Now that he's gone, I'm left with an empty space in my life, but I'll always live him.Stephanie GuiffreHoffman Estates, IllinoisAugust 1, 2020
6/1/2005 - 7/29/2020We will miss our sweet Cookie Monster, our honey badger, my wonderful burrito. We will never forget your sweet triangle head and pretty face. We love you always, Cookie!Jean SundlofApple Valley, MinnesotaAugust 1, 2020
1/10/2008 - 7/31/2020I love and miss you more than humanly possible Charles. You were there for me when I thought I couldn’t go on. You gave me so much life and happiness. My heart is in a million pieces and I know I will never fully recover. You were my soulmate. I hope you are finally getting to meet my mom in heaven and that you two are growing the strongest most beautiful eternal bond. I love you Charles.Kaitlyn StanleyRonkonkoma, New YorkAugust 1, 2020
Preciosa (precious)
4/12/2004 - 7/28/2020Preciosa was a sweet, loving dog. Her whole life was devoted to her family, dog and people. Old age betrayed her, but she never gave up her spirit. She showed us how important it is to love others and to get the most out of every day. We miss her bright shining eyes and her caring face. However, what she gave us in her sixteen years will remain, our sweet baby girl.Diane PeraltaWest Chester, PennsylvaniaAugust 1, 2020
10/15/2003 - 7/27/2020You will always be in my heart. You were my best friend and have been there with me through life’s most difficult challenges. I will never be able to thank God enough for teaching and showing me what unconditional love means. I will never forget all the moments you made me smile and laugh. The times when I wanted to hug you and kiss you so much I thought I would suffocate you. You were the most loving, playing, gentle cat I’ve ever known. You would rather have spend your time with me than with any other family member. I will share pictures of you to everyone I know and tell people how amazing you were. Just know this is the worst pain of my life and loving each day without you is unbearable.Jill PorteraBristol, ConnecticutAugust 1, 2020
7/1/2020 - 7/4/2020Our baby Moku, 15 years just wasn't enough. We miss you!Erik BaldridgeEdmonds, WashingtonAugust 1, 2020
Allie Sullivan
12/30/2004 - 7/20/2020Our sweet Baby Girl, our Allie Bear. It’s been 11 days since you left this world and ours hearts are shattered. You were such a force in our lives that we grieved your loss before you even left us, just knowing that our lives would never be the same. The moment your heart stopped beating the world became dimmer, less joyful, empty feeling. You were such an amazing little girl and we are so very thankful that God honored me with being your mama for 15 ½ years. From the day we met, you’ve brought laughter, joy and light into our lives. You were so special, we had a humanlike connection – something we never had with any other family dogs. You teased like a person would tease, you smiled full-on goofy and silly with your teeth, you kissed with your lips like a person and you loved nothing more than just being one of the girls. We will miss our girl sitting on the stairs with us at the lake watching the ducks, we will miss feeding you tiny bites of gummy bears, Twizzlers and popcorn on movie nights. You snorted when you smiled – it was precious and adorable and will be so badly missed. You were such a goober with how you would fling your squeaky toys, almost like they were filled with lava and you couldn’t touch them for more than a brief second. We will miss the games we would play… we could just make up a game and you’d catch on right away and play back, making us laugh until we cried. Oh, how you loved watermelon and you ate pears like a person. We will miss that long nose that you used like a finger to poke us when you wanted something or to push things away when you didn’t want something. You had a better wardrobe than any of us did and you wore them so cute… you in your little dresses or hoodies and how you would walk around the room until everyone said how pretty you looked in them. We will miss your very loud bark which is why you were our ‘Yorkietriever'. Oh, how we will miss your beautiful face and those big brown eyes that took life in with such passion. But most of all we will miss your sweet and loving spirit and how you filled up a room and owned it. There were no strangers in your little world, everyone was your friend and we know you are now in heaven running beautifully and giving everyone you meet snorty smiles and kisses and making new friends. I am envious of all of them and how lucky they are! We look forward to the day when we can once again see you and kiss you. We love you with everything we are and our hearts are broken with your loss. But we will see our sweet baby girl again someday in heaven.Vicki SullivanGrapevine, TexasAugust 1, 2020