Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/14/2007 - 3/14/2013Dear Olive,

I'm sitting in our chair. The house is quiet. Where are you?

I sit crossed legged, but if you were here I'd lay them out so you could jump up. Purring, you always found me in this spot. I look for you today.

My heart aches. Just yesterday we had you with us.
We knew the time had come to say goodbye. You were so sick.
We did not want to lay you to rest. 5 years was not long enough.

I sit here in our spot to honor your life. You were particular. You liked to appear when the world around you became still. You found your dad's lap or mine. You purred with delight and we felt your warmth. You brought us joy and curbed our feelings of loneliness. You were perfectly content to sit on our laps for as long as we would allow.

We THANK YOU for this time. We THANK YOU for sharing your love with us.

If we could have you for one more day; all we would ask for is this affection you so freely gave. We know we will not have another cat like you. We do believe we will share our love with another cat when the time comes. The gospel reading on the day you left us talked of Moses. I believe I will ask your Dad if we have a boy cat that we call him Moses to honor God who gave you to us.

We regret Luke could not grow up with you and will remind him of his love and curiosity toward you at such a young age. I believe you would have grown fond of him once he stopped wacking you.

Olive - our hearts hurt knowing you can not return to us. It's hard to describe the ache which replaced the joy now that you are gone. Please know how much we love you and miss your presence. THANK YOU for spending your short life with us. It was us who were the lucky ones!

Love ~ Your family
Anne, Matt and Luke SchwartzOrlando, FloridaMarch 15, 2013
3/1/2013Thank you, Pepper, for giving us so much joy for 13 years. We miss you more than words can express.Holly EdwardsBoca Raton, FloridaMarch 14, 2013
2/14/2013 - 3/11/2013Today, Sweet Dassie crossed over the rainbow bridge to be reunited with Brent. She lived a long life and was loved by so many. Dassie could always be counted on to greet people at the door with a toy in her mouth. She would walk around with it squeak squeak squeaking away. She was a good girl and she was a great trainer. Brent and I used to call her "the Enforcer". She helped train every foster dog we ever had.

When she was younger, Dassie was an athlete. She could jump and catch frisbees. She could climb trees to chase after squirrels. In fact, she taught Quinn how to climb trees. (For the record, dogs really should not climb trees) As the years have passed, the frisbee was set aside and the walks were not always as long, but Dassie still loved her walks. She went to Point Isabel almost every day with Brent when he was alive. It was their special place. I am glad that she was able to continue to go there a few days a week. Her dog walker, Maureen, said she had a blast the last time she went, just two weeks ago.

Dassie was Brent's heart dog, his faithful companion. When he found out that he will so ill he asked only one thing of me, "Take care of Dassie". I promised him that I would. I am proud to say that I kept that promise....Well dearest, she is all yours now. Take care of her!

Safe journey sweet D. I will catch you on the flip side.
xoxo, mom
Noelle SeusyAlameda, CaliforniaMarch 12, 2013
3/5/2013A client showed me this kitten named Marilyn and the next thing I knew she was on her way to her new home. Cat owners know it is rare to have a cat that treats you as an equal. She was one. Almost without fail for eleven years she knew the moment the kitchen light went out and the TV turned off it was time to lead the way to the bedroom for her nightly petting.

I now have to set my alarm clock because she no longer taps me on the head at exactly 6:30 am to wake me for her food. Her cat friend Araess always waited in the background as Marilyn attended to her morning ritual.
Glenn HansonProspect Heights, IllinoisMarch 9, 2013
4/1/1999 - 3/4/2013Sweet Juliette...words cannot express how much I will miss her. My heart is broken to have had to make the choice to say goodbye yet I feel so blessed to have been able to spend almost 14 years loving and being loved by my sweet girl. There will never be a more precious companion...Juju - you were THE BEST girl...We love you so much! Thank you for loving us so unconditionally and for bringing so much joy to us for so many years.Juliette HallWake Forest, North CarolinaMarch 8, 2013
9/10/1997 - 3/1/2013Thank you Buddy for being such a Wonderful Companion to me and my son for 15-1/2 years. We will always LOVE YOU and MISS YOU GREATLY!! XOXOXOSabrina MWylie, TexasMarch 4, 2013
5/1/2000 - 3/2/2013Max and our son, now 22, grew up together. And over the years, Max really became a guardian for him. Max was there for so many transitions - graduations, birthdays, difficult days and numerous celebrations. I want to thank our dear Max for taking such good care of our boy - for being a constant source of love and devotion. The house is quiet where his presence once was, although I heard him throughout the night, echoes in my dreams. Love to you dear Max - thank you for the love you shared so generously.Debra IsraelOakland, CaliforniaMarch 3, 2013
6/30/2001 - 3/1/2013Sonny was part of my heart. He passed away last Friday. Every corner of this house I see your hair and daddy just starts tearing up. Almost 14 years we were together. You were a big part of this family - one day we will hunt together again. When You came to this family 14 years ago I never thought you would mean so much to us. I am sorry that not all this family got to say goodbye to you, but know that they loved you and will miss you as much as i do.Bradley WisdomValmeyer, IllinoisMarch 3, 2013
2/26/2013With the help of Dr. Woodruff from Lap of Love, Katie Belle left her pain and suffering behind on Tuesday. With a heavy heart, I logged on to AOL yesterday. Now, AOL has a long-in screen with some crazy images. My heart lept with joy, because there, on the screen, was a picture of a tuxedo cat who looked just like KatieBelle, leaping and flying up across that screen. She was letting me know she was happy and free. I know she and Max and Boo will be waiting for me in heaven.Terry BilheimerSaint Louis, MissouriFebruary 27, 2013
3/25/1997 - 2/25/2013Today my precious Courtney went to heaven. Besides my husband David I have never loved anyone more. You were my best friend and made me feel loved when David went to heaven, I can explain the hole that is in my heart. May god welcome you with as much love as you showed us over the 16 years you were with me.

I love you baby girl

Penny BuchMcHenry, IllinoisFebruary 26, 2013