Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/8/2006 - 10/1/2020Miss Gigi, Miss Gigi you're my girl
Miss Gigi, Miss Gigi with the gorgeous curls
Miss Gigi, Miss Gigi so spunky and sweet
Forever my girl you'll be...
Melissa WebbBrandon, FloridaOctober 15, 2020
Mister Shivers
5/4/2004 - 10/12/2020On the morning of Monday, October Twelfth, 2020, this very special little sir passed softly into the void. Mister Shivers was the most handsome cat I've ever known, as well as a completely unique soul, and a true friend. His majesty was so striking that people often stopped in their tracks the moment they walked into a room and saw him, just to stare in shock at what a beautiful animal he was. But his beauty was more than just surface level. He was a kindred spirit to me. He frequently seemed to suffer from the same anxiety and depression that I did, and this allowed us to have an understanding; a bond, where we were there for each other and provided support for one another. Any time either of us were sad or upset, he would hop up beside me and just flop over against me, then as we both closed our eyes listening to him purr, we would both feel a little better. He could be cranky and grumpy sometimes, he hated all other cats, and sometimes he decided to passive-aggressively pee on things... but I wouldn't have traded it for anything, because his friendship was worth it. His enthusiasm for snacks, snuggles, and rolling around on paper or cardboard helped to remind me to enjoy the simple things in life, and I will forever remember what a good friend he was. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to know him and will always be thankful that I had the opportunity to spend fifteen years spoiling him.Brett SaltzerLawrenceville, GeorgiaOctober 15, 2020
5/9/2008 - 10/14/2020Kurt and I our hearts are completely broken today.. we had to let our sweet loving Buffy of 12 amazing years go up to heaven and be an angel.. it broke our hearts but it was her time.. over the 12 years she definitely was the best dog anyone could asked for. she sure spoiled us and we gave her the best life we could.. she was so energetic and loving and she really enjoyed her butt being scratched. She was truly the best..she was our baby and now our hearts are empty without her.. 💔💔😭😭
We wanna thank Lap of Love Dr. Sara for coming into our home and letting Buffy be with us in her final hours..
she will be truly missed 💔💔 We love you Buffy 💕😘
Trisha ElinskiLa salle, MichiganOctober 15, 2020
1/20/2008 - 10/13/2020My dear were so much more than a pet to us, and especially to me. You came into our lives at the exact moment I knew I needed you. You loved everyone you met and even those who were not fans of little dogs fell in love with you. I will never forget the love you gave me, no matter the circumstance you always knew when Mommy needed loving. You will always be with us....and your memory is safe in our hearts. Be free to chase all the balls now sweet girl....Lori MiletoDowningtown, PennsylvaniaOctober 15, 2020
1/19/2013 - 7/22/2020You were always the bright spot in my day. You brought so much joy into our family's life and are truly missed. I love you and miss you.Patricia SheridanFreehold, New JerseyOctober 15, 2020
Keyo And Maple
10/6/2020This was a very, very sad day for our entire family, far and wide. We made the best decision for our pets, albeit heart wrenching. We said goodbye to our dogs in our backyard, together, respecting both of their differing health struggles and terminal diagnoses. It made all the difference to be in our own environment, surrounded in love and a place they always found peace and adventure. Dr Cath was respectful, kind and professional, giving us our space and time to send them off, as "all dogs go to heaven". Our Keyo and Maple were pals in life, and now forever out of pain and suffering. Lap of Love is in invaluable service for those of us who find home a place they can say goodbye and abide by the necessity of covid-19 precautions.Marita & Michael LudgatePalm Harbor, FloridaOctober 14, 2020
4/2/2003 - 10/10/2020Smuckers was an amazing gift and survivor. She use to sit on the peak of my roof... she was almost 20lbs and a fluffy Maine Coon mix... so she looked huge. People would stop and knock on the door to tell me there was a raccoon on the roof... that was just Smuckers.
She got attacked and nearly killed by a dog... but she was so tough she survived and fully recovered.
Thomas StevensDenver, ColoradoOctober 14, 2020
7/9/2007 - 10/9/2020Oh King Lazlo. You were the dog of dogs while you walked this earth. You will still be the dog of dogs now that your spirit soars free. You were the majestic Golden Wolf. Your presence was a gift on many a moonlit night in the neighborhood, walking all over Hbg and Philly, wandering the woods, and just being at home. You spent much of your youth leashless and roaming free. I can still see you leaping from creek banks over and onto fallen trees. I see you perched on your stoop or fire escape. I can see you charging at the waves. I can hear you playing with the Punk at the top of the steps or in the upstairs bedroom. I can see you running alongside the frozen river. Winter was your time to shine. I can still hear you grooming the Bear. I look at your empty bed now and recall all the days I rushed home to check on you. I can feel your fur in between my fingers. I can feel you licking my feet when it was time to wake up. I can see you licking the table begging for food. I'll miss sharing meals with you, my begging boy. The house is so quiet now without all your fans to keep you cool. I could have never imagined how empty it and I would feel without you. We shared so many adventures over the last thirteen years. Our bond together was and still is sacred. I look for you every night in my dreams and hope that one day I can see your spirit guiding and guarding us again. El brujo me dice que siempre se quede conmigo. The little one always said you were my daemon, too. We miss you my Shazza Baz. Thank you for being you, for being my friend, my guide, my protector. I love you my Baby Boy.Joshua BayonaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaOctober 14, 2020
Frank (frankie) Q
5/24/2020 - 10/7/2020Our baby Frank. The littlest Boston you ever did see. He was truly the most interesting dog in the world. Played soccer like a pro. Always waited for me in the driveway. Hasn’t had to wear a leash, really ever. (Was even caught sneaking back into our house after a gate was left open.) Could barely gain enough weight to look anything older than a puppy before the cancer began. I spent 8+ years cooking him dinner every night because unlike any dog in the world, he really hated all foods outside of boiled chicken thighs and these special dog cookies with sprinkles & icing. He traveled to all three coasts with Carmel, CA being his favorite. He flew private with my dad more than most executives will in their lifetime. He loved his human sister and brother deeply. And never left their side. When we thought we were losing him 6 weeks ago, my 4 yo daughter, Dottie, and I ran off to the beach with him for one last adventure. I know the salt air kept him going a little longer. And on the eve of my 37th bday, cancer and 2020 won. We will never be without you in our hearts, Frankie.Becca QuisenberryFort Worth, TexasOctober 14, 2020
5/15/2004 - 9/26/2020Jasper,
I don't even know where to begin as these tears of joyous memories and the pain of your loss well my eyes. You were such a happy, "voice-torus", loving, hungry, soft, playful "little" blueish grey purr machine. I miss your furry face popping around the corners of our home to greet Linsay and I when you got up and about or when we came home. I will always cherish the time we had together laughing and singing songs while you were my shadow. You were always ready to cuddle if anyone was upset. You were so gentle never scratching or biting anyone EVER (does not include playtime wounds;). Always greeting our guests with a smile and just the right amount of "pet me." I could never have imagined what a wonderful joy you would consistently be for our time together. Quarantine was a blessing if only for the three of us getting to spend so much time together, I'm glad you allowed us around for such extended periods of time ("Doesn't you has somewheres to work to go?"-Jasper)
We have all kinds of nice greenery on your "Catio" (Patio) where we spent sooo many days and evenings enjoying nature together. I wish you were here to make half hearted attempts to eat the plants so I would get up and shoo you away.
I know you know how hard it was to say goodbye, I promised you I would always love you and care for you and do my best to keep you from pain or suffering and I sure hope I did you proud my little guy. I know we will meet again. I know it.
We all LOVE and MISS you so much Jas"purrrrRRrrrrrrRRrrr". We played Harry Nilsson "Perfect Day" as you passed, our end of day relaxing song. Meow the Jewels my little Jewel Runner.
Brad RamboWestland, MichiganOctober 13, 2020