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10/21/2020 - 10/29/2020R.I.P. Daisy!
We said goodbye to our sweet Daisy today. Her kidney’s were failing and she could no longer keep up. She carries a great legacy with her to the Rainbow Bridge. She only lived half a dog life (8 years) but she lived twice as hard. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. She was a great rat and rabbit killer. She said hello or put everyone who walked the path behind us in their place. She tolerated bubble baths with her brothers, sat in a chair at the table like a human, rode in the car in the front seat, snuggled with her toys when she slept, always had her tongue sticking out and snuggled on my lap with me while we watched tv. We will miss her greeting us at the door when we walk in. Baby girl my heart is full and the bicycle was built for me and you.
Your spirit will forever be working magical good things. Knowing that will help ease our pain.
Sonya CritesSmithville, MissouriOctober 31, 2020
Lucy April
11/14/2020 - 9/29/2020Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those loved. Where there is deep grief. There was great love. We think of you everyday. Thank you for being part of our family and making us better human beings. Until we meet again sweet girl.Colleen CannatelliHowell, New JerseyOctober 30, 2020
10/5/2020We were so lucky the day we first saw you at our local animal shelter in Woodbridge, Virginia. With your chin pressed hard against the bare pavement of the “cell” you occupied, you gave us a forlorn look that melted our hearts. We learned that you were a stray, and we named you Virginia, Ginny for short. Your breed has always been a guessing game—definitely lots of border collie and some spaniel judging by your long, feathery ears, but people have suggested other mixes, including Labrador retriever based on your glossy fur and Australian Shepherd. You definitely showed herding and hunting instincts, but you never cared much about running after a ball.

Whenever we walked you off leash on the trail along the Occoquan Reservoir, there was a chance you would dash off after a deer you scented before any of us saw it. You usually came back wet after cooling off in the water. There was also the time you chased a fox down the embankment, and the two of you circled each other in the river with fangs bared. With incredible quickness, you grabbed the unfortunate fox by the neck. Another river adventure occurred in the winter, when the water was iced over. I didn’t expect you to cross it, but again the call of the wild—a fox you spotted on the other side—was at work. Fortunately, after you fell through a thin part of the ice near the opposite embankment, you scrambled out of the water and eventually crossed back over.

Your amazing sense of smell was also evident in a different kind of pursuit. Sometimes I thought when you sprinted up the hill from the trail that you were hot on the heels of a squirrel or a fox. But when I caught up with you, I found you chomping on a stale piece of bread in someone’s backyard. How you smelled that from 200 feet away just astounded me. That’s a skill that must have helped you survive your days as a stray.

You loved to go fishing. Whenever you heard the zinging of the drag, you knew there was a fish on the line. You couldn’t wait to jump on top of the fish, and I always had to try to hold you off.

With a treat, you could learn anything. At a group training session at Pet Smart, you were so focused and attentive that you easily responded to the sit and the come commands. The trainer called you the valedictorian of the class. He even joked he could teach you the moonwalk. We eventually taught you to roll over on command, to crawl, to give us one paw and then the other, to play dead. At the playground, I taught you to jump over the swing seats and to go down the slides. At the soccer field, I gave the command to stay at one goal line while I walked the one hundred yards or so to the other goal line. Then I gave the come command and you dashed the length of the field in about ten seconds.

You were a loving dog but very selective about who was allowed to pet you. You showed no interest in being petted by nonfamily members, but were very happy to receive a treat from anyone. Typically, whenever we stopped to talk to other dog walkers, you sat still at attention in expectation of receiving a treat—either from us or from the other dog’s master.

You were very healthy and hardy through your life, until about age 15. That’s when we started doing a year-long video project while walking you along the trail. You were walking slowly by then and were content to wait patiently while we angled for perfect shots of the flora and fauna in every season. Even then, you alerted us to the presence of wildlife invisible to us, but unmistakable to your nose. Your pace picked up and we could tell you were on high-alert. You were the reason we got great photos of a stock-still groundhog, a grazing deer, and a fox peeking out from hiding. We rewarded you with handfuls of wild blackberries growing along the way.

It was so sad to see you lose your hind-leg strength to the point where you couldn’t get up by yourself. There were still days where after helping you stand up you could slowly walk around by the side of the house on relatively flat ground and spend some time enjoying the nice summer and fall weather. But when you couldn’t even do that, we knew it was time to let you go. Until near the end, you sometimes growled and barked in your sleep while your legs jerked around. We supposed you were excitedly dreaming about chasing deer or cats—just as in the good times. Now that you’re gone, dear Ginny, we find solace in imagining your spirit is once again enjoying the thrill of the chase.
Frank MillikanWoodbridge, VirginiaOctober 30, 2020
9/1/2010 - 10/29/2020Leo you were a crazy cat when we first got you and not knowing you first couple years we knew we had to gain your trust. You ended up becoming the sweetest cat and you were always right around the corner check everyone out from a safe distance. I think the past few years would have been your favorite. You got to become friends with your sister Calli seeing her grow as a puppy and you and Lucy got the grow old as kitties together, and we know they both miss you. You brought so much joy to us and now you can be with your brother Louie chewing on catnip rainbows and chasing each other around. I know you couldn't hear us the past couple years but we always knew when you were looking for us. We will miss those winter evening with
cocktails by the fire watching you lay there sleeping on the hearth. We love you and miss you Mr. Lee and you were such a great cat and had a personality that no one can match.
John / David Stonemetz / MileyYork, PennsylvaniaOctober 30, 2020
12/23/2007 - 9/12/2020I had 12.5 years of joy and silliness with Kayak. She was her silly happy self until the very end. A week before she died she was playing in the pond and rolling and snorting in the grass. I love that despite her kidney disease, she was still so full of life! And when the vet got to my house she trotted out to greet her like a little puppy! Kayak was the best hiking and backpacking buddy--she was an outdoorsy girl for sure! I miss her so much but have so much gratitude for the life that I had with her.Leesburg, VirginiaOctober 30, 2020
5/2/2005 - 10/26/2020To our beloved Cocoa,
You were the bestest friend to us all. Everyday you brought a smile to all of our faces, we loved every moment with you and cherish those memories deep in our hearts. You will forever be in our hearts and not a day passes by that we won’t miss you. We know you are in Heaven right now running around and having the time of your life and that is all we ever wanted for you. We love you so much, you will always be our little princess. Thank you for all the love and memories you have given us.
Steve, Angie, and Sage FarrellPembroke Pines, FloridaOctober 30, 2020
Oscar B. Simon
10/31/2005 - 10/28/2020Oscar's gentle and caring soul touched everyone’s hearts. Oscar's big brother was a wonderful special and spectacular boy, named Haywoode B. Simon. Oscar revered his brother, and was heartbroken when Haywoode went to heaven in October, 2014. While he grieved with us, he, at the same time consoled us and helped us recover from a devastating loss. Oscar was the definition of selflessness, love, and generosity. Oscar even happily put up with his sometimes bossy little love-bug sister, Gabby, who joined our family in 2015. Gabby is grieving with us now and helping us through this terrible time. There is no doubt that we have been blessed with very special and compassionate friends.

In the spring and summer, Oscar loved to take long walks on the beach, and scour the sidewalks for scraps of hamburgers, french fries, popcorn and pizza as we walked past the local shops. In the fall, he'd love to walk on walking trails near our house, and in the winter he loved to play in the snow and then curl up in his bed near the fireplace. And, no matter the season, Oscar loved us and we loved him. And like you'd expect, the love was always pure and unconditional.

It was an honor to have had Oscar in our family for almost 15 years, and he'll always be in our hearts.

Rest in peace dear friend.
Mike SimonPotomac, MarylandOctober 30, 2020
8/26/2005 - 10/28/2020During Buddy's later years he would awaken us with a bellowing bark to tell us it was time to get up, take him on a walk, and most importantly feed him breakfast. One of my favorite memories of Buddy was in the first few months of rescuing him. My alarm went off as usual but I was reluctant to get out of bed just yet. Buddy got on the bed, and then maneuvered to the top of my pillow. He was positioned so that he was sitting on top of my forehead. I had flashbacks to scenes of Snoopy on top of Charlie Brown's head. I looked up at these deep brown eyes staring down at me over a giant smile and asked, "Do you want something?"
Buddy leaned down and gave me one single big wet kiss. I knew then it was time to get up.
Rob Teck Amos ChanLos Angeles, CaliforniaOctober 30, 2020
Zoe Pippy- Mae Dodson
6/13/2007 - 10/28/2020Dear Zoe, We miss you every minute of all the days. You were our sweet, loving, amazing fur baby and our family is grateful for all the love you gave us. We know you are somewhere getting lots of chicken and carrot snacks and running circles in the grass. We all love you.Kara DodsonSwarthmore, PennsylvaniaOctober 29, 2020
1/31/2006 - 10/25/2020One of my favorite memories of our dear Luna was when was younger she accidentally wrapped around our fire pit that was in storage. She scared herself and started running around the parking lot, dragging the whole thing with her. She was the sweetest dog you’d ever meet. Truly unforgettable personality and love. We love you forever Luna.Kristin CruzSouthington, ConnecticutOctober 29, 2020
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