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Belle Noche
11/27/2006 - 3/27/2020Letter to My Family,

My Dear Family,

Today I am as I was meant to be: young, energetic, full of life, and able to explore everything around me. My legs work perfectly, there is no more pain, and I can run, jump, and play with all my friends. Most of all, there is no regret, no aging, and no confusion.

I ask that you not grieve for the loss of what we shared but rejoice in the fact that we lived and loved each other with unconditional adoration. One touch or kiss from you, one pat on the head, one favorite treat, was all that was needed for a lifetime of unwavering commitment from me to love you and cherish you until my time had come. I am grateful and thankful that our lives merged and we were able to share such special moments together.

I will await your arrival as we are always meant to be together. Please do not hold onto the love that you shared with me, but share it with another so that I may live on forever in your heart. Remember, to have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all.

With Unconditional Love,

Your Angel (Bella)

Written by Dr. Dani McVety
Jordan JesmerTampa, FloridaMarch 29, 2020
8/5/2007 - 3/22/2020My favorite memory of my boy is always when the sun was shining and he was running happily, sometimes towards me, in a park. Hair flying, tongue flopping, all 6 lbs of him bouncing across in joy. His life was joy, he was pure love and joy. I will miss him every day.

Kingston Nick names: Jamaica, Baby, King Kong, Little Foot, Happy Feet.

Kingston liked: Feta cheese, hiking, any person at all, his sister, his brother, his papa, his mema, FROGS, twirling, snow (for about the first week), taking pictures, chatting sociably, running under your foot when you were cooking, babies, cutting his own nails, following his sister wherever she went, asking his dad for chest rubs, his best friend long deceased Peppy, and being on watch in the window on top of the couch.

Kingston hated: Vets, cats.
Audrianna OliveiraMalden, MassachusettsMarch 29, 2020
6/18/2020 - 3/24/2020This is in loving memory of my Sammy. I miss him so much..he was always right beside me...waiting faithfully at the door when i came home from work. He was a typical needy little dachshund...always needing my attention...he always came first!!! If I was on the phone he needed to go out...if I was eating he needed his food first. He was very much my protector not scared of anything bigger then he was. I always felt so safe with him here. He gave me kisses right up to the end...God bless you Sammy..I pray you are running to move like when you were younger and now free of pain. it was the hardest decision ever to let you go..the house is so empty and lonely without you here to talk to and take care of. I love you so very much Sam...may you rest in peace till I see you again.patty heckelleola, PennsylvaniaMarch 28, 2020
7/21/2012 - 3/27/2020Dear Leo,
Thank you for inspiring me and thank you for your friendship. You are the perfect example of kindness and love even when your own heart was broken when our Max left us. Thank you for the many joyous and laughter filled days from being you. I will miss you always. Your were a dearest friend to me. ♥️♥️♥️
Marion MoonPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 28, 2020
7/10/2006 - 3/21/2020Reggie was the most wonderful sausage beast ever. The best “good boy.” He was our protector, but the worst he would ever do is slobber on someone. He brought many years of laughter into our lives. He will be missed forever. May he have the greenest grass and all the energy to roll in it all day long.Nikki HoffmanRiverside, CaliforniaMarch 28, 2020
3/27/2020We said a peaceful goodbye to beautiful Lacy today. She had a tummy full of treats and was able to nap in the sun in her yard at home. She's been Renah's beloved companion for a remarkable 16 years! Since a small puppy! Lacy has been by her side through many changes, children and grandchildren growing, and countless number of walks. The park with a happy place for Lacy as she loved walking there to visit with her other four-legged friends on the grass. In younger years she loved her ball and even recently loved walking on the beach and going anywhere with her mom. Lacy was content to be right at Renah's side wherever she was, and Renah did an extra-ordinary great job to make sure she was comfortable and loved. Lacy was so sweet and loved everyone. She lived in the moment and was easy-going and a good girl who was happy to please. She made so many memories and touched so many others people and pets. Her memory will forever be a blessing and a comfort. Rest easy Lacy girl, until we meet again one day you are still loved!Renah BenariSolana Beach, CaliforniaMarch 28, 2020
12/5/2004 - 3/26/2020You will always be in our hearts!!!Ann RodriguezTRINITY, FloridaMarch 27, 2020
6/23/2005 - 3/26/2020Our sweet maddi girl, I miss you so much already. I miss hearing you walking around the house and even your loud snoring. You were always by my side, my little shadow. When I was feeling down you always knew and would sit right next to me. The girls keep asking where their maddi is. I hope you're running free and your legs aren't holding you back anymore ❤Christine GreenRolling Meadows, IllinoisMarch 27, 2020
5/1/2009 - 3/26/2020We found Freddy by looking through Petfinder I believe. He was just the cutest boy that we'd ever seen. He was in Harrodsburg at the Animal Shelter. Rat Terrier through and through. We made the trip from Lexington to go visit him. He was literally the doggy in the window.He was crated in their front window but we missed him as we passed. As soon as they took him out he jumped in Cristy arms. That was it. He was sweet and so full of love. Freddy didn't much like other people or dogs. He just loves his close family. One day he started having seizures so the Jessamine Animal Hospital diagnosed him with Epilepsy. He was on phenobarbital for many years. This changed his demeanor a bit but not much. It eventually reduced them to once every several months. Freddy had a love for his people like we've never felt before. We've both had many dogs in our life from childhood to present but never one like him. When I was diagnosed with with a cardio related syncope problem I started passing out several times weekly for a few years. When I came to Freddy was always there right beside me licking my face. That's one of the many times that he came to our rescue. He loves kisses on the head and cuddling more than anything .. well maybe playing fetch at Grandma and Grandpa's at the lake. He was just a lover and had to be close to us at all times. His favorite person in the planet was his mama. He followed her around constantly and watched when she left until she came back. A couple of months ago after many many visits to 3 vets he was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. In that amount of time it has attacked his liver and done irreversible damage. Freddy spent many night in the hospital receiving fluids and treatment. It worked up until this last trip. His kidneys just couldn't handle any more. We had to the make the impossibly difficulty decision to let him go. With all that is going on with Covid-19 all that the vets could offer was for us to drop him off and leave. We could not and would not do that. We contacted Kendra at Laps of Love. She went through all the proper channels and came to our home only a few hours after the call. She was so nice and professional. We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful and warm end. This is will hurt always. He was a special soul. Thank you Kendra for making it as easy as it could have been. We love you Freddy! Sincerely, Chad and CristyChad and Cristy GravittLexington, KentuckyMarch 27, 2020
1/15/2007 - 3/22/2020On Sunday, March 22nd, we said goodbye to our beloved bulldog, Bode. He had defied every odd thrown his way and lived to the very precious age of 13.

We got to spend 10 of those with him.

Selfishly, it was not nearly enough.

Our little gray faced man left this world in as much comfort as we could provide. Laying in his favorite spot, surrounded by most of his favorite people. Snoring away.

He was a giant personality in life. And in death, he has altered our family unit for ever.
Dawn BiningerGroveport, OhioMarch 27, 2020
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