Pet Memorials
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1/1/2006 - 10/27/2019It's so hard to believe that she is really gone. When my husband and I adopted Pip in 2009, we had no idea what we were in for. She was my first cat, and taught me everything I know about cats, both good and bad. She was playful, neurotic, and loving. She hated other cats, but was friendly to any person who came to our home to visit.

It's so quiet in our house now, even with our 2 other cats here. I miss her so much, and my heart is broken. I'm glad that she's no longer suffering, though.
Christine EichelbergerNorristown, PennsylvaniaOctober 29, 2019
1/1/2005 - 10/26/2019Feeling desolate – Pilgrim is gone. My loving, quirky, beloved kitty-companion of 13 years is dead. And I am devastated and lost.

Who will greet me at the door every time I come home? Who will point out the cricket that has gotten in the house, and then look peeved when I take it away from her so she won’t eat it? Who will poke Kriss in the side like a 2-year-old tugging on its mother’s skirts, demanding attention? Who will troll the kitchen and get under my feet each time I go in there, begging for wet food? Who will creeeeekkk open my closet door in the middle of the night so she can sleep on (and shed on) my clothes? Who will bug me (read: keep me company) in the bathroom, each and every time I go in there? Who will make Kriss crazy by lying on her briefcase, suitcase, backpack, clothes, or anything else that she could get to? Who will I leave the bedroom door cracked open for at night, so she could come and go at ‘Kitty’s Will’?

Who will sit beside me and try to beam “Feed me” thoughts into my brain? Who will sharpen her (phantom) claws on our shoes and boots? Who will try her utmost to explore each and every closet and cabinet that was usually closed? Who will cuddle onto my lap to get warm? Who will pout and pretend to ignore me when I come home after being away for a few days? Who will knead Kriss’ stomach and sneeze on her? Who will sometimes grant me the honor of falling asleep on my head at night when I am in bed? Who will roll on her plate of catnip and act silly? Who will trust me unconditionally, even when I have to pill her every night? Who will put on her Annoyed Frown when I kiss her head repeatedly?

Who will rub against my legs and feet when I’ve just gotten out of the shower (and therefore don’t smell enough like her)? Who will look guilty when caught on the kitchen table when she knew it was a no-no? Who will annoy Kriss by taking the warmest blanket in the house for hers? Who will wander around the house meowing to who-knows-what after we would go to bed sometimes? Who will gripe when I brush her? Who will shed on my clothes, so that I always carried a piece of her wherever I went. Who will share the ‘woobie’ (our ancient much-loved quilt) whenever Kriss sits and reads in her recliner? Who will lie on my pillows because she was a typical cat ‘comfort-hog’? Who will be the third one in our ‘group hugs’? Who will greet us with silent-meows? Who will be there for me every time I am afraid or lonely or sad or silly or any other human emotion? Who will constantly be on the edge of my consciousness every day?
Sweet girl, I will miss you more than you could ever know.
Columbus, OhioOctober 29, 2019
9/2/2007 - 10/26/2019My best friend. I’ll never be grateful for nought for you . You have always been there for me. I never felt alone because of you. You always knew how to make me feel better. I’ll never forget our crazy adventures.Kim RamosSan Diego, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2019
6/29/2005 - 10/14/2019Dear Meeko,
We miss you and your brothers and sister: Coco, Dusty, Simba and Bella so much. Everyday I think of you all. I miss your energy. You were diagnosed with Cushing disease and had two deteriorating disks on your back. You were always in pain. Oct 14 was the hardest day ever and the decision to let you and your four siblings go was the hardest decision ever to make. I no longer wanted to see you suffering and uncomfortable. We miss the barking and excitement you showed especially at dinner time. We called you our ADHD dog cause you were so hyper. I know you are at peace and happy. We love you Meeko. Run and run and know that we cherish the memories you gave us. ❤️❤️❤️

Your mama and daddy
Olivia RiveraPerris, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2019
3/15/2004 - 10/14/2019Dear Simba we miss you and your brothers and sister: Coco, Meeko, Dusty and Bella with all our hearts. I miss my couch buddy. Your were diagnosed with degenerated Myelopathy two years ago. Both your back legs were starting to paralyze. You had become inconsistent with urinating. We love you little guy. You were my baby cakes. The house is so lonely and quiet without you and your siblings. Oct 14 was the hardest and saddest day ever. I know you are peaceful and whole. Iam sure you are running and running with all four legs, no funny runs or legs giving out. We miss you buddy so much. Love you little guy.❤️❤️❤️

Your mama and daddy
Olivia RiveraPerris, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2019
3/29/2006 - 10/14/2019Dear Dusty we miss you and your brothers and sister: Coco, Meeko, Simba and Bella so much. October 14 was the hardest day of our lives. You were diagnosed two years ago with auto immune disease and just recently with an enlarged heart. The auto immune disease attacked your joint in your right back leg and it made you limp and in constant pain. It also attacked your skin giving you tiny sores on your head. You went through a lot buddy for being such a small guy. We miss you in the kitchen. You were always waiting for something to drop on the floor. We had you for 13 years and will always cherish the wonderful memories you gave us. You had such a gentle personality. We love you Dusty.❤️❤️❤️ Forever in our hearts 💕

Your human mama and daddy
Olivia RiveraPerris, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2019
6/4/2003 - 10/14/2019Dear Coco we miss you and your brothers and sister: Dusty, Meeko, Simba and Bella. everyday. You were with us for 16 years. The longest doggie we ever had. You were still going, but we knew you were tired, exhausted and could tell the arthritis and dementia was getting the best of you. Your eyes told me everyday you were tired and was ready to rest forever. You were the alpha of the pack and kept your brothers and sister in check. As you got older and reached 16 years old, your fight was no longer there. Although your vet said your organs were like a six year old dog, mentally and physically you were tired.
We love and miss you so much. I miss your snoring at night. Rest now and forever run over the Rainbow Bridge.❤️❤️❤️

Your fur mama and daddy
Olivia RiveraPerris, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2019
10/10/2006 - 10/14/2019My Bella, we miss you and your brothers Coco, Meeko, Simba, and Dusty every day. It was the hardest decision we had to make to let you and your brothers go. Your heart was tiring you out and I could see your eyes telling me it was time. You were diagnosed with congested heart failure three years ago and the cardiologist gave you two years, but you past that and saw three. I knew you were ready but I think you kept going on for me. My heart aches everyday. I miss seeing you in your bed next to mine and hearing your paws on the wood floor in the middle of the night. Hearing you get up in the middle of night coughing and drinking water. The house is so quiet and empty without you and your brothers. I miss your spin-a-roni you would do when I came home from work. You were my buddy for 13 years. Through the good times and bad. My listening buddy. I love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️ You will forever be in my heart and I will cherish our time and memories forever. I love you my fur baby.💕

Your fur mama and daddy
Olivia RiveraPerris, CaliforniaOctober 28, 2019
11/6/2019 - 10/27/2019Zoey was our rescue dog. She was the sweetest most gentle dog and a best friend to our two boys. She was so obedient and you could tell she was forever thankful that we gave her a second chance at having a home. We brought her home the same week we purchased our first home. Not having her here just feels empty. If I listen carefully, I can still here the jingling of her collar.

Zoey, we're so sorry that your life was cut short. We wish you were still here with us,but knowing you are finally pain free and happy again,is comforting to us. We will never forget you and will always be missing you, babygirl.
Amanda EckertElizabethtown, PennsylvaniaOctober 28, 2019
9/10/2002 - 10/27/2019This precious angel, my baby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I have never felt such grief.
But, I also have never felt that kind of love, 100% devotion, 100% pure love. For that I am blessed and
grateful. My heart hurts so deeply, but the love we had for each other will forever make me smile.
Carlin FravelMarietta, GeorgiaOctober 28, 2019