Pet Memorials
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10/18/2014Precious was just as her name implies, she was sweet, cute,shy, and lovable. She had a personality that everyone loved, anyone meeting Precious would actually get a dog, even humans who were afraid of dogs. She did not do tricks, or anything to get attention; all she did was to look at you with those big brown eyes, and you would just want to go to her and pet her.Willie BranchBraintree, MassachusettsFebruary 21, 2015
Louis was a great music partner, family member and friend. He will be missed greatly, and will always be in my memories along with countless othersWillie BranchBraintree, MassachusettsFebruary 21, 2015
9/2/2004 - 2/17/2015Nika was an energetic, fun- loving Golden Retriever who accompanied her family everywhere.
In her short 10 years she swam in lakes and rivers in California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona. She could even ride a wave off the coast of Southern California.
There wasn't a mountain trail she couldn't climb or a sand dune in the desert she left untouched.
She loved chasing critters and shagging softballs for Marina, her best friend. Needless to say, we were devastated to learn that Nika had osteosarcoma. Ten days later, we said good bye.
She was truly the greatest campanion and loyal friend one could ever want. We learned a lot from her and
she will be forever missed.
Kim RoskiDiamond Bar, CaliforniaFebruary 21, 2015
9/15/1999 - 2/19/2015Bester, as we called him, was so laid back as a puppy that he would lie down to play. He grew up to be rambunctious and super territorial. He and his littermate, Bowser, were together for almost 15 years, and Bester never stopped trying to herd Bowser (who completely ignored him). We're so glad that Sylvester has now realized his dream of becoming the Boss of the Universe....!Tawney Collins-FeayFederal Way, WashingtonFebruary 20, 2015
5/3/1997 - 2/13/2015Alex, constant source of joy,
Our sweet and gentle boy -
So trusting and loyal,
Seeking only to please,
Only to be loved…

A rescue, anxious and frightened when you came,
You conquered your fears, along with the very depth of our love,
And rescued us right back!

Memories of you, patrolling your backyard,
Teasing us, with your prancing, playful bow,
To make us toss your ball,
And you racing after it with gleeful abandon…
Precious, brown-eyed beauty,
Our shattered hearts shall yearn for you.
Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge
To be together always…

Your loving mommy,
Renee Gumins Knight
February 13, 2015
Renee & David KnightLockport, New YorkFebruary 20, 2015
2/17/2015Dearest Oreo,

We miss you so much - things just aren't the same without you. You're not greeting us at the door when we come home, you're not underfoot while we cook waiting for some tasty morsel to 'accidentally' fall on the floor, and your fluffy face and expressive eyes are not the first things we see anymore when we wake in the morning - greeting us and looking for fresh kibbles for breakfast.

You were a gift. The perfect kitty, the perfect companion. Whether you were the young bird & lizard-chasing tomcat, or the fat Buddha-belly who would always steal the warmest & comfiest seats in the house, or even the arthritic old man who still insisted on doing everything himself - you were always nothing less than perfect to our family. I wish you could have seen the number of friends and family who spoke so fondly of you. Everyone loved you Oreo - how could they not?

Thank you for coming into our lives. Thank you for giving us such a long time with you - we know we were lucky to have you for so many years. And we also know that you will be waiting to greet us on the other side some day. Until then - we will think fondly of you running around the greatest yards and fields near the Rainbow Bridge, with big beautiful trees to curl up and nap under. Nap and play again, Oreo - nap and play to your heart's content until we can hold you in our laps once again.

You are forever in our hearts,
Dawn, Tiphani, Kyle, Chris, Samus, Ebenezer, and the rest of the Perry and Stano families
Dawn PerryOrlando, FloridaFebruary 19, 2015
12/2/1996 - 2/17/2015Peanut you were so much more than a pet, you gave everyone who ever laid eyes on you a smile. For 18 years you graced us with your love and I can only hope we gave you as much in return. Your love was pure, unconditional, and perfect. You tried so hard to stay on this earth not for yourself but for your family. I hope your selfless love is being rewarded now and that you are playing and running in fields of flowers and that you'll be waiting with a bunch of kissies for your family. Be blessed my little angel and enjoy the heaven you so deserve. We love and miss you dearly until the day you greet us!!Deborah OlsenN Little Rock, Ar, ArkansasFebruary 19, 2015
11/11/2001 - 2/14/2015Tribute to Enzo. 2002 – 2015

‘You did good, Enzo. You did good.’ – Hospital scene, the Godfather.

Man, what a ride. A funny dog, like most, with a fitting name. One of Enzo the Baker’s two lines: ‘If there is trouble, I stay to help’, and that’s exactly what he did.

He survived North Florida, East Texas, and South Florida – barked when he needed to and fortunately didn’t bite when he wanted to (well, maybe just once).

Wouldn’t tolerate visits to the vet though, ever, or nail clippings (except when fully sedated). Bacon, oral sedatives, and even the muzzle wouldn’t help. Nothing to be proud of but he always went for the throat. These visits always ended with a cocktail of injectable tranquilizers. He was so friendly, accepted being pet by the staff, but once there was anything close to an exam, he changed tones. This is one experience that he couldn’t unlearn.

Looks like a lab but with a black tongue – attitude of a chow but only on occasion. You wouldn’t even notice the tongue until he yawned. Turns out an aggressive oral cancer would be his demise.

He took care of the few friends he had. At age one he was rescued from a kill shelter by Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue and then fostered for a year at a home with nine other dogs; they called him Buddy. I arranged them to bring him to Petco on adoption day, which they normally didn’t do because he was 90lbs and had a black coat; rarely adopted, so they told me. That day, two things stood out. First, he was sleeping in a crate while hoards of people and animals walked around and second, after we took a walk and started to sign the papers, a Chihuahua was inches away from his face barking incessantly. He didn’t even mind him, just panted and smiled. He was calm, cool, collected, and now adopted. When I took him to his new home, he had fresh bite marks in his back. I cleaned and treated them.

Like most labs, I figured he’d loved playing fetch. Turns out, that wouldn’t be farther from the truth. The canvas training bird with the rope eyelet didn’t help. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t bring it back – that training is easy (so they say). It was that he wouldn’t get the bird if you threw it. In fact, he wouldn’t catch it if you threw it to his mouth. Seriously, sometimes he would watch it land in front of him and sometimes he would just turn his head and let it hit him in the face. Not your typical lab. He would, though, greet me at the door every day with his toy stuffed duck in his mouth; the first toy I ever got him, which he still has with him to this day.

His first friend was medium-sized pit bull mix. She would latch on to the scruff of his neck while he was napping (something he did about 20 hours a day) and tug and pull. Every once in a while he would sit up, project a voiced sigh, and thrust her away with his head then lie back down. She would come right back. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

One other friend was a tiny Chihuahua. He would let her win playing tug of war and make sure he didn’t accidentally step on her when walking around. A real sweet soul. There is a picture somewhere of him yawning with the Chihuahua to his right – makes it look like she was coming out of his mouth; really puts things perspective.

Like most dogs, he went on lots of road trips. FL to NC, FL to VA, FL to OH, FL to TX, TX to FL. One of those trips in a U-haul he sat up front. Bolts removed to the passenger seat, and placed in the cargo space for the drive; his bed on the cabin floor. He slept most of the trip and only got up for rest stops.

Lots of home time, lots of travels, lots of walks. Well, not so many walks, at least not in the Florida summer heat, but when he did, he would hug the fence line; I always figured he thought he was walking next to the wall of the Tibetan temples.

So many days he’d sleep while I worked at the computer. Lying down and sleeping while I worked was something he was good at. Most of the day he’d rotate from sleeping in one room to sleeping in another. He didn’t need much attention and would let me know if he had to go out.

In fact, even while this is being written, he’s on the floor sleeping in front of me – legs kicking like he’s chasing something or moving the stuffing in the bed to make it more comfortable.

Thirteen years old and still going strong. Same personality since he was a puppy; friendly, serious, obstinate, fearless, always ready to go, and always ready for the next chapter. This next chapter, buddy, we have to part ways.

Your last vet visit is approaching; only this time they are coming to the house.

The last words I have for you are, ‘You did good, Enzo, you did good.’
Justin WhiteBoynton Beach, FloridaFebruary 19, 2015
4/12/1992 - 2/14/2015Ilka was our loving companion for almost 23 years.
We know we were lucky and blessed to have had such a wonderful little girl that brought happiness to us for such a long period of time.
She was a very loving cat and showed her love for us in many ways.
She's was deeply loved and will be sadly missed forever.
Godspeed Ilka... till we meet again...
Diane & Les JarsocrakReading, PennsylvaniaFebruary 19, 2015
2/3/2000 - 2/13/2015Beau, you brought such laughter and Joy to my home - and Richness to my days.
You'll Live for Always in My Heart. A Loving Soul I'll never Forget...
It will take time to heal-
For the silence to go away..
I Listen for you, & I miss you everyday.
You were such a Great Companion, Friend, & Confidante.
My Heart will always wear the Paw prints left by you.
Love, Mama Linda
Linda GiordanoBaton Rouge, LouisianaFebruary 18, 2015