Pet Memorials
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1/5/2000 - 2/21/2014.....a loyal and loving were a blessing to me for 14 years.......Ruth TildenTampa, FloridaFebruary 23, 2014
Gabriela Zueck
12/13/2001 - 2/22/2014Mommy and Daddy love you so much Gabs! You were the best dog. Sweet and loving!Lynn ZueckClayton, North CarolinaFebruary 23, 2014
8/4/2001 - 2/22/2014Thank you DR. Brad for coming out on a short notice. Nanook took a turn for the worse on Saturday and could not wait to be euthanize during the week. You made by sadness a little bearable. Thank you for your kindness and letting my Nanook leave this earth in a calm and peaceful manner. You are truly an angel. Thank you for all that you do for our animals.
Forever grateful,
Tuesday Moebius
Tuesday MoebiusPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaFebruary 23, 2014
2/14/2001 - 2/10/2014Cory, we miss you so will be in our hearts forever. You were the best dog. There will never be another one like you...Depew, New YorkFebruary 23, 2014
3/28/2001 - 2/22/2014One of your many fans said, "you're one in a million" and we couldn't agree more. With the exception of you eating poo from the kitty litter box when you were a puppy, everything about you has been a joy. A total lover who would wake us up with kisses of hunger, a daring athlete who would jump onto - or off of anything, and also a bit of a cranky pants who didn't want to be bothered when on a walk, you will always be unique among pugs and thoroughly missed. While you could have been nicer to your little brother Thurston, we know he wasn't your choice and you did cuddle up to him quite well. Your love of fruits and vegetables is stuff of legend and the video of you two eating green beans will always bring us joy. You made our lives fuller, and brought a smile to (nearly) everyone who met you. Letting go was so incredibly hard - especially when outwardly you seemed fine. You never willingly missed a meal, never lost track of where we were, and enjoyed a fine walk to make sure everything was in order. The tumors came so fast and so hard that it still doesn't seem real. We are all so happy that you were still the frisky, pushy and demanding boy you've always been right up to the end. Holding on longer would have been purely selfish, and put you at risk of such unpleasant complications. We could never had too much time together and you'll never know how much you'll be missed. May there alway be a banana whenever you want some. We wish you a gentle rest little man.Stephen BarnesChicago, IllinoisFebruary 23, 2014
9/10/1999 - 2/20/2014My dear Zoe has passed. Even though I knew it was coming I am still shocked that she is gone. She passed on Thursday, February 20th. I later found out that the 20th was national love your pet day. Very fitting. I loved her so much and it was time to let her go. She was 14 years old and had been struggling to walk on her own for some time. She was very sick that morning and I knew it was time, but it was so hard to let Zoe go. She was my baby for 14 years. I called Dr. Katie and she came right over. Dr. Katie made me and Zoe feel at ease. Zoe passed so peacefully and I can't thank Dr. Katie enough for that. I know Zoe is with her sister, Sydney, in heaven playing ball and running around the lake.Lark RobertJacksonville, FloridaFebruary 23, 2014
2/21/2014I miss you more than words can ever say, Drew. You were my baby, and the best dog. I was so blessed to have had you for a wonderful seven years, and I thank God for the gift that was you. Rest in peace my loyal friend, my companion, my protector, my boy. Daddy and I miss you. May God grant you the best of Heaven in return for the unconditional love you gave us. ~Love, MommyTiffany Tergesen-McKeeCollinsville, IllinoisFebruary 22, 2014
10/19/2013 - 2/19/2014thankyou for gracing my life for 4 months and giving me unconditional love.louise kahlest pete, FloridaFebruary 20, 2014
Simba Lee
2/14/2003 - 2/18/2014From the moment I first looked into your big brown eyes I knew that I would love you until the end of time. While all of the other shelter guests jumped around barking with excitement and trying to get my attention, you alone sat there in the middle of your pen – looking solemn, alone and yet filled with quiet dignity. I wanted to know you immediately, so we went into the visiting room to see if maybe there was some chemistry there – you were very quiet, very reserved, but you licked my hand and you showed me that you thought you could trust me. Trust was very hard for you after all that you had been through…but you were willing to try. I admired that. I remember when Amy and I took you home. You had just had your surgery and you were so miserable. Amy carried you so tenderly and we put you in the middle of the bed and both of us slept there wrapped around you. I think you knew then that you had come home.

You and I have walked many a mile together. Hiking was always our thing. Of course for you it was more like running way ahead of me and then doubling back to see what was taking me so long. Over and over you would run ahead and then double back. There is no question of who got the most exercise on our excursions. You and I have traveled all over this country together. You were the best road-trip buddy a girl could ever have. I remember the times I had to pull over and rest my eyes for a bit. You would stand guard and growl at anyone who came near the car. I knew you had my back and it was safe. We have lived in 4 different states, and 7 different homes together. There are very few places that I could go and not think of you. Wherever we were – whatever we were doing – as long as we were together we were home. It broke my heart when you couldn’t go out with me anymore. It just wasn’t the same without you. I know it confused you when I stopped taking you for rides in the car. You wanted so badly to go, but when I relented we were both always very sorry because of the pain it caused you.

And now my dear friend, you have reached the end of this life’s journey. I can’t let you hurt anymore – I just can’t. I know that you still have so much love to give, but it costs you a lot to have to keep on giving it. It is time for you to rest – and to wait for me – because someday I’ll be with you again. We’ll hike all over the green pastures, and hopefully God will be okay with you swimming in the still waters. I reckon that as long as you don’t bark at the sheep it should be fine.

Simba you are my soul puppy. I love you with all my heart. Wait for me dear one – wait for me.

Prayer for Simba…
Loving God, you who love every single created being, thank you for your presence with us here today as we send Simba into your eternal arms of rest. Please watch over her for me and keep her safe just as she has kept me safe during our many years together. Shepherd her with your rod and your staff and remind her that I will be with her again someday soon. Simba is a good dog; she is loved by many humans, and she will be sorely missed here on earth. Please comfort those of us who remain behind and mourn her passing, and help us to remember that in you we have eternal life and nothing passes away forever. Amen
Joylynn GrahamBallwin, MissouriFebruary 19, 2014
2/17/2014RIP Walter. No more cancer, no more tumors, no more surgeries, no more chemo, no more medicine. You fought so hard for 17 months. Now it's your time to run & play & do all your favorite things again. We love you SO much & already miss you like crazy.Marti VeatchBuford, GeorgiaFebruary 19, 2014