Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
3/18/2014Desi was our sweet baby girl, and she was the first dog my husband, Kevin, and I had together. She was such a good dog, and we will always have her in our hearts.Diana DowdAlexandria, VirginiaMarch 19, 2014
Maggie May Laflin
12/15/1999 - 3/16/2014Maggie May Laflin left this world to be with her sister Shelby this past weekend. She had a long, happy life but age had started taking it's toll on her. She was my best friend and will be greatly missed by her parents and her doggie siblings, Buddy and Minnie, as well as our 20 month old son, Dylan. She was his best friend too.Shana LaflinTampa, FloridaMarch 19, 2014
Ulli & Wayne CarsonBoynton Beach, FloridaMarch 19, 2014
3/17/2002 - 3/15/2014Ozzie was a sweet, lively, loyal, smart boy. Words cannot describe the loss we feel without him. Ozzie was an Angel. Everyone who came in contact with him felt a joy, and Oz could not help but to make people smile. He was a most incredible dog and almost human. He knew when you were sad and always provided love and comfort. Ozzie will forever be "my boy", and I will share with others all the gifts he taught me.Marcella PurcellChicago, IllinoisMarch 18, 2014
6/12/1996 - 3/17/2014In memory of Cheddar, our big furry 17 year old yellow striped baby. He went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge today where he can now see of out BOTH eyes, and eat all the cheese dip he wants! This photo is of Cheddar a few years ago when he was still healthy and enjoying his favorite place - his garden. Today was a rainy day, which was always Cheddar's favorite - he loved the rain. Dr. Barry Cherno came and helped Cheddar find his way to the Rainbow Bridge with no pain. I want to thank Dr. Barry for making such a sad day a little easier. Cheddar even approved of Dr. Barry, and was relaxed with him. We will treasure Cheddar's paw print always. A million Thank You's for providing this service.Lynn CunninghamNew Port Richey, FloridaMarch 18, 2014
Murphy Paddy Ohiggins
3/17/2003 - 3/16/2014My Murphy went to sleep with the assistance of Dr. Angela on Sunday. He was in his own home where he has lived for his entire life... I wanted him to be here and not in a sterile office. He went to sleep peacefully and with dignity... Dr. Angela was an angel and helped him cross over. It was important to me and I will always recommend Lap of Love to everyone.Tanya HigginsWilliamsburg, VirginiaMarch 18, 2014
11/15/1999 - 3/15/2014We said goodbye to our sweet, beautiful Mac, yesterday. Our hearts are so heavy with grief. He was a beautiful gift from God. We will always cherish the memories of his time with our family.

Jennifer Cook, the gentle veterinarian with Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice who helped us, wrote this beautiful tribute.

"In loving memory of a most gorgeously handsome Border Collie named Mac. He was not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside with a sweet, relaxed nature and gentle spirit. Mac was generally calm but was known to go crazy for a frisbee and had a habit of popping soccer balls! He was quite an athlete in his younger days. As true to his breed, he was a natural herder and kept his home in line at all times; always 'on the job' and he kept his feline family members in line. When his human sister (Ivy) was born, he would peek into her crib and stare curiously at her......later, as she got older, he realized that she would be the wonderful source of all sorts of tasty treats.

Mac's greatest goal in life was to please his family and he gave all of himself to them. Even as age and illness made him weak and tired, he fought bravely and without complaint, looking to his beloved family for approval. There was no doubt how much he loved them.

It was with such very heavy hearts that Mac's family said goodbye to him today while he lay in a favorite place outside in the warm Tennessee sun with the sounds of the birds all around. He has truly earned his angel wings.

Rest in peace Mac, you sweet furry angel. You are such a good boy and have no idea how much you will be missed."
Ollie HoigKnoxville, TennesseeMarch 16, 2014
3/15/2014Cleo, whom I got when I was 10 years old. She was sweet, beautiful, comforting, mysterious, curious, and strong. She loved to be outside in the sun or on her heating pad when she was old. She loved to rub faces, tuck her head under your chin, and be the little spoon to me or my husband under our blankets. So cute! Cleo loved pillow forts. If she could see you and felt like you couldn't see her she went right to sleep

When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness this past summer she gave me immense comfort, just as she did countless times when I was an awkward preteen, depressed teenager, and young adult finding my way in life. In some ways I felt like I was her mommy, but in other ways she was a mom to me too. I gave her everything I thought she ever wanted. Spoiled was not the word. I respected her and wanted her to be happy just as she did for me.
Jolene AwbreyHouston, TexasMarch 16, 2014
Sarah Jean
3/8/2014God got it right when he made dogs.Elizabeth MayeuxPonchatoula, LouisianaMarch 15, 2014
Connor D' Dog
3/15/1999 - 3/15/2014A small dog with a big heart of Gold and offers unconditional LOVE and PATIENCE.
Connor was the love of my life as to others who had the chance to got to know Connor. He is small in structure but possess a pure heart of gold and unconditional love to people. He loves to be scratched and be cuddled all day long none stop. He loves attention, little kisses. He is very energetic and active happy dog.
Maria RompRaleigh, North CarolinaMarch 15, 2014