Pet Memorials
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9/8/2006 - 2/21/2020My Sweetest Angel with Amber eyesGary KellyOrlando, FloridaFebruary 22, 2020
5/26/2007 - 2/18/2020Dear Lily ,
You came into our lives unexpectedly and with an abundance of joy. You loved each of us unconditionally. You protected us and watched over us each and every day. In return we loved you more than you will ever know and delighted in feeding you Costco rotisserie chicken, steak and even salmon sashimi, none of which were leftovers!! Eggs over easy were one of your favorites as were ribs on the grill, hold the sauce please!!! You remained faithfully by our sides each and every day. There is a bed in every room for you. The highlight of your day and mine was our daily walk. We have literally gone miles together. You welcomed Murphy into our home and showed him the ropes. We could read each other’s minds. I knew what you needed and you knew the same about me. You have been there through everything with our family. I know you are at peace now and on your way over the rainbow bridge where there is an abundance of treats and love and free from pain. Look for Poppy and Papoo as I am sure they are hanging out together talking about the old days waiting for you with open arms and a treat of course.
Love you girl. Even with all of love around me, I know in my heart that no one will ever love me like you did!! To say I am going to miss you is an understatement. There is an emptiness in our house without you, but your memory will live on in our hearts FURever!
Julie BAtlanta, GeorgiaFebruary 22, 2020
6/1/2004 - 2/21/2020The last 17 years of my life has been an amazing journey! Having lived alone for so many years, I was never truly alone, all because of a little cat that found me and needed me as much as I needed him. It was time spent in silent companionship, the best confidante and friend that anyone could ask for. One that never answered you back unless he was hungry lol, but understands you in a way most people probably never will. The one who knows all your secrets and keeps it secret. Imagine that! LOL

It is with such sadness that I write to you today to tell you that Ralphie passed away thanks to a kind vet from the Lap of Love Animal Hospice. The experience was so amazing, one that I would do again and again if I had to.

"I was so grateful the day you found me and chose me to be your mommy and changed my life for the better. Love you always and miss you forever! Sleep well my little son!"
Deborah CBay Shore, New YorkFebruary 22, 2020
10/15/2009 - 2/17/2020My best friend, my complete heart and the sweetest soul every created is gone. I'm devastated by your passing, but am grateful I had these years to love you. I will carry the memories of our time together with me forever. You were able to touch so many lives and are missed by so many. I miss your howl and your wet nose. I miss that wagging tail that could clear the top of a coffee table. You were the handsomest big guy. People would stop their cars to come pet you. And you loved every minute. I'm grief stricken.Chris HarveyDelray Beach, FloridaFebruary 22, 2020
6/20/2013 - 2/19/2020Balin was an extremely loyal companion. He had little patience for strangers, but he sure loved and protected his people. Few got to see what an absolute sweetheart he actually was. I'm going to miss those ear nibbles upon arriving home, and the lazy mornings on the bed when he would accept endless belly rubs. He has had a lasting impact on who I am today because of what the experience taught me of patience, trust, and acceptance. He had a tragically painful last month with me, but there were glimpses of hope, of the old Balin I used to know. Making the decision to end his suffering was one of the most difficult I've had to make in my life. He was happy to have his friends visit until the very end, and I am glad he got to see many who loved him before he passed. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to share his life with him and am devastated I had to say goodbye. I love you and miss you, buddy <3Ian JoslinSeattle, WashingtonFebruary 21, 2020
2/19/2010 - 2/14/2020My angel Wilson was the best companion anyone could ask for. Warm, gentle and friendly. He was a sweetheart. Always happy to greet you. It didn’t matter whether you were a family member or a stranger coming in the door. Wilson greeted you with the same tail wagging enthusiasm flashing that Golden Retriever smile. Wilson was the greatest companion, always in the middle of things, always ready to go for a walk or just to play in the yard, a main attraction of the house. He always kept me in sight like a needy toddler. At the end of the day he would curl up next to me while I relaxed in my easy chair. He made my home feel alive, warm and inviting. I miss him tremendously.
Wilson loved people and other dogs as well. If I used the phrase “go see” Wilson would run to the front door and look out. If someone was coming up the driveway he would run out to meet them and accompany them up to the front door. If a car pulled up he would be at the driver’s side door to greet the visitor. Wilson loved going for long slow walks in the neighborhood. He was so easy to handle that he didn’t need a leash although I kept him on one most of the time. While we walked Wilson almost never wandered away and the few time he did it was only to greet someone standing nearby. It only took a clap of the hands or call his name and he would immediately come back to my side. Wilson was probably the most well known dog in the neighborhood. I think more people knew my dogs name than knew my name.
Arlington Heights, IllinoisFebruary 21, 2020
Guinness ❤️ganja
My babies. Thank you for always get each and every one of through our hard times and being there unconditionally loving us. We miss you both Guinness and Ganja. Now go get those squirrels 🌈💕💙Ramona VellucciPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaFebruary 21, 2020
Cinnamon Bear
10/30/2007 - 2/16/2020Our baby girl, our best friend, our dog soul mate, Cinnamon Bear is so deeply missed but we are comforted in knowing she is in loving care of her human grandma who just couldn't wait to have her to love on again. We will be with you again Cinnamon Bear and we look forward to continuing to have you by our sides here on earth in spirit. Love you unconditionally beautiful baby girl!Meg and Richard LarsonAmity, OregonFebruary 21, 2020
Luna Jean
3/1/2003 - 2/10/2020Yesterday we decided that our Luna Jean had fought her liver cancer long enough. It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make, but we are very thankful to be able to do it on our terms, at our home, surrounded by love and comfort. Our little mama was 17, and was still as fiesty, sassy, and loving as always. Our hearts and home are empty without Tucker and now 2 months later, the passing of Luna. I take comfort in knowing that we did all we could for her and that she had a long and happy life. Thank you so much to Dr. Nil and Lap of Love for the work they do.Amanda RaffenelloClearwater, FloridaFebruary 21, 2020
1/1/2020 - 2/20/2020Thanks for 19 year of your love (and cat-atude)! We will always remember you and miss you!Patty StantonFort Myers, FloridaFebruary 21, 2020