Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/15/2020 - 7/7/2020Pixel was the best dog we've ever had the opportunity to know. We are super fortunate that Pixel was our dog, and more importantly, our good buddy and companion. She was always excited for walks, always happy to be outside, and always happy to just be with and near us. She was a truly loyal companion in every sense of the word. She was always happy to get treats, especially from our young daughter who always said Pixel needed two treats, not just one. We agree with her.

She will be missed greatly.
Chris MillerIndian Trail, North CarolinaJuly 8, 2020
6/1/2013 - 7/7/2020Yesterday we said "Goodbye" to Mimi.Susan WallaceOdessa, FloridaJuly 8, 2020
12/7/2007 - 6/15/2020Loving You, A Poem From Lucy To Papa
I remember our last moment, right before you said goodbye,
I looked at you and you looked at me while tears filled up in your eyes.

I know it's hard to understand and I would have loved to stay,
But at some point our name is called, and mine was called today.

I'm grateful for your loving care until the very end,
Your choice, however difficult, proves that you were heaven sent.

For nothing speaks of tender love and sacrifice to me,
Than one who's heart was crumbling and yet still set me free.

The human term of "putting me down" is wrong, it is releasing,
You gave me the most precious gift when you granted me peace.

So I will wait at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again,
And then it's licks and tail wages for you, the best of friends.

I Love You Papa,
James KieferdorfDallas, TexasJuly 8, 2020
Stella Joyce
12/15/2020 - 7/7/2020We were blessed to spend five wonderful years together.Markie StockePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJuly 8, 2020
Manny Hand
7/6/2020I rescued Manny five years again. I had to literally catch and throw in my house. There were coyotes and I had to. But I wanted to. He came to me and no one else. Nobody could have given him a home but me. He became the most wonderful boy and brother to my Austyn. He’s smaller and Manny was BIG. Austyn would pick on and bug him all day. Manny just let him. Never once did he bug Austyn. He was timid, being stray but loved petting and lovins. He would always come to me to be pet. He loved sitting in the window all night. A raccoon would come visit him! Was so cute. He loved watching the animals in yard. Sit out at night on porch watching raccoons. He was beautiful. His big green eyes. He was so soft I just pet him as he went to sleep rubbing his beautiful soft head. He meant the world to me. I am lost without him. My world we’re my two cats. Now one is gone and it’s hard to even get up.without him waiting to eat, be loved, and go out. My Austyn is very lonely as well. He used to go on porch w Manny and now won’t stay out. He was a beautiful soul and made my life so wonderful. Being sick I was with him 24/7. He hated anytime I left. Would wait for me to come back. He loved people food. I dropped a vanilla water and looked down and he was licking his chops. Ate the whole cookie in a second! His last food was shrimp I boiled for him. He was so sick he only ate a few bites. He stopped eating for four days. He wouldn’t let me pet because it hurt. He had bone cancer. But his life is what I remember. Knowing he never would’ve known love like this without a home. He got to know what it’s like to be truly loved. And loved so much. I couldn’t love more than I did with him. Austyn and I are lost without our Manny. I love my snuggly bunny so much and always will. I know you are in heaven running around and loving everything and waiting on Mommy. I love youSarah HandWinter Park, FloridaJuly 8, 2020
10/31/2009 - 7/7/2020I truly lost my best friend yesterday. Miley was the best dog I could every ask for-She was kind, gentle and protective of the entire family!Robert RidgwayPlainfield, IndianaJuly 8, 2020
9/12/2004 - 6/30/2020Honey, we love you forever! You were more than just a pet but a member of our family. Loving and very loyal.Elizabeth FloresBrentwood, New YorkJuly 8, 2020
1/20/2008 - 6/27/2020My sweet, sweet Champ. I awoke that Saturday and I knew you were not well. I also knew you were a fighter. But that day was different- it was time for you to gain your wings and cross over the 🌈 bridge. First off- I will never forget you. Just look at that face- I remember walking into PetSmart 12 years ago, just "looking"....going to see the animals was a favorite pastime of mine. Little did I know I would come across a tiny tyke named "Lily"- you were being fostered at that time. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you- I also found out your favorite TV show was "Ratatouille." The rest is history- you came home with me and I re-named you Champ. You met big brother, Spanky. A few months later, your little sister, Muffin, arrived. I called you the Three Amigos- I had the most beautiful cats ever! You were the tiniest- but had the biggest ❤️. You would come running to me when I would cry and be my comfort. You were also the feistiest-a fighter- and oh so jealous- you wanted all my love! As the years passed, you became my mom's favorite- every morning you sat by her as she patted your butt! Hilarious! You loved sitting outside on the patio- watching the birds, bunnies, chipmunks and squirrels. You loved playing peek-a- boo and rolling over. I have so many wonderful memories of you- too many to mention - but you were my ROCK. I want to thank you for never leaving me. Rest in Peace-you have earned it and are now re-united with your brother, Spanky. (don't forget to visit Mom!) I love you, Champ.Jo WorbetzPlainsboro, New JerseyJuly 8, 2020
1/15/2011 - 6/21/2020Nike was truly one of a kind; he was a sweet, gentle soul who only wanted to make everyone happy. He cherished peace and quiet and loved snuggles and naps wrapped in blankets above all else. He would lay on our laps for hours and take naps every day with his dad after work. He was our protector, our guard dog, and our little tough guy. He would have given his life to protect us. For being a little man, he had the biggest and sweetest spirit. His eyes told the story- his side-eye being an undeniable favorite. I remember the day I adopted Nike like it was yesterday. He was lying in a crate at an adoption event with his brother, his other two brothers in the crate next to them. They were all asleep, but Nike woke up and walked to the front of the crate to see me. I remember he had the hiccups when I bent down to see him. All I had to do was look at him and I knew we were meant to be. I could not be more grateful that he chose me that day and gave me the incredible honor to be his mumma. I almost lost him at just a few months old to pneumonia, but he was my little tough guy even back then and pulled through. From then on he filled my days with goofiness, fun, and the best snuggles I could’ve ever asked for. He was my boy, my buddy, and my best friend. He saw me at my best and worst, in sickness and in health, and loved so deeply and unconditionally through it all. I could always count on him no matter what. I always thought I’d have him for at least 15 years; it was such a shock to us all when we lost him at 9 1/2. But for 8 1/2 of those years, he had his little sister to play with, show the ropes, and keep company. They were best buddies, snuggled with each other all the time, played together, and were always my little shadows. They saw me through heartache, college, and my own health challenges and never left my side. Dogs love like no human can, and I am so honored to have had Nike as my sweet boy; my Mister. Thank you for being the best little guy I could have ever hoped to have. You blessed our whole family just by being with us and being you. Your precious heart and sweet soul will forever live in our hearts, but I hope you’re happy where you are now; running around, playing with friends, and enjoying naps in the sunshine. We love you so much, forever and ever.Lauren SRochester Hills, MichiganJuly 8, 2020
6/4/2007 - 7/5/2020Daisy- you were a sweet bundle of love and we'll miss your cute (forever puppy) face and wagging tail every day.

Thank you for all the love and joy you brought to our family.

See you on the other side sweet love.
Janine HarkerFranklin, TennesseeJuly 8, 2020