Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/3/2019 - 11/26/2019We will always love and remember you, our darling girl.Lesa and RobPortland, OregonNovember 27, 2019
3/27/2003 - 11/25/2019We know you're running around like crazy, joining all the dogs in heaven my boy! Momma and I will miss you terribly until we're reunited again. I heard they have every kind treat imaginable up there , so make sure you share them with all your new and old friends my son! So grateful you chose us to give your love to.Kerry and Larry MiglioreSomers, New YorkNovember 27, 2019
7/12/2003 - 11/25/2019Murphy was really the best friend I could have asked for. We did everything together, road trips, camping, naps on the couch...I feel honored that he was here when my son was born 8 months ago and for the previous 15 years. Anyone that met Murphy instantly fell in love. He liked to give kisses but was polite to only kiss your nose and not your mouth. He was a gentle dog that took care of his stuffed toys instead of ripping them up. I'll never be able to replace him nor do I want to. He will forever have a place in my heart and is my role model with his unconditional love. This is hard but I know he's no longer hurting and he loved me as much as I loved him until the end. Love ya bud.Adam BoyleClinton, PennsylvaniaNovember 26, 2019
11/26/2002 - 9/23/2019It has been two months since I last heard your squeaky little meows, or your crazy night time yowls, or your too long claws skittering down the hall. I miss the most your cuddles, my champion of coziness. I miss watching you become less fearful and more social. I miss chatting with you every morning and saying goodnight to you every evening. I miss how easily you forgave me for whenever I had been away and am still a bit heartbroken to know that you would wait by the door for me when I was out of town. I maybe miss petting your super soft fur even more than the cuddles, no, I take it back, your cuddles were the best. You loved a good brushing and a chin-scratching. I miss interpreting what you were trying to tell me. You got so good at expressing yourself. Like when you’d walk into the bathroom when I was in there, staring into your unkempt litterbox, looking up at me, looking back at the box and then waking out without using it. Or leading me to the living room, jumping up to your favorite spot on the couch, and rubbing your face on your brush as you gazed up at me. Thank you for being so good at telling me when it was time to let you go. You made the most difficult decision I can ever recall making, just a little bit easier. Rest easy, my dear sweet Kiki kitty! I’ll always remember the comfort you provided me through so many ups and downs. Thank you for the 9 wonderful years together!Sarah ValluzziSeattle, WashingtonNovember 26, 2019
6/1/2010 - 11/24/2019Dearest Hurley,
You were the sweetest kitty that ever lived and I'm missing you so much already. It's simply not fair that you got cancer and please know I tried my hardest to fight it with you. Today, I'm thankful you're no longer uncomfortable. I truly hope you know how much you were loved. I'm so going to miss your little kitty breath on my cheek and the sound of you purring like a motor in my ear when I fall asleep. I'm going to miss how you'd still try and nurse on my little finger while you made biscuits on my blanket as you laid on my chest. And those "I love you eyes" you'd give me...I'm gonna miss that too...My sweet baby Hurley Burley. Your brother Charlie and I will remember you forever and ever. Until we meet again, my sweet still own a piece of my heart.
Amie WoolweberLake Balboa, CaliforniaNovember 25, 2019
3/29/2007 - 11/1/2019Cosmo you were the best dog ever and I miss you so much. Life is quiet and lonely without you. You are the true definition of unconditional love. You helped me through some really tough times, comforting me and cheering me up with your goofy antics. Rest in peace little buddy. You are my sunshine and I am thankful for the 12.5 years we had together. Until we meet again.Kimberly DanteHillsborough, New JerseyNovember 25, 2019
8/4/2003 - 11/21/2019Stabby:
* always snored.
* would not look at herself in the mirror.
* was not athletic.
* would fetch things, but lost interest when I got a laser light.
* liked to put her face right up to yours, even if she didn’t know you.
* had no vanity. Beautiful yes, but she didn’t value it.
* wasn't the type to put up with anyone's bullshit.
* willingly forgave any accidental assault as long as you verbalized "I'm sorry."
* was not shy and was fascinated with strangers.
* liked to have her nose rubbed so hard and often it left a bald spot.
* pooped beside the litter box 30% of the time.
* did not like any other animals.
* always wanted to be petted, but was generally disappointed others' techniques.
* preferred to sleep in the little spoon position.
* put her ears back whenever she heard a ringing phone because she had often lost her lap seat to it in the past.
* wouldn't sit on my lap unless I was wearing pants -- not shorts, pants.
* groomed my hair with her tongue, which always progressed to chewing at my scalp.
* always waited on a bench beside the tub when I showered.
* would lie on her back in front of the door if I was preparing to leave.
* was adorable.
Eric ThompsonColumbus, OhioNovember 25, 2019
2/14/2001 - 11/22/2019Purvis, You were my companion through some very difficult years, and I will forever be grateful for your sweet nature, knowing looks, warmth, and unconditional love. You came into my life as a full adult, who had been through a few difficult years yourself. Once we found each other, you showed me the unconditional love I needed to get through years of loss and rebuilding. You dutifully accompanied me on multiple moves, showing me that while you didn't love the process, you were happy we were still together regardless of location. I made a promise to you when you accepted me as your person to never put you back in a shelter, to take care of you to the end and I'm so happy I was able to do that. You were a kind and loving creature, coming out of your shy shell in your later years, allowing others to stroke your soft fur and feel the warmth of your love as you sat adjacent to them on the couch. My heart aches with the gravity of the loss of my dear friend and companion. I hope you are happily playing fetch with catnip-laced toys, wolfing down tuna, and napping in warm sun beams.Mindy FrinkDallas, TexasNovember 25, 2019
11/1/2006 - 11/22/2019Beloved Heidi,
We hope you are running through the woods and fields on the other side of the rainbow bridge with your long black fur shining in the sun. We will miss your gentle soul and endless patience. You were the best nanny to 8 Seeing Eye puppies over the last decade. Our household will miss your sweet serenity. Rest in Peace my beautiful friend.
Suzanne Bolandfredon, New JerseyNovember 24, 2019
3/1/2009 - 11/24/2019Rest in Peace, Juno. (a.k.a. Boonie, Junie B., June Buckets, That Scary Cat) Thank you for being the center of our family.Carol BruhnDelano, MinnesotaNovember 24, 2019