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1/18/2002 - 9/3/2016Slideshow: Life of Keb

We said goodbye to one of our best friends today -- Kebnekaise "Keb" Carr (1/19/02 - 9/4/16). The house is way too quiet without him. Keb was a super cat -- too smart by half, with some endearing dog-like qualities. When I came home, he ran to the door to greet me with meows and demand immediate cuddling. He was like my gray shadow and followed me around the house, curling up next to me when I worked from home. He knew his name and came trotting over when I hollered for him. He loved to talk and we had our own call-and-response game (except when I tried to film him, of course -- then he always clammed up). Nearly every night, he ended up sleeping on top of Tom or me. He could be grumpy and we teased him for it. (He got really mad if we laughed at him!) He and his brother Abi pretended not to like each other -- Keb was a rather fond of stalking him. Hissing often ensued. But when the doorbell rang, the two often ended up hiding in the closet side by side.

Dr. Joanna from Lab of Love wrote:
In loving memory of Keb, a handsome gray kitty from Dallas, TX. Keb and his brother joined their family over 14 years ago when they were tiny kittens. Keb grew into a big, sweet boy who loved belly rubs. He also very much enjoyed his brushings. Keb had a favorite toy that he carried with him everywhere. It was a long piece of rubber tubing that his parents called "his snake". He also had many toy mice that he would play with and then leave in his food dish. Keb was a very good moth hunter and loved to watch the squirrels who taunted him from the outside. Keb brought so much joy to his mom and dad and was given the most beautiful life. Today, Keb passed away peacefully on his favorite blanket with his mom and dad by his side. Rest well, sweet boy <3.
Lisa and Tom CarrDallas, TexasSeptember 5, 2016
1/9/2004 - 8/27/2016We said goodbye to our sweet Gigi on Saturday August 27th, 2016. She was 12 years old. She was diagnosed with bone cancer and after watching her suffer with the pain, and even though it was the hardest thing for us to do, we knew we had to let her go. We are happy that she is not suffering anymore. She is survived by her adopted sister, Bella our second greyhound. We will miss her more than words can say.Mike GoldsworthyCoral Springs, FloridaSeptember 5, 2016
11/30/2016 - 8/27/2016My Scooter. My joy. My life. How I loved you, my little boy.
11/30/05 - 8/27/16
Lois ChisholmYorba Linda, CaliforniaSeptember 4, 2016
9/2/2016In the brief time we are given to spend in this world, we have a chance to meet only a few true soul mates. With the right combination of fate and awareness there is an opportunity, a chance to intersect when timing is right, and blend paths.

…When we first saw you, we knew you. Perhaps it was because you were just simply different all the others. Always quiet and resolute, even within minutes of us meeting, you understood just how to convey the choice to be together wasn’t just ours.
When one finds a soul mate, it just is, and you just know.

Over the 14 years we had with you, I can count on fingers and toes the times I ever heard your voice. I wish so often you could tell us of your previous family, and why they gave up such a wonderful soul. Still, even with your silence throughout our time together, you managed to teach me so much more about life than I ever imagined possible. For those who occasionally visited our home, you played the part... but for those who truly were your family pack, it was evident the depth of who you truly are.

Dignified and regal, from the rituals you maintained, to the rules only you fully understood, you made sure all within your domain knew what was acceptable and what was not. You are and will always be a true friend, more than family, and better than human. I am so grateful you shared your life with us.

We lost our soul mate today...

One day we will meet again, in the next life… I’m sure we’ll talk through all the times we had, and You’ll have so much more to show and teach me about the next world all over again. With a broken heart and a hole in my soul, until we are all together once more. “ISureDoLoveYOUMyBestGirl”... Till we meet again, my sweetest friend.
Laura and Cory JuricaDavenport, FloridaSeptember 4, 2016
5/25/2009 - 8/18/2016he was my love...Kathleen QuernerSpringboro, OhioSeptember 4, 2016
2/18/2004 - 8/31/2016Our boy Sam, what a big personality. He was a loving member of our family and brought much happiness and laughs to our family and friends with his antics.Shelli GiardinoLoxahatchee, FloridaSeptember 4, 2016
Princess Ginger
2/2/2002 - 8/21/2016My sweet Princess Ginger... she was the energy in the house, but never ever caused a problem in the 13+ years we had together. She always knew her boundaries and was the happiest of dogs right to the end. She battled the cancer like a trooper, even though it swept through her body... her tail never stopped wagging as it lost its hair and the spring in her step never left as her legs weakened. I will miss her so very much - there is a big whole in my life that she once occupied.Lisa BedfordNesconset, New YorkSeptember 3, 2016
Matthew Edgar
8/6/2011 - 9/1/20168/6/2001 - 9/2/2016 Matthew Edgar has gone to the rainbow bridge; I hope Jesse greets him as they grew older together.

He was on his bed, at home, while we petted, stroked and loved him. He was past his 15th birthday. Matthew was a fantastic dog that had no real issues. I thank Sonia, of Elite Greyhounds, for this wonderful gift so man years ago.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that he had a wonderful life and gave us so much joy. There are never enough years, never enough moments ... I wish they could live forever but Matthew had a great life.

He loved beer! We found that out on the beach, last year, when he went up to a group of men that were drinking beer.
The one guy poured him a little and he drank it. Last night we gave him 4-5 laps, and before he left us, anoter 6-7!!!

RIP Matthew Edgar!
Abbey ZapBoca Raton, FloridaSeptember 3, 2016
Sharkbait "Sharky"
8/21/2003 - 9/2/2016There never was a more perfect Aussie. My Shark was my sunshine and happiness everyday. He was the most strikingly handsome blue merle Australian Shepherd ever. His breeder even said he was perfect. I couldn't have ever expected the joy this silly, fluffy, wiggle butt was going to bring to my life, but everyday he managed to bring a smile to my face and found ways to make me laugh like no other. I am going to miss his beautiful face, his pushy Aussie instincts, his general goofiness that never left him, his sigh as he lied down after a good hike, his barking when he was ready to leave the park and go home. He takes a piece of my heart with him to where everyone knows that dogs go; All Dogs Go To Heaven. Today I said goodbye and let him go. He is with his namesake, my dad, somewhere in the sky. And I know my dad will love him as mush as I do. Thank you my beautiful, handsome, silly, goofball, stubborn, pain in the butt sometimes, for making life so much more fun. You are the best companion a person could ask for. And I was lucky enough to be your person. I will love you always. Rest in peace my boy.Tawnia AlvisNorth Las Vegas, NevadaSeptember 2, 2016
9/1/2002 - 8/31/2016On Wednesday we lost our beloved Andy. We got him from my sister when he was a 6 pound puppy. He tended to prefer people to other dogs, even at the dog park. As our other two would romp around and play, Andy would just go from person to person wanting to get petted. In almost 14 years we can count the times on one hand that he wasn't with one or both of us in bed at night.

Andy was a mama's boy. He had his eye on me at all times. My husband and I believe his main goal in life was to be next to me. We don't have human children and consider Andy to be our 'first born son'. Our hearts are shattered right now but I take comfort in the fact that he's with all of the other beautiful animals on this page and also with many pets we had as we grew up and the pets of friends and family.

Andy suffered a hip injury in 2011 which seemed to change everything. He was a trooper and he pushed through but ultimately the hind legs were going. He had also grown aggressive to our other dogs and eventually to us. By the end he was mostly detached from me, not his dad, which was truly crushing. I know my boy is happy again and I know he loved us no matter how he was acting at the end.

I am so appreciative to Lap of Love and Dr. Courtney for making Andy's passing so peaceful and sweet. He will me forever remembered and missed.
Jodi WhiteShelby Twp, MichiganSeptember 2, 2016