Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/22/2000 - 4/26/2017Sophie, the incredible Jack Russell terrier, was one of a kind! Even though all the dog books said to never make your first dog a Jack Russell, we did not listen to that advice. As a puppy she would run circles around trees, furniture, and people like a greyhound. When she needed to go outside, she would ring a bell. She loved to swim in a creek or lake retrieving sticks. While one of her owners, Amanda, was a student at MU Vet School, obedient Sophie endured being a "demo dog" to help further the skills of future vets. In her senior days, she didn't run circles anymore, but always had a friendly "slurp" for the cheek of the youngest members of the family. The dog books were wrong about this Jack Russell, she was the perfect pet!Louise BrehmLees Summit, MissouriMay 2, 2017
11/26/2003 - 4/27/2017Is being 4 days since my baby precious when to doggies heaven & I can't stop crying.Some people think dogs are just animals but to me my dogs are my kids my everything I know she's in a better place without suffering or pain but I still miss her so much. Her human brother miss her and her 4 legging brother Winston miss her too you will always be in our minds and hearts ♥️Juana MendezKc, MissouriMay 1, 2017
10/15/2009 - 4/26/2017Brock came into our lives on the eve of 2010. His brother Lucky and I had just moved into the home of our friend Elaine to help care for her father, Ernie, who was recently paralyzed and bedbound. When Elaine told me that one of her patient's had a pitbull puppy in need of a home, I initially said NO WAY! I thought the idea of learning to be full time caregivers and taking on a new puppy would be overwhelming, but I agreed to go and meet him. And the rest in history. We fell instantly head over heels in love with that puppy. Quickly, he became the heart of the household. He loved to snuggle on the bed with Ernie, tucked neatly between his legs. Brock grew quickly and by the age of 10 months he was too big to get up in the bed with Ernie, but it didn't stop him from trying! And, Ernie would proudly tell all of our visitors that "White Dog was raised right here between my legs." Although Brock was never officially a therapy dog, he became therapy to all of us. He had so many human qualities...attentive, intelligent, sweet, loving, inquisitive, playful, jealous and vocal. He would whine and throw himself over onto his back when he wasn't getting enough attention. He loved his best friends Jackalyn and JoJo and would cling to them like glue when they stayed over, again whining with jealousy if he didn't get the good spot in the bed. He enjoyed 7 years with a family who adored him. He went on frequent hikes at Eagle Creek Park, and visited lots of state parks with his best buddy Jackalyn. He loved playing Fetch and Find It at home with his mama and bro. He filled our days with joy and laughs. And right up until the very end his days were filled with joy. Thanks to Lap of Love, his last day was spent at home surrounded by his family. He bathed in the sunshine, enjoyed yummy people food, and drifted off to sleep in the arms of his mama and family. Thank you Dr. Genatiempo for being just the right person to be there with us. It was extremely painful to let Brock go, but we are at peace that we gave him the best life and best death possible. To Brock, it was just another wonderful day. We love and miss you buddy, until we get to hug you again....xoxoxoDana CrissIndianapolis, IndianaMay 1, 2017
4/3/2004 - 5/31/2017You frustrated me everyday, but you changed my life. I will be appreciative of that forever.Cary, North CarolinaMay 1, 2017
2/13/2002 - 4/17/2017In loving memory of Rusty.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear

No longer by my side, but always in my heart!
Darla HallWest Palm Beach, FloridaMay 1, 2017
10/15/1999 - 4/27/2017I lost my precious Tinkerbell today. She was such a great comfort and loyal friend to me. She gave it all she had until I just could not let her suffer anymore. Thought she was going to leave me several times throughout the last 6 months but she just was not ready to leave the good life that she has come to know within the last 4 years. People tell me she was lucky that I moved in but I say I was the lucky one to receive her. You went peacefully and in her own home and comfort and I would not have had it any other way for you. My home is so empty without you and even Turbo seems to be missing your company. Tinkerbell, I loved you from the beginning when we started walking together and we just kept on bonding each and every day and I am so thankful that your original owners let me have you as my own.Anita LacasseFredericksburg, VirginiaApril 30, 2017
9/2/1999 - 4/28/201717.7 years of unconditional love and devotion. Longer than most but somehow,today seems too short. Truffles, I hope you and Mickey are having fun over the rainbow bridge and soaring high with your wings. We love you my sweet girl. Gone but never forgotten. Laps of Love veterinary hospice is amazing. Dr. Tiffany made a terrible situation do-able and comforting. Too bad we can't/ don't do this for our human loved ones.Georgette SchwartzBoca Raton, FloridaApril 30, 2017
8/8/1999 - 4/29/2017Max was our sweet little dachshund who enriched our lives for past 17 1/2 years. He brought us so much joy and literally grew up with our daughter. He definitely had small dog syndrome and could be very feisty at times but was such a sweet little cuddler too.. Some of Max's favorite things to do besides getting in the trash and peeing on the rug, was to play in the snow (when he grew up in VA) to taking bike rides to the beach (when he retired to Florida). He was and forever will be my sweet little boy. ❤🐶❤😰😰Chris BradleyPonte Vedra Beach, FloridaApril 29, 2017
4/1/2000 - 3/31/2017We miss our beautiful Sweep. She came to us as a five week old with no snout and lived with us for 17 wonderful years. When she entered our lives, her human siblings were 8 and 12; they all had much energy! As a herder, Sweep’s self-appointed job was to keep everyone tucked in tight together whenever we went for a walk. She kept her human mom in shape by insisting on a very long walk before work in the morning. She made better time this way as she could not see all the squirrels she’d feel obliged to chase if it wasn’t dark! Her human dad insisted Sweep go on all the backpacking trips, and to that end, she carried her own tie-out and food for the weekends. In the last couple of years, Sweep steadily slowed down, lost her hearing and got pretty mellow, but that was OK because her human siblings had moved out and she had just the parents to dote on and attend to her. But, her body did wear out, and we were so grateful that she could pass on at home with her loving family around her. We may someday have another dog, but we will never have another “Family Dog.” Love you, Sweep.Karen GenderSt. Louis, MissouriApril 29, 2017
7/29/2002 - 4/24/2017Today we lost one of our best friends. Hooch E Poochie ( we will miss you so much. Thank you for enriching our lives for so many years. You came into our lives as a rescue dog when Daniel and Megan were just toddlers. You loved them no matter what they did or how much they climbed on you. Over the years you gave us so much love. You've been with us for over 12 of your almost 15 years. The kids have known you their whole lives and they will truly miss you. We will all miss you Ol' Boy. We love you.

A part of me has died with you, but you're also a part of me - you will live on in my heart. I'm dedicating this song to you, my constant companion:
Tommy GreenWebster, TexasApril 29, 2017