Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/29/2016In the beginning it was just you and me. You with your bad right hind leg and me with my bad left knee. We were meant to be. Thank you for allowing me to be your mama! You made loving you fun!Laurie AmaganDurham, North CarolinaAugust 30, 2016
Tucker Martin Hornsby
3/14/2010 - 8/27/2016We lost you all too soon our Lil Man but know that you have no more suffering. We are so glad we have some time to say goodbye, to do a bucket list of swimming, dog park and eating a cheeseburger as your last meal. We miss your sweet face, your loving spirit and how you loved to cuddle. Gracie is so sad without you, this morning she laid at the top of the stairs with your favorite toy, as if she was waiting for you to chase her with it. Never will I love a special little boy like were one of a kind...and that you will remain!Lisa Martin-HornsbyHouston, TexasAugust 30, 2016
9/11/2003 - 8/26/2016Honeybear, we miss your lovely wrinkled face and your velvety ears. You were the most popular dog in the neighborhood, and everyone knew and loved you. Everyone in our extended family considered you a very special family member. The star of our Halloween parties, you sported and enjoyed the most wonderful costumes. You helped us through hard times, and celebrated the good times with us. You were surrogate mother to our additional fur babies as we adopted them, and Sweet Pea the kitten considered you her "real Mom". You were the most patient, loving, funny dog in the world, and our lives are richer because of you. We're thankful we got to be with you when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we know you are our special doggy angel now.Debbie and Ken MilesAlbuquerque, New MexicoAugust 30, 2016
Daisy Chang
12/15/2005 - 8/27/2016I wanted you from the age of 7 when I was a child; I knew what name I was going to call you from the age of 11 (Daisy Chang); and I finally got you and held you in my arms for the first time at age 23. You were even more than what I prayed for!!! You filled my heart with so much love, joy, & happiness. Daisy you were my princess from the start and to the end. I will never forget the first night we spent together where you played with every new toy and fell asleep exhausted in my arms. I will miss your sounds, you being my shadow, always always always wanting treats, snuggling with you & holding you like a baby, tummy rubs, your soft fur & your smell, playing a non-successful game of fetch, shaking your paw for treats, our walks & many travels together, watching our special TV & music programs, singing and talking to you, your pug kisses, your greetings after a hard day at work, bringing home groceries & having you go through every bag to see what might be in there for you, the "crazy rabbit"...there is just to much I'm going to miss about you. I wish you were still here, but I know that you are now in heaven & God is taking care of you until I get there to be with you again. I miss you and Grandma misses are our SWEETHEART! Our house is empty and lonely without you. You were the life and center of our universe. You were a blessing and gift from God! We will never forget you & you will always be in our hearts forever. God bless you my little girl, mama loves you!Katelin CarneyFranklin, TennesseeAugust 29, 2016
12/8/2006 - 8/26/2016Hi Gracie girl,
I just want to say one thing to you and that is, "thank you." Thank you for filling my life with endless happiness and joy. Thank you for being the best first dog anyone could have ever wished for. Thank you for being such a loving sister to me & such a caring mother to Lily. I will always cherish all of the wonderful memories we shared. You will be missed everyday for the rest of my life. I love you so much Grace. I am so grateful that you are in heaven now, reunited with Sweetpea and Bluma with Nana Lois and Papa Mort to take care of you. I don't have any worries because I know how happy you'll be there. I promise I will meet you there someday and we'll be together again. For now, it's goodbye. It's not really goodbye though because I know you will always be here with me. I love you Gracie, forever & always. Thank you for everything. xoxo
Leah BayukWallingford, PennsylvaniaAugust 29, 2016
5/14/2003 - 8/25/2016My sweet little boy Milo we will always love you and never forget you, you will always be the king of the house.Melanie BeaudinBoca Raton, FloridaAugust 29, 2016
11/28/2002 - 8/20/2016To our little boy we were so lucky to have you for almost 14 years you made life fun and always made us smile after a hard day at work. Right now we are so lost without you trying to get through the days the house is so empty without you. I miss our walks and playing with your biggie ball I feel like half my heart is missing but I know you are not in anymore pain and that is what gets us through. We love you lots!
M & M
Marlo & Mark ASpring Hill, FloridaAugust 29, 2016
1/1/1999 - 8/19/2016I miss you very much, Miko, and hope and pray I'll see you again.Margaret MancoffChicago, IllinoisAugust 29, 2016
7/5/2006 - 8/25/2016Layla was more than a pet. She was a constant companion through the good times and the bad. I always wondered who adopted who. She bonded with me instantly, I couldn't have asked for a more loving and loyal pet. She has a piece of my heart with her now. I know my life was made better by having her in it.
For two and a half years you have been a part of Carl and Elle's lives too as we merged into a new family. They took you in as one of their own and loved you. We have so many sweet memories of you. The way you used to boss Bear around one minute and the next minute lay comfortably next to him on the living room floor. We loved you because you were so devoted and always had eyes full of love. We will miss you every day.
Debbie ClarkMartinez, GeorgiaAugust 29, 2016
8/1/1998 - 8/11/2016It was hard to say goodbye to Sandy, a sweet Shiba Inu we had for 17 years. She filled our home with a lot of joy with her fun personality.The house is quiet without her.Ruth CameronLongwood, FloridaAugust 29, 2016