Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/27/2002 - 7/28/2016Dear Sweet Bud:
My little friend. I miss my funny beastie boy so much. You had so many exotic names but the one that stuck was “Buddy”. The moment I took you home from the shelter, and you started following me around everywhere, I knew how the old man, your first owner, had made his decision. I called out the name and you came. Oh my little Beastie Bud, Demon Devil Doggie, Black Velvet, Buh Buh, Hunan (animal shelter name), Kobe the Beautiful (my first name for you) you were everyone’s little Buddy.
W.J. WalkerEvanston, IllinoisAugust 5, 2016
Mister Fuzz
3/14/2004 - 7/3/2016We can't believe it's already been one month since we said goodbye to our sweet smooshie faced kitty, Mister Fuzz - or Fuzzy - as we called him. Our home and hearts feel so empty without him. We've tried to write this memorial several times, but there are just no words that can quite capture the amazing cat he was and the loss that we feel. There is not a day that goes by that we don't talk about him, look at pictures and videos and reminisce all the wonderful memories we have. We know we'll still be talking about him when we're old and gray. We love you Fuzzy!Nichole RapuanoCary, North CarolinaAugust 5, 2016
Taffy (taffer)
8/29/2004 - 8/2/2016My beautiful Taffer. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. You were a small kitty with a huge personality. A gentle, kind, sweet, loving, playful furry companion. I miss everything about you. I miss how you would jump on the bed the moment you heard me or Lexi stir. I miss your soft, sometimes silent mews and your thunderous purr. I miss how you would beg for your favorite wet food every morning and shake your tail in anticipation while I opened a can. I miss your head butts...oh those sweet adorable head butts. And gentle ankle nips when you wanted attention and weren't getting it. I miss your curiosity and bravery - you were one outgoing kitty. I miss looking into your blue-greyish eyes and kissing your sweet face. I miss your bunny soft fur and the sound of you sharpening your claws on the scratcher. I miss you greeting me at the door. There are million other things I miss and I could go on and were truly an amazing kitty. Lexi and I will always have fond memories of you in our hearts. Thank you for being my furry companion for the last 12 years. Thank you for being so wonderful and amazing. I love you always and forever. Rest In Peace my sweet girl.Anya BykovaFederal Way, WashingtonAugust 5, 2016
7/4/2016 - 7/27/2016We made the difficult decision too put our beautiful, smart, loving, 8 year old white Boxer down after unsuccessful treatment for T-Cell lymphoma. Dr. Carly was on time and absoultely compassionate and professional. She treated Polo like she had known him as long as we have. It's been a week and we now have Polo ashes. It's been a tough loss to our family. But, highly recommend anyone who want to quietly and lovingly put their pet out of pain or misery.Kathy GouldCovington, LouisianaAugust 4, 2016
7/31/2016Sweet dreams bunny. You are so loved and so missed. We are happy that you are at peace.
We celebrate the amazing time that we had with you and all that you did to enhance our lives with your unconditional love.
You will be missed each and every day.
Amy KirbyAtlanta, GeorgiaAugust 4, 2016
7/29/2006 - 7/29/2016My sweet Lily, also known as, "Lily Bean", "Beaners".....I miss you more than words can describe. Your smile, bellow, soft fur, timid shake, morning wake-ups, gentle greetings at the door, playful jolts, bee-catching adventures, bed nesting, longing stares, paw-demands of affection, and lamb eyes are those things that made me fall in love with you. You were my favorite hello and by far my hardest goodbye.Michaelle MungerArlington, VirginiaAugust 4, 2016
7/4/2016 - 7/28/2016Tigger,

We are so happy and grateful that we got to share the past 16 years together! You were a sweet and calm little presence in our house and you loved to look out the window and go outside. We miss you every day since you've been gone and you will forever be in our hearts. Miss and love you little guy!
Sandy EverettRaleigh, North CarolinaAugust 3, 2016
4/1/2003 - 7/25/2016Our beloved 13 year 4 month old Yorkie LULU slept peacefully at home to her resting place on July 25, 2016. She was an integral part of our family and my closest buddy. She was bought as my daughter's high school graduation present in 2003, but as she went off to college, LULU became my companion and ruled the house and our lives. We miss her talking to us and asking for this and that. She was my lap dog and always with me whether in the car or at the house. Our tears are those of sorrow even though we know that she is in a better place and not in heart failure or kidney pain any more. Until we meet again, LULU, our love only continues to long for you and we miss you so much.Jean MaxwellDedham, MassachusettsAugust 3, 2016
3/4/2002 - 8/2/2016Dexter=The best lab ever!!! Forever in our hearts!!!KC ScherrerLas Vegas, NevadaAugust 3, 2016
Thor The Incredible
10/9/2006 - 8/1/2016My Gentle Giant. My Rock... a funny phrase because Rocks were the only thing he liked to fetch.Kali RendinoHawthorne, New JerseyAugust 3, 2016