Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/29/2002Tucker Bertoch 4/29/2002 - 11/25/2016
I owe you this, dear friend of mine,
For time is cruel, unfair, unkind.
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have one more day and one more night.
Your 15 years now come and gone,
From puppy love to grey and drawn.
I cry ten thousand tears you know,
That's the cost of letting go.
But when my time on earth is done,
I'll find you friend, and again we'll run.
Beth BertochKansas City, MissouriNovember 25, 2016
5/15/2004 - 11/20/201620 Nov 2016, we said our final goodbye to Forrest, our 13-year-old black lab, a very sad day, he was ill and needed to find comfort without pain. He came into our lives a small bundle and takes with him our whole heart. We know he is only a pet, but he has the deepest brown eyes, pools of wisdom. He experienced many of our family milestones, and will forever be remembered as part of our family; the Lab that ate the pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving and the pound of Sees Chocolate at Christmas. Forrest had the personality of a fierce lion, he protected us and scared the hell out of every vet & vet tech he ever met. Today he joins Sadie, his little sister. May you forever rest in peace. Thank you for being our daily companion, my nightly sentinel and the forever best friend. We love you.Vera BogleHaymarket, VirginiaNovember 25, 2016
4/5/2006 - 11/23/2016We were lucky enough to be able to adopt Brandy when she was 17 months old. From the first moment we met her, she was as excited to be around us as we were to be around her... and immediately we knew she would become a welcomed member of our family. She was such a kind and loving Boxer, always ready to play, enjoying every bit of the interaction with her immediate family and our friends as well.
She was large for a Boxer; very muscular and strong @ 78 lbs. She learned quickly to understand different words; discovering one word that rapidly became her favorite... "eat." For the most part, her diet consisted of her own food, but the treat she liked best was either salami or ham. When we fed her treats, she would look up at us with her big eyes as if she was saying; Thank you, I Love You, Can I have more! The joy that she brought to our lives will never be forgotten... to us she was the best.
Alan ErnstCoral Springs, FloridaNovember 25, 2016
12/25/2001 - 11/19/2016Remedy, you were our firstborn and a forever-shining light in our eyes. Your happy prance made our hearts sing. When you sat up on your hind legs and let us know you wanted some lovin', our hearts melted. When you left us, our hearts broke.

You were a constant source of love to us and for us. And you were such a trooper until the end. You endured years of surgeries, procedures and medications, all with a calm and sweet nature that made you a favorite of many vets and assistants.

We loved you then, we love you now, and we will always love you. You are missed by everyone who was lucky enough to befriend you. Your brothers and sister love and miss you, too.

Until we meet again, Our Dearest Boy,

~Mama and Daddy~
Elyse and Cal MillerLas Vegas, NevadaNovember 24, 2016
Axel rose duffy
2/16/2006 - 11/22/2016Axel Rose became part of our family when he was 10 weeks old, and a ball of fur. He was the brother to Buddy, a 19 year old poodle that passed away 2 years ago, and the uncle to Ella Rue a 2 year old yorkie. Axel was the most amazing dog that a family could hope for. He grew up to be a big, and strong protector who loved his family more that anything, especially Samantha. He was larger than life, and everyone that saw him was afraid of him at first because of his size, but they soon realized that he was a gentle giant. We are going to miss him, and the funny moments that we shared. For example, him hiding in the bathtub while sticking his head out from the bottom of the shower curtain, jumping on my legs like he was a tiny lap dog instead of a 105 pound German Shepherd, laying beside us watching over us when we were sick, and hiding under the Christmas tree as though he was looking for his presents. We are going to miss our handsome baby, but we know that he is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us. We love you more that you will ever know, thank you for being not only our family dog, but our best friend.Natalie DuffyOrlando, FloridaNovember 23, 2016
Duke Nugent
10/17/2005 - 11/20/2016Duke was born in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and was the brother to 7 siblings. Far from being the runt of the family, he grew up beautiful and strong. He had a very distinct personality which was not easy to forget. He also had many little quirks, such as walking through doorways backwards among many others:). We grew to love him very much and he will always be remembered as a strong, fun-loving, beautiful dog and most of all friend. His family and many many friends will always miss him dearly :)..and we thank God for the opportunity and privilege to have him in our lives.
Good-bye to our Duke for now, we love you with our whole hearts.
Kelley NugentBoca Raton, FloridaNovember 23, 2016
11/21/2016In memory of sweet Oliver.
You brought us so much love and joy. You went through so much but always purred no matter what. It was so hard to let you go but once there was no hope, it was the kindest thing to do. You had a beautiful day out in the world that you love so much and quietly went to rest at home. You have my heart and I don't know how I'm going to do without you but I feel you close. Until we're together again, I love you sweet Olly.
Linda Ramsay-WoodNew Port Richey, FloridaNovember 23, 2016
11/21/2016In loving memory of my sweet Oliver.
You brought us so much love and joy.
You fought through too many trials and purred through them all.
It was so hard to let you go, but when all hope was gone it was the kindest thing we could do.
You had a beautiful day out in the world you loved so much and then went peacefully to rest at home.
You take my heart with you and I don't know how I am going to do without you there, but I feel you all around.
Until we are together again, I love you my sweet Ollie.
Linda Ramsay-WoodNew Port RIchey, FloridaNovember 23, 2016
6/29/2003 - 11/14/2016My husband and I brought Cody home at 6 weeks old. He was a chubby little black lab pup, the runt of the litter, but cute as could be. He was with us for an amazing 13 years. Our son was born right after Cody turned one, and they were best buddies. He was the sweetest dog when he was around kids. Not once did we ever have to worry about our son being around him alone. Cody was his protector. A few years later our daughter came along, and although he was older, he was still amazing. He was loved so much, but so many people, and I look forward to the day when we can see him again at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest In Peace Cody!Amanda PiperGrovetown, GeorgiaNovember 22, 2016
11/19/2016Our little prince JACO ended his earthly life Nov. 19, 2016.
We’ll miss him terribly, but so grateful for the 10 years of joy he gave us.
Handsome, strong, a rascal but he loved flowers.
Dixie McAlisterMission Viejo, CaliforniaNovember 22, 2016