Pet Memorials
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5/15/2004 - 11/1/2016In loving memory of our beautiful Lily, our first dog for my two daughters. Lily brought us peace and calm, and she was adopted after she had a litter of puppies. One of her puppies, Scout, was adopted by my aunt and she was able to spend time with him. This helped her a lot. She was graceful, gentle, loved to snuggle, and could eat an entire roast off the barbecue if you turned your back on her. She was very quiet, so you never would suspect it was her! Her younger sister, Angel, and her older sister, Murphy (who went to heaven right before her) were happy companions for many years. We will miss her greatly. We are so thankful to Dr. Amanda for the graceful exit she provided as Lily went home. Angel was able to say goodbye to her also in the privacy of our home, in her favorite spot next to the fireplace. We will always love you, Lily.Michelle JordanSan Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaNovember 4, 2016
4/30/2008 - 10/9/2016It’s taken me a few weeks to write this. I have written this so many times and then deleted and started all over again. There are not enough words to describe the type of love we have for our sweet Nookie. We still have his kennel up and still have the box blocking the kid’s hallway. It’s a little easier now when I get home but still not pain free. I still remember when we first saw him... We loved him then & he will forever hold a special place in our hearts... Although I know he is in doggy heaven w/our sweet Chihuahua Baby. I know both of them are waiting on us chasing each other & Baby is showing him the ropes... We love & miss you so much my sweet boy until we are together again.Marlene OrdonezHumble, TexasNovember 3, 2016
9/26/2007 - 10/30/2016In loving memory or our beautiful 200 pound great dane, Mack. He was truly a gently giant. He was 9 years old, we got him when he was 6 weeks old. He has been our king ever since. We will forever love and miss you. The world is for sure a different place without you. Forever frolic and shine till we meet again. You went to sleep on Sunday, October 30 here on earth AND WOKE UP IN HEAVEN! You will always be my sunshine.Sherry ChasteenArlington, TexasNovember 2, 2016
In memory of my beloved Molly. Molly is my sweet girl who brought so much love, loyalty and happiness to not only my life, but to my family and everyone who met her. I cherish every day I had with her before she crossed the rainbow bridge last week at 11 1/2. Our home is empty, our hearts are heavy and we will miss our Boo forever. Someday we will be together again my sweet baby girl. Forever in my ❤️, always in my mind. Miss you and love you!Jay dePrimoNesconset, New YorkNovember 2, 2016
5/31/2000 - 10/19/2016It's taken me a couple of weeks to write this. The past few weeks were hard without my baby boy. The days are getting easier but no day goes by without thinking of him and getting choked up. Nikkei was a pretty independent little Shiba Inu and not real big on affection when he was younger. He never gave kisses unless you had just eaten something yummy and it was on your lips. No matter how hard you tried to get a kiss from him he looked at you like you were crazy. I knew he loved me though. It was just understood between us. His sweet personality and the serious way he looked at me (as if he understood me) was all I ever needed from him though and no amount of kisses could have been better than that. Once in a very long while I could sneak a kiss from him in though and because he gave them so sparingly they were truly special.

His brother (Kyo-also a Shiba Inu) was Nikkei's buddy from the time they were puppies together. They were a little over a year apart and were great for each other. They slept in the dog bed together (and my bed), went on walks together, ate together and fought together on occasion. Kyo was just over 16 in 2014 when I had to let him go (CCDS-doggy dementia and a previous stroke had taken their toll) and Nikkei missed him. Kyo's passing, while hard, wasn't as difficult as Nikkei's has been. Probably because when I let Kyo go, I still had Nikkei to help fill the void. Now-it's lonely. My comfort is looking at pictures of him and remembering all of the happy times and the countless walks (more like jogs) we took when he could still get around good. Nikkei also developed CCDS-doggy dementia about a year ago and steadily declined from then on. At the end he was confused and wasn't getting enjoyment from anything anymore. He was very anxious in the evening and rarely slept for longer than an hour at a time. He took to wearing a Thunder Shirt and it was really helpful for relaxing him and looked super cute on him. I did everything I could to make sure the last few months were as good as they could be for him though. My husband and I would still take him for short walks in the evenings if he could manage and I started home cooking his meals. He truly appreciated home-cooking as opposed to dog food. I had him in on vitamins and some herbal supplements for his dementia so I believe in my heart that I helped him as much as I could through the hard times.

I know Nikkei is with his brother Kyo now and is energetic, curious, full of life and independent once again-like he was meant to be.

Nikkei-you were and are my baby boy and will never be replaced in my heart. I love you.
Jennifer RobbinsSt. Louis, MissouriNovember 2, 2016
10/15/2016There aren't enough words to describe what a special boy Irwin was. He came into my life at a time when I really needed him. About 8 months before I adopted him, I had lost another very special dog named Shadow, which put me into a deep depression. I didn't think I would ever get another dog. Then my best friend went on her honeymoon, and I kept her dog Mocha for her. She is an awesome dog, and having her in the house made me realize I needed another dog, because life isn't the same without them. We adopted Irwin from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. I had always wanted a very big dog, and Irwin was that. When his foster mom brought him to meet us I was so excited. He was such a big, handsome boy. We kept him for the weekend to make sure we all got along, but my husband and I knew that night we would never let him go. We rescued Irwin, but I always felt he rescued me. It wasn't until we adopted him that my depression started to get better. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.
Irwin was the calmest, sweetest dog ever. He was the kind of dog you could do anything to. All that mattered to him was being with his people. He was the kind of dog who just loved to cuddle, and was always right by our side. I tripped over him many, many times in the 9 years we had him. :) When our son was born, I was worried about how he would accept him, but before long, Irwin knew he was part of our pack, too, and they became best friends. Our son is 5 now, and he always called him "Best Friend Irwin."
Recently, Irwin had been losing a lot of weight, even though he was still eating. I thought he might be diabetic, although cancer was in the back of my mind, too. I was still shocked to learn he had cancer. Even with surgery, the most he would live was 6 months, and he was already about 12 years old. That is pretty old for a hundred pound dog.
After all he gave us, we knew we couldn't let him suffer any longer. As good of a dog as he was at home, he hated the vet. We knew we couldn't take him there to be euthanized. So we called Dr. Dawnetta, and Irwin passed peacefully at home, in our arms. My husband, son and I were all there to give him love and tell him what a good boy he was. Our other dog Kula was also there. Even though we were devastated to lose him, we knew he would no longer be in pain.
I wish I had a way to really convey his personality and how special he was. I've never met another dog like him. He was so loyal. When they came up with the term "man's best friend", they had to be describing a dog just like Irwin. They are all special in their own way, but Irwin was one of a kind, and we will always miss him. I'll always be grateful for what he did for me.
We love you, handsome boy!
Tricia GarstangImperial, MissouriNovember 1, 2016
12/13/2002 - 10/30/2016Dear Ina (Little,)
I think I was always meant to have you. When I saw you at the aspca you were not the type of cat I was looking for. But you looked so sad in the cage. Your name was Sushi and the on the cage said you hated being there and had been there three weeks. I just felt that you really needed me. When you came home with me you were scared and hid, but then that night you slowly crawled into my lap, settled in and started purring. My heart just soared because I didn't know if you would be comfortable with me. After that we spent ten wonderful years living together. You were so sweet, very shy of other people but with me you always looked for affection, meowed at me, played with me, and spent every night you could asleep next to me. My parents loved you too and asked to look after you when I went out of town.
I wish I had been home more often and hadn't worked so much. I wish I had played with you every night even when I was tired. But I think I gave you a great life, better than you were facing. And when you got sick I did everything I could, spent every penny, and nursed you at home for as long as I could. When you couldn't keep going and stopped eating I held you in my arms and let you pass without pain. Before the doctor came, we had an hour together, and I spent that time looking at your face, trying to memorize it. When you looked at me I did a slow blink, which means "I love you" for cats. You blinked back. I'm so thankful I had that time to sit with you in the sun, and tell you I love you. I'm so thankful for the ten years of laughter, playing, snuggles and comfort you gave me. The house feels empty and I keep looking for you, but I wouldn't ever give up those ten years. I love you Ina.
Maureen WalshSilver Spring, MarylandNovember 1, 2016
Cookie Dough
9/14/2006 - 8/1/2016Just a few months ago, our angel dog, Cookie Dough, got her angel wings. I know all golden retrievers are lovable and friendly family dogs, and this girl was no exception; however, Cookie Dough truly earned her name. She was SUPER SUPER SUPER SWEET. Everyone she ever met, human, cat, dog, bird, hamster, bearded dragon, bunny, LOVED her and she loved them.

At night, she was like Nana from Peter Pan. She'd roam the house from room to room checking in on all her babies before she'd finally fall asleep at the foot of my bed.

It occurred to me as she aged that I wasn't going to be able to get her in the car when it was time. (I'm a single mom and a widow). I anguished about how to give her a stress free, peaceful passing. Then my vet recommend Lap of Love.

I'm forever grateful for the entire experience.

I know our girl met daddy in heaven at the rainbow bridge. There are playing catch and swimming all day long now.
Dawn GoldsteinHollywood, FloridaNovember 1, 2016
10/17/2016While Hannah was only in our lives for 2.5 years, she was the heart of our family. Hannah was surrendered to a rescue when she was at least 9 years old, still nursing two puppies. She had been chained out in a backyard, used for breeding and as a guard dog. She came with no vet records. Our family decided to foster her once the puppies were weaned, and she never left. Even though Hannah was dog reactive and had a long list of medical issues (DCM, vWD, arthritis, broken teeth, and later cancer), she lived life to the fullest. She had her Advanced Trick Dog Title and was working on her Senior Barn Hunt title and went on many camping and backpacking trips with us. While she was our first Doberman, she won't be the last.

Hannah was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and while she was handling treatment very well initially, she got very sick two weeks ago and we made the difficult decision to let her go on 10/17. I will be forever grateful that we had the opportunity to be her family, and that we were able to give her the gift of peace in the comfort of our home.

True love stories have no endings, until we meet again sweet girl.
Susan CorningIssaquah, WashingtonOctober 31, 2016
1/24/2002 - 10/26/2016In Loving Memory of Kahlua a/k/a Louie, Lou Man, Lou Man Chew, Lou Lou, & King Louie. Our Sweet Sweet Boy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 26th, and will be forever missed!! He hung in there for us, and gave us so many loving funny memories and miss him more than I could ever express. He absolutely took a piece of my heart with him. I only find peace in knowing that he is not in pain, and that he can see, hear and play again where we will once meet again. Please know Louie that we will Miss you everyday, and Love you always! Mom, Dad, BJ, Brittany & Briana XOXONancy NicholsTampa, FloridaOctober 31, 2016