Pet Memorials
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2/14/2004 - 4/25/2017It has been a little over a week since Gracie left us, and I am finally beginning to adjust to the incredible hole in my heart enough to try to put into words just how much she meant to me. I have had many dogs over the years, but Gracie was special. It is difficult to explain, because I loved them all, but she was the one who really became a part of me and for a little toy Fox Terrier, made a huge impact on my world. I know I will feel her missing every day, but I am comforted knowing that we will meet again and she will be well then.Diane PowersDurham, North CarolinaMay 4, 2017
8/24/2002 - 2/23/2017Our sweet baby girlfriend, we miss you terribly each day and remember all the loving, hilarious, fun times with you. Your bed is still set up with your bone blanket ready for you to lounge. The house ISN'T the same without your sweet presence and stoic watchfullness. You picked a beautiful, unseasonably warm and sunny morning in February to take your last breaths (which were on your terms) and leave your ailing body. I will always be reminded of you, especially on a warm, sunny day when birds are chirping and butterflies and dragonflies are all around.. You are truly an angel who was extremely loved by your family and extended family. I will miss those miles of walks that we went on for many, many years. You always loved to run like the wind up until about 2 years ago. It was a great pleasure to see you happy and running free. We hope you are running and flying like the wind without pain and discomfort and wearing a huge ear to ear grin :)

Mom, Amanda and all the other humans you touched in your lifetime
Kathy WarneboldJobstown, New JerseyMay 4, 2017
Monty (papa)
4/7/2007 - 4/20/2017On April 20th our first fur baby, Papa, lost his battle with lymphoma. He was 10 years old.

Papa, 10 years ago I saw your face and knew you were meant for us. You have been with us through so much over the years and we sure thought you would be with us for so much more to come.

Cancer sucks.

Thank you for always knowing when we needed extra long cuddles and for ALWAYS being so VOCAL about everything you ever wanted.

You are our angel. We love you. We will always miss you.


Mama, Daddy and Bear
Stefanie RamosTampa, FloridaMay 4, 2017
9/7/2017 - 4/27/2017Tugger - T-Bone, Mommy's Boy

It's been almost a week since we said goodbye to our dog Tugger. I miss him in the morning when I would give him a treat before my shower and take him for a walk before going to work. I miss him when I come home from work when he would great me at the door and bring me his kong for a treat. I miss after dinner when he would start begging me for his evening walk. I miss him when I go to bed when he would snuggle next to me in bed. It's was hard to say goodbye but he lived a good life and I am a better person for having had him in my life.
Melanie SciochettiHolland, PennsylvaniaMay 4, 2017
Miss Lillie
5/1/2003 - 5/2/2017Dear Miss Lillie who was my diva dog. She introduced me to agility. She loved to swim. She was kind and sweet. Such a blessing to my life.Terry PasfieldGoldenrod, FloridaMay 3, 2017
Minnie Mouse
10/1/2017Yesterday we said goodbye to our best friend. We met you at a dog shelter and somehow you picked us to be your lucky family! You we're about 2 or 3 years old, full of life and I couldn't get over the fact that you had a Mickey Mouse spot on your back! For 10 years you would be my cuddle bug while Andy was on the road, my walking partner, my good laugh for the day and the protector of our home and my sweet children. I'd like to think you are probably up in heaven right now playing catch with Andy's sister Katie and licking grandma and grandpa's face. I am at peace knowing that you are in no more pain and probably eating all the bacon there is in heaven. We love you Minnie Mouse a.k.a. The mouse Thank you Dr. Regan for taking such good care of the mouse during her last hours with us. It was peaceful for her to get her wings laying outside in the sun on her favorite bed with her favorite toy.Melissa SheridanLaVergne, TennesseeMay 2, 2017
4/1/1997 - 5/1/2017Our beloved Ricola crossed the Rainbow Bridge with the kind assistance of Dr. Carly Billeaudeau on May 1st. It was so hard to let him go, but we knew it was the right time for him when he recently developed mobility issues and started looking more frail than usual. Having him in our family for nearly 20 years was a blessing, and we'll always miss him.Trellee BermudezBaton Rouge, LouisianaMay 2, 2017
5/20/2004 - 4/21/2017It's taken me this long to finally sit and write this memorial for our beautiful Fluffy. 10 long days ago, we had to say good bye to our beautiful German Shepard girl, Sasha. It was a very difficult decision and day for our entire family. As pet owners we know the day is inevitable, however it seems to be upon us too soon. Sasha was a wonderful dog and such a fierce protector of our 4 children. When our twins were only a few months old, we got an 8 week old Sasha. People said we were crazy, but it was the best thing we could have ever done. Sasha grew up with the twins and our two toddler daughters. She was a doting mother and loved the kids so much. Over the past year, Sasha hasn't been able to go upstairs like she loved to do, her hips were failing. Even up until two days before she left us, Sasha would make her way slowly around the kitchen and to outside. My mom was up for a visit at Easter, Sasha loved Mimi and the treats she would give to Sasha. the day after my mom left, Sasha could no longer get up on her hind legs and couldn't get outside. We could see she didn't like to be that way. We used a harness in hopes she would start walking once we got her upright, but that was not the case. Sasha was not happy not being able to chase a ball, or go wander the yard or scavenge for loose tissues. While she never cried or whimpered, we knew she was not comfortable or happy. Sasha left our home but not our hearts, surrounded by all of us,in the comfort of her home on her soft, clean dog bed, after having several filet mignonette dinners with ice cream for dessert. Sasha thoroughly loved it. It was a gift that we were all present when Sasha passed peacefully, all the while we hugged her and told her how much we loved her. I miss the smell of her fur, no matter if it was stinky or not, what I'd give to have her back. The house is oddly quiet without her and she is greatly missed. Thank you Sasha for all of your unconditional love and for being the best furry baby ! We ❤️ You Sasha! Forever in our hearts.Jill AvadanianMorgantown, PennsylvaniaMay 2, 2017
Butterscotch ("Buds")
10/17/2000 - 4/30/2017Even after 17.5 wonderful years with Butterscotch, our time together seemed all too short. "Buds" was the handsomest, sweetest, most loving cat with such an amazing and very strong personality. I will miss how he drooled while he was getting pet, how he always found the most echoey place to meow when he wanted food or attention, how he loved laying in the sun on our back porch, and how he loved to give us dead lizards as presents when he was feeling generous. Most of all, I will miss his sweet, loving, and comforting presence. My household and my life will not be the same without him, and he will always have a special place in my heart. I will always miss and love you, Buds, but I am so happy that you are past your pain and are with your sister on the Rainbow Bridge where I know we will meet again someday. Goodbye for now my special boy, I love you forever.Kelsey McVaughGainesville, FloridaMay 2, 2017
4/22/2000 - 4/26/2017Sophie, the incredible Jack Russell terrier, was one of a kind! Even though all the dog books said to never make your first dog a Jack Russell, we did not listen to that advice. As a puppy she would run circles around trees, furniture, and people like a greyhound. When she needed to go outside, she would ring a bell. She loved to swim in a creek or lake retrieving sticks. While one of her owners, Amanda, was a student at MU Vet School, obedient Sophie endured being a "demo dog" to help further the skills of future vets. In her senior days, she didn't run circles anymore, but always had a friendly "slurp" for the cheek of the youngest members of the family. The dog books were wrong about this Jack Russell, she was the perfect pet!Louise BrehmLees Summit, MissouriMay 2, 2017