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3/10/2015 - 12/14/2015Diesel was the life of our family in so many ways! He brought so much joy, laughter, and yes frustration at times (in all of his hardheaded English bulldog ways) to us. He was even the talk of the neighborhood, everyone knew and loved Diesel!

When we knew it was time to say goodbye to Diesel, and we knew he was wearing weary, we wanted the very best for him and wanted him to spend his final minutes in the comfort of his home in his bed. Lap of Love and Dr Manetta made that possible.
Dr. Manetta was the most compassionate, caring and genuine Vet. She treated us with such respect and understood our love for Diesel; she explained everything that would take place when we were ready.She was truly an angel and just what Dennis and needed at this time.

The entire staff at Lap of Love was responsive and understanding of our grief. We appreciate Laurie and Christina's emails; especially the article you included in your email. and then your follow-up.

Dr. Manetta left us with a special rememberance of Diesel- his paw print, which we will always treasure.

I highly recommend "Lap of Love" when the time comes for you and your beloved pet!

Thank you for the card and follow-up emails!
Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!
Dennis & Vicki
Vicki SpiveyCharlotte, North CarolinaDecember 28, 2015
11/3/2001 - 12/23/2015Fee, originally named FiFi, came to us as an adult cat sitting in her carrier waiting to be adopted, and then shared her life with us for the next 15 years. Unsure, but willing to give us a chance, she came to be the most loving and tolerant of cats we have ever known. A communicative cat, her variety of meows would simply say hello, I see you, or let us know when it was time to wake up, eat, or just sit on the sofa for TV watching and cuddling. Her rumbling purrs and relaxed body postures always reminded us that we were doing the right thing. To say that she had us well trained would be an understatement, but we were willing servants to our sweetheart.
In her later months, the ravages of old age and cancer finally took their toll. We put her to rest on December 23, 2015, and will forever cherish the memories of our soft, sweet and loving tabby.
david hayanoOcoee, FloridaDecember 27, 2015
9/5/2001 - 12/22/2015Our hearts are heavy with the passing of our Molly Mae. She was our baby, best friend, confidont, such a smart and gentle girl❤️
She is greatly missed!
Judy SloweyLockport, New YorkDecember 27, 2015
2/18/2005 - 11/29/2015A devoted companion.
A best friend.
A true love.
A pure soul.

You will be missed until the day that we are reunited.
Amanda E.Hollywood, FloridaDecember 27, 2015
12/5/2005 - 12/21/2015This can’t be happening. Not to our Sparky. Just last week I was shooting a video of her romping and dancing around the back yard as I teased and played with her. She was spinning and howling and talking to me with excitement. Her ears perked and her tail curled. She was looking for a stick or a ball to grab. Let’s play! Let’s play! She wanted nothing but to please me. And I wanted it never to end.

I have many videos like that. And my iPhone has a constant stream of thousands of photographs taken virtually every day. I recorded everything, as any proud parent would. Every moment seemed worth capturing. Sparky get that duck! Where did you find that stick? Nap time. Let’s go sit on the porch. Out for a walk. Where’s your ball? You silly dog!

I clicked my last image at 3:27 pm, December 21, 2015. I was too sad and crying too hard to take any more.

Sparky was only sick a short while. And we know we did everything we could. Despite extraordinary efforts, the specialists and emergency care doctors in the ICU were unable to get her case under control. Her body had betrayed her. She fought hard but after several days in the hospital it was apparent to us that it was time for her to come home. We could see it in her eyes.

Sparky's troubled little heart finally rested at exactly ‪4:30pm as we held her closely. The visit by Lap of Love was incredibly thoughtful and dignified. We took some locks of hair and made a paw print. We shared stories and photos. We laughed and cried. Sparky was wrapped carefully in a thick furry doggy-print blanket and placed in a stretcher. Her furry little mop top head sticking out as if she was taking a nap. It was very peaceful and even cute. We are terribly sad yet somewhat relieved. We had three thousand five hundred and two days of wonderful memories of our best friend ever.

The journey in front of us, without her by our side, is the one I am most frightened of now. I look for her still. Every shadow is a black dog. I had a dream last night, just a piece of a dream, really. All of a sudden I saw Sparky running full speed, ears out and hair flying, tail curled the way it does only when she is super excited. She is running away from me, I don’t see her face. There doesn’t seem to be any context as to where she is, inside, outside in the yard or woods, I couldn’t tell. But I remember saying with excitement “There she goes!” The tone in my voice seemed to be telling others that she is ok. Or maybe I made that part up in my head when I awoke. I don’t know. But for a split second, before reality set in, I felt better. I hope this means something. I want to believe.

We love you Sparky, forever a puppy in our hearts.
Brad BloomquistSt. Louis, MissouriDecember 27, 2015
5/31/2000 - 10/17/2015Fluffy it has been our first Christmas without you. We still think of you and sometimes feel your presence even though you have been gone now a little over 2 months. We will always remember you and the fun times we had. We know you are in a much better place and you have all the cat nip and butterflies to chase for eternity. You are resting with no more pain.

I want to thank Dr Brad for allowing us to take Fluffy to the place she needed to be and allow her to be with her family to get to the other side. Not with strangers handling her on a metal table in a place she wasn't comfortable and adding any anxiety. I will be calling on Dr Brad again for my two dogs that I have. We are at a point in our life where we have 2 more older pets and I want Dr Brad to give us the opportunity to give them a comfortable and familiar place where they can go to sleep in our arms and cross over to the other side with no anxiety. I feel that is the best we can give to your pets after they have been so faithful to us and been apart of our family.

An unusual thing happened after Dr Brad left and the day went on. We went for a ride. I just couldn't read any pamphlets or look at any material that was given to me I was too distraught couldn't bare the thought I just lost my cat. On our ride into Philadelphia we were on I95 heading north near the airport and saw a rainbow going over the bridge after clouds had built up but no rain and I said to my husband. Look at that it must be a sign from Kitty Kat Fluffy.
We later came home around 9pm or so I finally decided to open up the one pamphlet read it and stopped in my tracks. I couldn't believe what I was reading and saw when we were on our ride. I ran to my husband and stated read this you will not believe what you are reading and what we saw. He agreed that it was a sign that we had done the right thing and that Fluffy was okay.
Charlie & Chris YoungSpringfield, PennsylvaniaDecember 26, 2015
8/6/2006 - 12/21/2015He was not only a Great Dane but a truly great dog. He may have had a tough start to his life but when he arrived at our house he made our life as complete as we made his. His size may have startled most people but to us he was the most gentle giant. Never knowing how large he really was he always thought he was a lap dog. His two most favorite places in this world were on someone's lap or on his couch! He was so loving to his older sister Indy, no matter how much she tortured him. He missed her terribly when she passed but made sure he comforted my wife as she mourned the loss of her Indy. His final days were spent with us laying of the floor beside him, comforting him and taking care of him as much as possible. He'll be sorely missed but will never be out of our thoughts and our hearts. We love you Mr. Bubba Gump!Frank ShochPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaDecember 25, 2015
Spirit Assefa
7/24/2003 - 12/24/2015Our beloved Spirit, my Spiruye! -our heart breaks when we say goodbye.We love you so much!! You added so much to our lives. Spiruye, everyone that met you, loved your cute cuddly self, and was impressed by your macho personality. You were small in size but had a giant presence. You were fiesty,and you always protected me, your momma, all 8lb of you. Spiruye, you were so intelligent, wanted to understand what i was saying, and you understood a good bit. Added so much to those that had the good fortune to meet you. All the neighbours, all the kids know you by name. Just do not know how I am going to get along without you. Thought we had a little more time. But, I think you are in a better place. Spiruye, you will always be with me in my heart- you will never be forgotten! Wube is so sad too! He misses you. He made your beautiful sendoff happen!! I have not told Belen yet. I will tell her when she comes back. You will always be in her heart too. Thank you my Spiruye for the beautiful years of companionship, coming into our lives! I ask God that i see you and midnight again in a better place. Love you always!

P.S. Spiru passed in our bedroom that we shared on December 24, 2015 around eight pm with the assistance of Lap of Love. It was a peaceful transition. He was surrounded by those who loved him.
Hanna AssefaRaleigh, North CarolinaDecember 25, 2015
5/15/2005 - 11/24/2015Kali was & will always be our heart dog. Her passing has left a huge void in our lives. We have kept her ashes so that she will always be close to us. She was a beautiful & bright Vizsla who loved life & everyone she met. She was our best friend & we miss her so much.CHUCK & MARY HILSMANNVentura, CaliforniaDecember 24, 2015
2/1/1999 - 12/22/2015I picked you out to give to my mom, Sophie, a d then you and she came to live with me 2 years later. Mom passed and you became my buddy.
We had so many good years together. Rest in peace, Buddy.
Miriam StammPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaDecember 24, 2015