Pet Memorials
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Lady Giselle Gray
1/11/2000 - 6/26/2014Dear Lady Gray, You were so delicate and tiny like a kitten. Memories of your great spirit, loyalty and affection, opinionated ways and your athletic grace remain with us. We are thankful for 15 wonderful years, especially the time After that December diagnosis. Sleep in the sun, stalk the wild butterfly and hunt the feathered ones.Jacksonville, FloridaJuly 2, 2014
11/26/2014 - 7/2/2014My sweet little girl Tikki; I miss you so dearly. It’s been one year since you passed away and I still think about you every single day. I loved you from the moment we met. It was eleven years ago but it seems like yesterday when I spotted you in a box full of puppies. You were the only one that carried yourself as if you knew you were above puppy behavior. That first year was rough; you almost died in my arms before being diagnosed with kidney failure. But despite being told you had a 50/50 chance of survival, you pulled through surgery like a champ and became my SHERO. You went on to live 9 happy years with lots of hugs and kisses from every one that met you. You were diagnosed with congestive heart failure on May 2, 2013 and passed away July 2, 2013. I wish I had known that I only had 60 days left with you. I knew when you stopped eating that you weren’t well, but I had hoped that you would pull through like you did 9 years before. I often wonder if you heard me during those last moments of consciousness. I thought we had more time. I hope you know how much I loved you.
I miss our daily routine; I would come through the door and you would wait patiently while I put my purse down and take my shoes off, then I would say “ok, let’s cuddle”. I would pick you up and you would press your little face into my chest while I stroked your head and back. After a few minutes you would lift your head and look around and I would say “are we done”, and you would press your face into my chest again as if you were telling me “no, just a little longer mom”. I miss that routine so much. Your vet once told me that I didn’t choose you, but you chose me. I am so glad that you chose me as your guardian because I got to experience the purest form of love. Now you can run as far as your little legs will carry you and you can eat as much as your little belly can hold, and you will never have another sick day again. Forever in my thoughts and in my heart. Love you always, mommy.
Taneise DealAtlanta, GeorgiaJuly 2, 2014
7/19/2003 - 6/25/2014The moment Scouty left us, I knew I’d soon lose you. Although I wasn’t your real mommy, I was the mommy you had Nemo, and I knew you so well. I knew that all your emotions were so intense that I had to make sure to keep them in check so you wouldn’t get in trouble. I knew you loved so hard that when your best bud, your brother of your entire life was gone that’d be the end of you. And I saw you crumble until I had no choice but put aside my need to have you by my side and let you reunite with him.
I still remember as if it was yesterday, going to that rescue event, and goodness they pulled you out of this dog carrier that had to be three times smaller than you. How did they ever squeeze you in there? I just felt so upset. I learned they never cropped your ears as they were going to eliminate you. I never saw a Doberman with his original ears before and I thought, why do people mess with something this beautiful?! You clung to me as soon as you saw me. I was there to get a little dog, and there I went home with a 20 pound puppy that would end up as a 120 big boy.
Nemo, the troublemaker, evil genius! Working together with his accomplice Scout. Together, worked as a team creating distractions while the other would run away with food whatever else was in their radar. Nemo the master of comfort, enviable ability to score the best spots anywhere we went. Somehow managed to arrange things around to create whatever was needed for that moment to be as comfortable as possible. Pillows and cushions for head and/or back support, blankets to cover up on colder days. Nemo, my gorgeous, handsome boy, with such class and style. Now, find me any guy out there that can pull off a tux as well as a skirt, hats of any kind.
I hope you were happy Nemo.
As sad as I am today, and my God am I sad, I am also thankful. How many people out there get to have a Nemo and Scout. I’ll always treasure our times together, including the time it was just me and you.
I’ll always remember our vacations in the mountains, our Christmases together and your efficient work as the official present opener, our jogs together, the hurricanes, and the best kisses in town. I will always treasure the fact that no matter what, I knew I was coming home to a VIP welcome, even in your last days when getting up was so hard for you, you always rushed to the door and made me feel so very special.
As you arrive to heaven and see Scout, I can almost see the most epic stare down of all time. Boy, that should be a sight. You guys be good, don’t destroy the place. Don’t eat God’s couch, or play tug-a-war with the patio screen, don’t steal an entire roast from the kitchen counter and don’t cake the entire place with a mix of Bisquick and doggie spit. If walls are getting painted because you dug a hole in them from roughhousing, don’t eat the paint, or crayons (remember, colored poop is still poop), and oh yeah no digging in the yard.
It was my delight and my privilege to be your mommy my sweet boy, taking care of you, bathing you, feeding, walking you, caring for you the very few times (thankfully) that you got sick, taking you to the park and on vacations. I will always, always remember these amazing years you gave me, and I will always treasure the fact that no matter how much I loved you, and I did immensely, I always knew you loved me even more.
I don’t know with certainty what heaven is, but I do know that when my time comes, if I see two big dogs with the most gorgeous smiles, sprinting out of control towards me, I will know I am there.
Yelitza GlaserCoral Springs, FloridaJuly 1, 2014
9/27/2003 - 3/6/2014As I laid awake thinking of you the night you left, Scouty, I thought of so many things I would have wanted to tell you on your last moments, but didn’t manage to say, so:
Thank you, it was a joy and a privilege to be your mommy and I never took for granted that you saw me that way and always came to me when you found yourself in need.
Thank you for being so good and so kind. For sleeping on my head when you were a puppy, for covering up for Nemo when he was being naughty. You’d create a distraction so we’d focus on you instead of busting him.
Thank you for making me feel so welcome every day when I came home from work. You’d wait for me looking at the window and when I walked in you’d be wagging your entire body and your face looked as though you were just about to cry for joy as if me coming home was the single most wonderful thing that ever happened to you.
Thank you because without you my children wouldn’t even exist, and thank you for loving them and being part of their lives. Thank you for letting them get on you and get silly with you, thank you for fetching the balls in the water for them and for the games of hide and go seek.
Thank you for sitting with me every morning, before the sun came out, on the couch as I drank my coffee. That space you occupied for ten years felt like a lunar crater this morning.
And thank you, God, for letting us have this precious soul for a while. I surely can’t blame you for calling him back to you. Please love him every day, he loves to play with puppies and with children, and please give him peanut butter, I promised him you would.
Until we meet again baby pooh
Yelitza GlaserCoral Springs, FloridaJuly 1, 2014
8/1/1994 - 6/29/2014My dearest Taz...thank you for almost 20 years of constant companionship. You brought so much joy to my life. I will miss you tremendously but will meet you again someday. You were filled with spirited attitude until your last moments even in your pain. I love you my sweet angel.Robin KoutsouresOak Park, IllinoisJuly 1, 2014
12/15/1998 - 6/29/2014Zeke was simply the best dog anyone could ask for. He was kind, he was gentle, he was loving. He loved to be with his family, no matter where we were. He loved his walks more than anything. He loved all dogs. He was just the best. He always had a smile on his face. His tail was constantly wagging. I loved him more than lifeMark RulonSimi Valley, CaliforniaJuly 1, 2014
1/5/1993 - 6/26/2014Thank you, my Franki, for choosing to live with us and teaching us unconditional love, how to play more, rest more, be present, enjoy nature and eat more of what we love with great purpose! Your 22 years of earthly life prepared you for the greatest adventure of all ~ and one day, I will join you there across the rainbow into the light. Franki, I love you dear boy - more than words can say. I am honored that you chose us. You live in our hearts forever.Chapel Hill, North CarolinaJune 30, 2014
1/15/2000 - 6/26/2014Jake, my buddy, my pal.
I only knew Jake for 3 ½ years and he was hard to get to know. But eventually we became friends. He would greet me every time I visited his home, he would come looking for me if he didn’t see me in the morning when he was let out.

I could only pet him on his head because of the pain in the rest of his body, but he always looked forward to my petting and tried to lick my hand. Eventually he became my sitting buddy on the couch, laying over and snuggling against my thigh.

A couple of years ago Jake was introduced to (had to put up with) a new puppy that was brought into his home. Needless to say, all the puppy wanted to do was play, play, play and Jake didn’t want anything to do with her. But as time went by he looked to her as a member of the pack and followed her out to the yard, and around the house. He even became her protector at times (see pix).

Jake was an odd/funny dog, but wow am I going to miss that cute/sad face.

John EnsBrick, New JerseyJune 30, 2014
10/19/2006 - 6/26/2014Peekaboo, you are our sweet little angel. You were very special to us and we will forever love you. You brought so much joy to us and to so many others. We will miss your kisses and that gentle little nibble you gave to us on our noses. Your soulful eyes will be with us forever. We will never stop missing you. We love you Boo Boo. Good-bye for now - until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace our sweet, beautiful angel.Kathy FrazierStokesdale, North CarolinaJune 30, 2014
3/10/1999 - 6/23/2014Shadow was such a sweet dog. She was a good watch dog and friend. She was the only dog that actually came when I called her. She was name shadow because when she was little she always followed me around. She will be missed. She had a good long life.Kris PefferLa Porte, TexasJune 30, 2014