Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/1/2000 - 4/11/2015Shadow was a loyal, loving, protector of our home and our children - who are now young adults. He was a beautiful animal and amazing family member. Good boy Shadow, good boy.Jill KelleyOrange Park, FloridaApril 21, 2015
6/1/1997 - 4/19/2015My dearest Misty. Thank you for making the last 16 years of life so joyful. For helping me mourn the loss of my parents, and always being there for me - in times of sorrow, and happiness. I will miss your purr and soft, colorful fur. Your golden eyes, that never missed a thing. You were one of a kind, and I feel blessed that you chose me to be your guardian for the last 16 years. I miss you, Bubala.Kathleen FinnSimi Valley, CaliforniaApril 20, 2015
6/6/2004 - 4/12/2015Zumie was the best dog I ever had. For 11 yrs this 87 pound Black Lab/Chow gentle giant protected our family and respected all the other animals that have come and gone in our lives. His best friend was a cat and he loved to swim in the pool. He was the last of the kids childhood pets to pass so it was a sad day, but we had a Zumie Day on Saturday and nice Sunday Morning breakfast of Cracker Barrel maple bacon with him. He was surrounded by his loved ones who had flown in from Idaho to be with him and I gave Zumie his last drink of water about 30mins before he passed. Zumie passed at 1340 hrs on a warm Sunday afternoon (God's Day). I want to personally thank Dr. Tobiah Goldman for his professionalism and sympathy and to Dr. Nicole Wagner for recommending him and Lap of Love. Zumie will be missed and never forgotten. Thank you to all involved, JimJim DelmerLas Vegas, NevadaApril 20, 2015
12/7/2000 - 4/18/2015My dear little boy, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. For now, just run and hunt and chase rabbits with Annie until we can all be together again. You were the kindest, gentlest little dog I have ever seen and the most stoic. You were amazing, my handsome little guy. I know I will never meet another dog like you. This week, cancer took you from me. Watching you over the last several months, trying to go on as if nothing was wrong until I would look at the horrible large tumors and watched them keep doubling in size, you taught me something about living life to the fullest no matter what. We tried everything to save you but it was not to be. You fought the good fight. I will miss you waiting by the front window for me. You have left a huge hole in my heart. Mattie and I miss you so much. Be at peace. I will love you forever, my little bud.Kathleen HarrisGlenview, IllinoisApril 20, 2015
4/8/1993 - 4/18/2015lunaliscious, lunabean, lunabellaluna, looneytunes, loons, LUNA.

So happy to have shared 22 years of life with you. You are the sweetest creature I have ever known.
Anne DawsonChicago, IllinoisApril 20, 2015
9/16/1999 - 4/16/2015Thank you Polar for being a part of my life for 15 years. As I have said to you hundreds of time, "You are a good dog !". I will remember all the fun times we had with you. You were fun and relaxing to be with in the car, in the house, yard, or on walks. You welcomed our other adopted dog into your world . She misses you and I miss you so much, but had to tell you good-by so you wouldn't have any more suffering and distress. You were getting weaker every day as your heart could not supply you with enough oxygen. You were so brave and tried to do everything you could to live with the enlarged heart, the coughing, and low energy.

I am so sad that you aren't here, but I am glad that you didn't have to have a painful and scary death. You went to sleep in the yard on your blanket after spending some time listening to the spring sounds, smelling the fresh air, feeling the warm sun shining on you with the cool green grass underneath you, taking your last short slow stroll, and coming back to greet Dr. Thies. She helped you go to your eternal sleep not having to suffer at all. Thank you dear Polar for your love and devotion. You are one of God's dear creatures that I am thankful to have had as a companion during those special 15 years. Thank you Dr. Thies with Lap Of Love for making Polar's transition easy for him and for his family.
Joann CurtisChesterfield, MissouriApril 19, 2015
11/24/1999 - 4/15/2015Enjoy life and live it to the fullest no matter what hand you are dealt.Bruce BeckerAUDUBON, New JerseyApril 18, 2015
10/1/2000 - 4/15/2015Charlie, you were the best dog in the world. You watched me grow up and mature I will always remember you. You had a good 14 years as a Bradley I'll see you again someday. For now I will cherish your lock of hair and paw print.Jessica BradleyJacksonville, FloridaApril 17, 2015
3/4/1998 - 4/16/2015In loving memory of our sweet boy Hanky. He brought so much love and companionship into our lives and we are forever grateful. May you run free now and forever.Jenni HiltonCumming, GeorgiaApril 17, 2015
4/16/2015We had to say goodbye to our beloved Hank yesterday. He had a great life running the woods and swimming in the pond most days of his life. He enriched our life so much with his boundless energy and joy of just being with his family. We will so miss the wet paws in the kitchen and the warm body curled next to you on the sofa. He will forever be in our hearts. RIP buddy. We love you.Jean HayesSt. Louis, MissouriApril 17, 2015