Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
My sweet boy, Oreo, left us on February 27, 2012. I brought you home when you were just 9 weeks old, and you loved me unconditionally from the very first moment. Oreo, I miss you terribly, and the pain of losing you is sometimes hard to bear. You were the best "puppy" anyones could ever ask for and your spirit will live in my heart forever. Bambi wanders the house looking for you and I know that she too is heartbroken. You will always be my "puppy" and I will always love you, as you loved me for the 10 years that we were together.

Daddy, Christopher, and Katy miss you too and we all send our love to you in Doggie Heaven.
Love, Mommy.
West Palm Beach, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Princess (aka dinky)
15 years ago I found my sweet little Dinky in the street. She brought our family so much love, joy and companionship, and she will be missed every day. Our hearts are broken, but we are glad that she is at peace.Lisa .Coconut Creek, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
My thirteenth birthday present, Penny was my faithful companion for eleven years. Even when I was away at college and didn't come home for long periods of time, she would welcome me back with no resentment, and I missed her greatly while I was gone. She greeted me at the door every time I left and came back home, would comfort me when I was upset, and would follow me around the house wherever I went. I don't think I've ever known a more unconditional form of love as Penny has given me, and I always loved her even when the "Pee Monster" came out. She will be remembered as a loving friend, and I will miss her always.Jennifer .Hyattsville, MarylandNovember 19, 2012
Purrcey has been the dainty little lady of our house for 16 years. We will miss her bright eyes and pleasurable purr and her constant companionship as she perched on our desks and snuggled in our laps.Robyn .Sarasota, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
We miss you so much, Punkin. You will always be in our hearts.The house feels very empty now because you had such a big presence here. You mean so much to us. THANK you for always being there for our life moments, every good time, every event, and even for every tear. Thank you for being the best friend of a little boy who has grown up with you by his side. He doesn't remember life without his Punkin, and feels such sorrow that you aren't here anymore. You enriched our lives for over ten years and we will never forget you or the constant love you showed us. Helping you out of your suffering was the right thing to do because we didn't want to see you hurting and sick anymore. Hope you understood that we loved you enough to make your passing easier. It was time to stop fighting and finally be at peace. We love you and always will. You won't be forgotten... Mommy, Daddy, Devin, Nana, all your friends, and your little brothers Spooky, Barnum, Bailey, and Ringling.Concord, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
Driving to school one day, I took a road I normally would have never taken. I saw a cardboard box on the side of the road and stopped, even though I had never stopped for a box ever before. Inside, there were 5 puppies. I kept one, and carried her in my backpack the rest of the school day, feeding her scraps from my lunch. She never made a sound.

Over the last 12 years, she has been a loving friend and companion. She was there for my high school and college graduation, my first car and my first job. She was there when others left, and was always willing to share a thump of her tail, or kisses when she knew I needed them.

Dr Holly Kiernicki was fantastic during this process. She helped me to understand exactly what she was going to be doing, and what would happen. She was so kind and sympathetic to my feelings.

I loved my baby girl, and cannot wait until we are reunited in the next life...
Josh .Dallas, TexasNovember 19, 2012
The best friend you could ever ask for. Thank you for chasing all the lizards away and for all the cookies you shared with Boo. He is still looking for his little sister. We all miss you very much and you will never be forgotten. We will all be together again one day at the rainbow. We will love you forever. Good night little one.Tracy & Dale P.Spring Hill, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Our little baby,Age 11 1/2 Rosie has gone to the rainbow bridge. Rosie was born Feb.3rd 2001, she decided it was time to rest on June 3rd 2012 and be with her family members while she waits for us. We love you baby.Lutz, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

This could not have been a better quote to decribe what you meant to us Remington. There will always be a part of our hearts missing without you here. Words cannot describe the appreciation for all the unconditional love and companionship you have provided to us over the past 9 years, it's sad we didn't get more time together. There is some sense of relief knowing we loved you enough to let you go and be free from pain and illness. We will always miss you. Be good, and talk someone into throwing that ball for you :)

Thank you to Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne for her kindness and compassion. Because of her Remington was able to spend his final moments at home in the arms of his loved ones.
Mooresville, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
From the very first day my furry, butterball, Roc, was scooped up in my arms, I knew instantly I was holding my angel on earth. Everday since proved to be a blessing with my baby and I always felt very fortunate. Roc, you were appropriately named, since you were my rock foundation. I will always remember the great times, of which I am grateful there were plenty: fearlessly swimming in the lake (you ventured so far, I had to use Rocco bribe tactics to reel ya back in; being a frisbee catching pro (I felt like I should have signed you up for the doggie Olympics) and most of all for your unwavering love and loyalty to your family and all the friends you made along the way of life's journey. I haven't been able to turn of the waterworks since your passing; I miss your independent spirit, as well as giving you your daily dose of mama's hugs and kisses (or in Roccoese hugs and misses). Thank you being the best boy I could ever imagine and thank you for making my heart grow immensely in our shared 13 years, because I know yours was supersized. I love and miss you Roc. Until we meet again, I will hold onto the many great memories. XOXODarla .Charlotte, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012