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12/1/2005 - 10/17/2019Cookie was a true gift to all of us, and she was so smart and loving. We were truly blessed to be chosen as her caregivers. Thank you, Cookie.Elizabeth ArceCASSELBERRY, FloridaOctober 19, 2019
4/22/2012 - 9/30/2019Archie came to me not knowing what it was like to be loved. He was suspicious and aggressive and he wasn't even all that sure what dog food was. He was defensive to every hand that got near him, but over time, he started nudging his nose under my fingers and I realized that under all that grouch and fear was a little dog that desperately, desperately wanted to be loved. He had just never been given the chance. On the day I adopted him, I had to convince the shelter I actually wanted to keep him. I understood we would need to put in a lot of work, but enough people had already given up on him. When I came home after signing the papers, I promised Archie that no matter what happened, we would be together until the end, and it didn't matter how mean or how nasty he got because I was going to love him forever. And then we started to heal. Archie learned what treats were. He learned how to sit, stand, and "kangaroo". He learned that if he got cold in the middle of the night, he could wake me up to climb under the covers, and that no matter what happened, I would always, always come back for him. He picked out his favourite toys, wore a bow tie for the holidays, and even sniffed out which neighbours always had a biscuit waiting for him. He was terrified of thunder, but it turned out it wasn't so bad as long as mom slept on the floor of the closet with him. Archie's story didn't start out as a happy one, but eight years full of lots of love and adventure later, we made sure the ending was better than the beginning. I know my old man wasn't for everyone, but he was for me, and adopting him was one of the best things I ever did with my life. Even through all the vet visits, our battle with Cushing's disease, kidney disease, and even the removal of his gallbladder, I would still pick him every time because there is no love greater than the love of a rescue dog, particularly one who didn't know love in the first place. Thank you to everyone at Loyal Family Veterinary for helping make Archie's story a good one, for helping us get all the extra time we could, and never, ever giving up on him. In the end, our grumpy guy wasn't so grumpy and he even, dare I say it, turned out to be quite charming. He won the hearts of many, and he taught me to love someone more than I thought I ever possibly could. He was a good, good dog and his memory will live forever. Rest well, little dog. If love alone could have kept you alive, you would have lived forever, but since life doesn't work that way, thank you for all the years. We will love you for always.Jonika MelcherIssaquah, WashingtonOctober 18, 2019
4/27/2019 - 10/16/2019Loving a dog is easy, letting them go is hard. There wasn't a day that she didn't make me laugh out loud or smile. She loved me no matter what. When I adopted her, I knew nothing about the breed, but after researching PBGV's she perfectly matched the information on the breed. Five stars for intelligence, loyalty, and let's not forget cuteness! After spending eight years in a puppy mill, living in a cage she quickly fell in live with pillows, the bed and anything else that was soft! Yes, she was spoiled rotten, but she deserved every good thing I could give her. And my last gift to her was letting her go in the most peaceful way possible at home. We spent the entire day before talking, and I believe she really understood what was going to happen the next day. She laid on the couch in her favorite spot, head on an Afghan, butt on a pillow and let the vet give her the first injection. She was a champion of dogs every day, but especially on this day. I will love her forever.Sylvia WoodsCheektowaga, New YorkOctober 18, 2019
2/14/2008 - 10/15/2019We were blessed to have you in our lives for 11 years 8 months. Thank you for being the best pup in the world. We will love and miss you always. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge and have a whole new set of adventures!H BarryRiverview, FloridaOctober 18, 2019
8/15/2004 - 10/17/2019Your presence I miss, Your memory I treasure, Loving you always, Forgetting you neverHannah AuldNew Albany, OhioOctober 18, 2019
1/27/2005 - 10/17/2019Cero was with me for my entire adult life. I adopted her in college and named her Zero after Jack Skellington’s dog. She grew with me through my last years of college and 13 years of teaching. She grew with me as I became a mom to 3 children. She moved with me many times. She loved me and I loved her. My kids and I are going to miss her immensely. Mi youngest daughter told her “te amo, mi Cerito” before she passed yesterday and my son said “adios Cero” as we left the empty house this morning, my oldest and I exchanged looks and silently decided to let him say goodbye to our Cero even if she wasn’t there.

Te amamos, Cerito. Ya te extraño.
Ashley ChacónBerwyn, IllinoisOctober 18, 2019
4/10/2006 - 10/16/2019My sweet Bella, I know you’re in doggy heaven and I will see you again sometime but you were the best thing In my life and am missing you terriblySheree ColonnaMoon, PennsylvaniaOctober 18, 2019
8/6/2009 - 10/17/2019Emma, was our little queen. She will live on in our hearts forever. She taught us that life is full of many wonders and that every day we should smell the flowers, kiss the butterflies, and always take time to share our love with those we love.
She never missed a chance to show us how special we were to her. I will deeply miss the sound of her little paws following me wherever I went, the softness of her fur, and the warmth of her touch. The house, and the heart, is much emptier without her.

Our amazing baby girl was the greatest gift and enriched our lives daily. Caring for her was our pleasure. God Bless you Miss Emma..
Angela KosmasNaples, FloridaOctober 18, 2019
7/1/2008 - 10/5/2019From scared feral to loving little girl. You took a part of our hearts with you when you went to heaven. Thank you for all the laughs. Thank you for trusting us to take care care of you, watch over you and love you.Karen MillerDeerfield beach, FloridaOctober 17, 2019
5/15/2008 - 9/7/2019Forever in our hearts. Run free, Auggie. We will meet you at Rainbow Bridge.Blaine and Jennifer EadsCarmel, IndianaOctober 17, 2019
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