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8/15/2007 - 10/21/2019Yesterday afternoon we said goodbye to our best friend, Bailey. She went peacefully surrounded by all five of us and our amazing veterinarian, Dr. Shannon, in the comfort of our own home in one of her favorite spots.

She was the one who has been there with us through it ALL. Every baby coming home, every celebration, every milestone, (almost) every family trip, our big move, through the laughter, and through tears of joy and sadness she was there with a wagging tail and kiss to accompany it. She was our first baby rescued from the shelter at 8 weeks old and was by our side for EVERYTHING big and small. She was the best dog you could ever ask for right up to the very end. Always greeted us with kisses and could not rest until she knew everyone was in their beds at the end of the night. And sometimes she even did her nightly rounds to check on all of the kids 😉 As gentle as can be and was always watching over us and the kids making sure everyone was safe. This decision was one of the hardest we have made together as a family. She gave us the sign that she was ready when she could barely fill her lungs with oxygen two nights ago and had a hard time lying down yesterday. The kids did amazing through the procedure and asked all of the questions. I am glad they were there for it and I would not have chose for this moment to say goodbye to go any other way. Love and miss you Bailey girl 💔😘 Until we meet again 💚 Thank you Lap of Love for all of your guidance and support.
Kristy & John QuinnLedgewood, New JerseyOctober 23, 2019
2/14/2003 - 10/22/2019Our two year old daughter would go around these past few weeks saying, "Make Pringles happy!" and we did our best these last couple of months. Pringles completed our family. She was the BEST cat, and I was lucky to belong to her. We love you. We miss you. My sweet, sweet fur baby. My heart aches so badly over your loss. Please greet me in Heaven the way you use to greet me when I can home from work.Caroline CBAll Over the USA, FloridaOctober 23, 2019
11/3/2011 - 10/22/2019Hayleigh,

There are not enough words to accurately describe the amount of love you selfishly gave your mommy and I. We are truly thankful for the time we shared with you. It has absolutely broken our hearts that you were only with us for 7 years. You left us too soon but not without leaving us with a lifetime of lessons to carry on your memory with. In your short life you watched our house become a home, you saw your mommy and I become the unbreakable couple we are today. You watched a rusted, broken down car brought back to life. You would rest your head on your mommy’s belly and watched us bring a life into this world.

Hayleigh you taught us the value of the simple things in life that can make the world of a difference. Things like going for walks, getting outside, going for rides in the truck just so you can feel how peaceful the breeze can be blowing in your face. All of those things never cost anything us anything but time. Which was the one thing I never thought you were short on. I guess the saying is right, “if you treat everyone as though it may be the last time you see them, because one do you will be right.”

You truly left us with the importance of quality time with family and those who are important to you.

Your mommy and I are heart broken right now and I know we will forever think about you and how loving you always were. We are so happy you were able to meet Adelynn. You showed her your love.

You could be strong. Like when you bent your steel crate to get out. You could be ferocious when you detected a threat near our home. But most of all you were the sweetest, most loving creature that we could of ever asked for.

We know you are no longer suffering. You hid your sickness so well. Your mommy says “you did not want us to know.” All I know is even on your last day here you wanted a ride in the truck. We went for two rides and you just held your head out that window acting like nothing was wrong. It was the most painful thing I had to do. I knew that ride would end and we knew it was time to say goodbye for now.

If you can act so strong, still want to go on walks even though you couldn’t breathe, than anything is possible and there is never an excuse. I cannot say for certain where you are, but I can promise we long to join you again someday soon. Our home is so quiet now, and will never be the same again but you have forever changed our lives.

And for that, your mommy and I are forever eternally grateful.


Your Mommy and Daddy
Thomas and Angela BrysonDover, FloridaOctober 23, 2019
12/5/2019 - 10/19/2019I’m so glad we rescued you and gave you the wonderful life you deserved. You were my shadow and I’m going to miss you following everywhere. I’m going to miss your love, loyalty and slingers lol. The whole family misses you deeply. I know your out of pain and running free over the rainbow bridge having the time of your life. Your big paw print are left on our hearts foreverKendra JohnsonLexington, KentuckyOctober 23, 2019
3/30/2006 - 10/21/2019Thank you Waggers for choosing me to be your momma. I’m a better person because of it. Having you was the greatest gift of my life. You will forever be my baby. Please know I will never forget you as a huge part of my heart went with you.Heidi LiburdiPerrysburg, OhioOctober 23, 2019
1/1/2005 - 10/21/2019We are going to miss your bud. So very much.Christine DoucetHouston, TexasOctober 22, 2019
3/17/2007 - 10/20/2019She was a good girl. She was our maw maw. Molly moo moo. Molly pepperoni. Molly donut.
She was so sweet and so kind though her bark sounded as scary as she was not.
She was our perfect dog. At the Humane Society, we saw her and knew she was ours. She belonged with us.
The kids made preparations in our house, but how can you prepare your heart for such a friend. I had never had a dog. I didn't realize how much I would fall in love with this sweet girl.
In my chaotic house, she was always a calming presence at my side. She could be playful with the kids. Her soulful eyes lifted me from sadness at least 1,000 times.
She loved us devotedly and with deep understanding. We loved her with our whole, imperfect human hearts. RIP, sweet girl.
christina Peters-stasiewiczWauwatosa, WisconsinOctober 22, 2019
Jack E-bear Roberson
5/30/2003 - 10/20/2019Jack, there are no words to express how much I miss you or how heartbroken I am. Since your passing, I struggle with every breath. You comforted me during my panic attacks, you guarded me when I needed protecting, you loved me unconditionally as I loved (and still love) you. The paw print you left on my heart will never be filled. I will miss and love you forever. Until we are together again, I will love and miss you with every breath.Amanda RobersonJacksonville, FloridaOctober 22, 2019
3/16/2010 - 10/7/2019Our Nico...the sweetest companion one could ask for! He loved the beach, swimming in the ocean, digging huge holes in the sand, his big brother Dante, playmates at the Village Common, particularly girlfriend Fiona and most of all, mommy and daddy. Pretty much, Nico loved all creatures, human, canine and feline. And all insects that fly had a special place in his heart...butterflies, dragonflies, even the occasional bee all filled his heart with joy!

So hard to say good by to our special hard to understand why he had to be sick. But we are so eternally grateful to have had him in our hearts for 9 1/2 joyful years! So many many snuggles. Thank you, our precious, sweet boy! We love you!
Ricki GrantmyreBald Head Island, North CarolinaOctober 22, 2019
5/15/2015 - 10/21/2019Good morning my sweet baby girl, your mom and dad miss you so. We knew when you were just 6 months old that you had a devastating disease that would take your life early, and we were actually told you would never live to be 2 years, but with all the love and attention you lived to be 4 years and 5 months and we loved you with all our hearts. Our home is so empty without you but we knew it was time to let you go. You will never be forgotten and you will always hold a very special spot in my heart. You were such a great puppy and you lived your short life with everything you had and never showed that you were a sick girl, your kidneys just didn't cooperate and eventually they began to fail you and we would never let you suffer or be scared of what would happen next. My sweet girl please watch over me as you have for the last 4 years and I will think about you everyday.

Love, Mom & Dad
Susan GingerLake Worth, FloridaOctober 22, 2019
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