Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/7/2009 - 9/17/2020Mesha loved everybody. As long as you were a human you were welcome in Mesha's world. If uou were an animal other than the ones that lived on our property, they were not welcome. Mesha took cate of 5 cats and 6 chickens that were part of her pack. We have 5 grandchildren and they were all hers. Our youngest granddaughter dressed Mesha in her Halloween hair and sang to her this past Halloween. She was the most loving and caring animal I have ever had. She is deeply missed by all.Cheryl WallSaint Augustine, FloridaSeptember 19, 2020
3/18/2004 - 9/8/2020BENJI, I loved you from the moment I saw you
You filled my life with so much joy. I’ll miss you so much no other pet will take your place
Belen AponteOrlando, FloridaSeptember 19, 2020
4/7/2003 - 9/17/2020My dear sweet Aeris. We miss you so much. You came into our lives as a rescue, and you brought us such joy. You were such a strong girl. You ruled the other furbabies as queen. You were tiny in size and mighty in spirit. We miss your snuggles in bed. You came when you were called,and met us at the door when we came home from work.
My dear Aeris, we miss you and love you very much. Sweet dreams, our dear Aeris.
Sue & Dave KingsboroughHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaSeptember 19, 2020
12/13/2009 - 9/15/2020Dizzie was a simple girl. Easy to care for and easy to love. All she ever wanted was pets. walks, and chicken nuggets. She loved watching TV with me and especially perked her head up when Winston from New Girl was on. In fact, on the fateful day, we almost had to say goodbye at the vet clinic and her dog dad wasn't going to make it. But while we awaited the sad appointment in the car, my friend asked what her favorite sounds were. I mentioned Winston and she played a Winston playlist on her phone. Dizzie immediately sat up and looked around. She was hanging on. We postponed the appointment and went back home to wait. Luckily, Dizzie's dog dad made it home and we received a call from Dr. Tracy who said she could come give us the in-home goodbye we had been hoping for. It was a lovely ceremony full of tears and laughter. We will miss you Dizzie girl, but you will always live in our hearts.Mollie SamochaPasadena, CaliforniaSeptember 19, 2020
10/1/2020 - 8/21/2020Dear Josie, (our sweet Little Jo):

It's been four weeks since you passed. Perhaps one day time will heal our hearts, but today is not that day. We still miss you so deeply and linger on our most recent memories. Remembering you is a light in our hearts and throughout the house. We hear your chirps and the patter of your hops down the stairs. We close our eyes and see your sweet face, and we watch and listen to our recordings of your purrs. When we feed your brothers each day, we ache over your missing bowl, and when we sit outside, we long to watch you explore. We would give so much to hold you again and reaffirm how much we love you. Thank you for being so strong in this past year so we could soak up your precious presence before you had to leave us.

18 years is so long, and yet it is no time at all. You had only love, strength, adventure, and understanding in your heart, and we were all so blessed and honored to be with you over the years. You were our welcome committee, never shying away from the lap of guests. Following maintenance men around inquisitively, always chirping for pats. You were so adorable and squishy, and yet you were so strong. Despite your rough start as a tiny kitten, you were so fearless and bold. We cherish all the memories of your antics, from belly flops off the kitchen table to your silly spastic runs around the house to your crazy meows at midnight.

When Sam and I were young, you always sat nearby in empty shoe boxes we lined with printer paper (your favorite), grabbing for our pencils as we did our homework. When we would eat ice cream on the couch, you would perch above and reach your little paw at our spoons, gripping with surprising strength for a lick of your own. You traveled around with me while I turned into an adult and finally got a “real” college apartment, always so laid back and willing to find the comfiest spots in a new place, and when you came with me to law school, we made sure to put cushy window seats in the bedroom, just for you.

It was hard for me when your allergies couldn’t adjust to the Florida weather and you spent three years back with Mom, but you happily settled in to her home, napping in her loft and patiently waiting for me to find our next home. One of my biggest regrets will be our three years apart, but you never held it against me – even when you met your new brothers.

When you came back to us, you made our house a home. You put everyone in their place, the Queen of your domain, as you will always be. We miss the way you ruled the roost, and we know Jeremy especially misses being your second in command.

We like to think about the little things that made you so adorable. You had the cutest pink nose, the softest white feet, the brightest green eyes, the pudgiest little belly, and the most comforting purr. You were silly, sassy, sweet, soft, and snuggly. Quick to share your motorboat purr, with a love for lounging around on your back and having your face and chin scratched. You loved to be held and brushed and loved on. You let us know what you needed, and we did our best to listen.

We were not ready to say goodbye, but you told us you were. You told us you needed to take a long rest and heal. We told you not to wait for us on the other side – to live your beautiful next life, and we will find you. We dream of you cozy, purring, happy, but we will forever wish for more time, more face rubs, more purring, more snuggles, more chasing laser pointers and playing with yarn, more sitting in the sun, just more of it all.

If you had a motto to share with us, I think it was this: Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and more loved than you know.

We love you forever, Josie. We will see you again ❤️
Chelsea Cramer-DisneyPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaSeptember 18, 2020
4/7/2006 - 8/21/2020Timmy,
Without you, the house feels more empty and less like a home. As the days go by we are settling into our new normal, then I see your lease hanging in my bedroom and I feel that pain all over again. But I am at peace because I know that you are no longer suffering and I can see you young, vibrant, and healthy running around in heaven. You had such an amazing presence, and you were so protective of our whole pack! I remember when I had a hip to ankle leg brace after knee surgery and we took you and Tara to the dog park. A pit-bull tried to attack me and without any thought or regard for your own safety, you jumped in front of me and was willing to fight him off to save me. I miss taking you to that dog park and I miss walking with you around the neighborhood. You were the epitome of sweetness and gentleness. I will always cherish you and our memories together. I am so glad we happened to be at the pet store that day, and I am so glad Kierstin and I were able to convince Mom to take you home, our little butterball.
I will see you again, on the other side of the rainbow bridge, my sweet!!

Kaila JamesonGeorgetown, TexasSeptember 18, 2020
7/19/2003 - 9/15/2020Slinky and strong with the brightest, sweetest eyes. Every evening Sven would hop in somebody's lap, purr and demand a cuddle. We have so many good memories...fairfx, VirginiaSeptember 18, 2020
9/28/2020 - 9/14/2020Our 15 year-old border collie Lora loved the snow. One of our fondest memories of her recalls a 20 inch snowfall . She was in a park and disappeared beneath the snow line.with every bound she took as she frolicked and enjoyed the newly fallen snow.Jennifer C.New Hyde Park, New YorkSeptember 18, 2020
11/26/2020 - 9/13/2020In memory of our sweet Bella girl. May you rest in peace.Anna Petersbrandon, FloridaSeptember 18, 2020
4/29/2008 - 9/17/2020Sweet Sophia, you are missed so much already. You held such a special place in our hearts and were such a sweet girl. I wish for you an eternity of happiness and days filled with sunshine. Thank you for being such a good girl and loving us like you did.Krystal BowmanBrighton, MichiganSeptember 18, 2020