Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/15/2005 - 3/29/2020You were such a good boy! I remember the day we picked you up. You were so nervous but instantly fell in love when we got home. You were so good with Aaron from the very day i brought him home from the hospital. I keep finding myself looking down for you, you were ALWAYS by my side... till your very last breath. We love you Tekky Bear and will forever miss you!!Heather BrissetteGreenwood, IndianaApril 1, 2020
4/29/2020 - 3/23/2020Ivey, you were a beautiful dog, eager to please and full of energy. You were always hungry and would happily eat until ready to burst at the seams. When we fed you too much because we misread the instruction label, you tried so hard to eat all the food. You would sit at your food bowl, upset you could not eat anymore and whimper that your stomach was not bigger. When we went biking or hiking you were a faithful runner. Always at our side and just happy to be a family. You also loved chipmunks, squirrels, and most especially, rabbits. I can still remember when you caught your two rabbits. You were so excited to bring them to us – even though we might not have been as excited. What we will remember most about you is your love of water. You would run through the water to get your ball or sticks or just sit in the water all day and be completely at peace.
Ivey, you gave us many years of love, companionship, and comfort.
Be at peace Ivey, may you chase rabbits in heaven, swim when you are hot, and eat until content.
Miss you always xoxo
Marie and Rob SapienzaCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 1, 2020
9/5/2008 - 1/25/2020It's only been 2 months since Simba earned his angel wings. Our house is quieter and emptier and I'm not sure that our hearts will ever heal. Simba was the most loving and talkative kitty! He had such a special and unique personality. He loved our dog Bella and his brother Whiskers. The unconditional love he gave to all of us was priceless. He followed us everywhere, but now and then we would find him in a paper bag, an open drawer or a closet. But he never failed to say goodnight or wake us up talking in the middle of the night ready to play. What a gift he was, our ginger colored kitty. We know he is still with us and will live in our hearts forever. Until we meet again, keep Nana and PapPap company!DeAnne GroveChesapeake, VirginiaApril 1, 2020
11/23/2020 - 3/31/2020My sweet baby boy Horus. I’m so thankful you chose me as your earth mommy. You meant the world to me , Destiny, and Grandma Glenda. I’m sorry you had to go through the pain. I’m wishing I was with you. But I know you are smiling down on us. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge soon. Go play with your friends. I love you!! 😘❤️💕Shelly VowlesMurray, UtahApril 1, 2020
3/1/2004 - 3/29/2020As anyone that has had a companion knows, this time of their life so impacts those of their owners.... and so it was with our Stoli girl.... she had a long adventurous life and far surpassing what might be predicted for a dog of 70lbs. Now we straddle the line between knowing the time had come and the selfish emotion of wishing we could have had her even longer. She lived just over 16 years and was never one, until the last year or so, to be without a passion for walks, swims, hikes, rides, social activity with both human and canines.... we've shed tears and carried sorrow but the memories we keep will always make us smile, laugh and appreciate how amazing our four legged companions are to the value of our lives. The process of saying 'goodbye' is never an easy one, especially after so many years and miles together, but Dr. Elyse was like and Angel coming from heaven to help us prepare, hear our stories, see our photos , and guide us through this last stage of Stoli's life with us..... it was a peaceful, solemn and gentle sleep and offering time before and after to say our farewell and Godspeed to her. Dr. Elyse is a blessing to this profession and to those, like us, that reach this part of our companion's journey on their path of life. Bless you Elyse.Randy and Maria LyallNorfolk, VirginiaApril 1, 2020
3/1/2008 - 3/28/2020In Loving Memory of our SandersLeigh SchrierAvon, IndianaMarch 31, 2020
Bella Boo
1/8/2005 - 3/28/2020I adopted you when you were around 3 years old. I always thought you were younger because you were so youthful and I wanted to believe I had more time with you. Highlights from your adoption profile included “the comfier your lifestyle, the more I like it”, “do your best to ignore the whining she exhibits; otherwise, she’ll quickly learn that whining gets her plenty of attention”, and “you’ll probably want to buy her a doggie carrier so that she can travel with you everywhere”. They certainly pegged you from day 1. Small dog, big personality.

Contrary to their advice, I never ignored your whining, I always coddled you, and I never took you to training. We did try once, and I got so mad that they tried to make me reprimand you, I never went back. You always were mom's perfect angel who could do no wrong. And yet, despite my suspect parenting, you still turned out to be the best dog there ever was. I did buy you that carrying case and indeed took you everywhere - first class only, of course. You traveled all over, from Seattle to Portland to Yosemite to San Diego, and more. You lived a life more adventurous that most humans (and you were part "hooman").

Bella, you were a sassy girl from the start. You hated being away from mom and were very vocal about that fact. You didn't like many people, but you accepted Alex as your dad from day 1. After that, you made it very clear that you were happiest when both of us were there, and you insisted we spend lots of time "as a family". We took you to more beaches than most people have been to, and you loved every single one.

You were a fighter always, and you made sure you were part of our wedding, even after your big surgery at UC Davis. When folks poopooed your ability to perform as our ring bearer during the rehearsal, you showed them up by absolutely stealing the show with your stellar performance on the big day. You were the only one who got her own song walking down the aisle (besides the bride), much to the chagrin of the quartet and the wedding party. We never saw you happier than on that day and on our Bellamoon the week after.

We were so lucky we got to give you an amazing last week. We'll always remember your last beach day, how big your eyes got when we gave you all those treats you always wanted, and how you were so full of energy seeing your cousins and grandparents in Marin. On your last day, you let me hug her for 5 whole minutes. I know you knew, and it was your way of telling me it was time and it was going to be OK.

Thank you for 13 amazing years, baby girl. We'll never forget you, and you’ll always take up the most real estate in our hearts. I hope heaven is one big sunny beach nap. Ciao, Bella. ❤️
Malley and Alex OberleSan Jose, CaliforniaMarch 31, 2020
Bailey Nutt
1/1/2005 - 3/29/2020Today my best friend went to doggie heaven. When I walked in the house last night she was tired and weak but still stood up and even wagged her tail. I cuddled her all last night in the “big bed” and this morning she had steak and a Bud Light for breakfast.

I’ve had her since I was in college at a time that I definitely shouldn’t have been trusted to keep another life alive. As many of my college friends remember the girl used to love a good poolside beer. She was the life of the party.

She’s had a great life. She’s lived in multiple states and traveled the country more than some people ever will. From hiking in Yosemite to playing in the snow in Vermont to tubing on Lake Murray, I’ve always tired to keep her active, happy, and show her unconditional love.

There are many things in my life I’ve done wrong, but Bailey is one thing I did right. I can say without hesitation that she’s my best friend. Until we meet again, my girl!
Danielle SwindallColumbia, South CarolinaMarch 31, 2020
10/1/2008You will forever be my greatest and most loyal friend. I will miss you everyday.Ari BlantonZephyrhills, FloridaMarch 31, 2020
Maya (baby Cakes)
6/6/2020 - 3/13/2020I'm a little late in putting this tribute to you together. Every time I started, I started crying and then I just finally realized, right now I cry every time I begin doing anything where you were once by my side. The first week,coming home from work and you weren't there to greet me was almost unbearable. I was so used to petting your sweet head before I even got out of the car. The little lamp that has been on above your doggie bed for years is still on. I haven't been able to put you in the dark yet. And your doggie bed is still there too. It won't belong to another but just can't get rid of it yet, either. I started weeding the other day and started crying. You always faithfully laid right by me, protecting me from who knows what but that didn't matter to you. You loved sitting on the front porch with me and daddy. I even mentioned porch and you were ready to go...well that's hard to do, too. I'm sitting in a totally different place in the back yard but that still doesn't make it any easier. My sweet, loyal Maya. I couldn't have asked for a better fur baby companion and up until the end, you insisted on being by my side. I love you, my girl, and always will. You left taking a piece of me with you.Cindy RitterKnoxville, TennesseeMarch 31, 2020