Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/24/2013Stella will be in my heart forever. She was a loyal companion for 9 years and gave the best love. Her mommy was her favorite, and was picky about the rest of the population. When she ran, it was comical. She looked more like a trotting horse than a speedy cat. She loved treats and catnip, and spent most of the day lying on her back in the sun, stretching to acknowledge you when you walked by. It never failed, Stella would be on the bed right next to me with her head in my armpit and paw draped over my shoulder like it was her way of tucking me in every night and lulling me to sleep with her purr. That is what I miss most. All we had to do was talk to her, look at her, pet her or feed her - and she would start purring. She will never be forgotten - and I look forward to meeting up with her soul again and seeing her spirit live through something else's eyes. You will always be my furry soul mate. I love you!Rachel BlascoTampa, FloridaSeptember 26, 2013
1/29/2001 - 9/11/2013Oh cinnamon furry friend of mine with those petal-soft floppy ears and bushy shark tail -- remember how you would nose around the perimeter of that large deck and when we looked out from the house to try to find you, all we would see was the tip of your long bushy tail? As much as we hated to let you go, I imagine Moxie welcoming you with open paws and the two of you off leash running the beaches of heaven. Cabana & Tiki send their love. Bye, Bentley ... my brown-eyed boy * red panda * boo-boo bear * mr. nosey * (one unmentionable) * the benster * our wolf-boy ... we love you.Julie LongAnnapolis, MarylandSeptember 25, 2013
9/22/2013I met Addie when I was dating her daddy.i had a shih tzu and she had been "top dog" in my house,even over her 2 kitty pals,Simba and Emmy. When we introduced Frannie ,shih tzu to Addie, schnauzrer, it was a kinship meant to be. They were always together, travelled w us each in their own doggie car seat. Addie was dominant dog and had Frannie "under her wing" providing "correction when necessary. Frannie and Addie were together for a mere 5 years but I know there is a big hole in frannies heart right now. Addie was always the "lady " w a little lady strut. When one spoke to Addie she would hold up one paw. Don does not know where she learned that. I miss her doggy presence and have good memories of her commitment to her people,always coming when called, enduring her ear cleaning w frequent infections , and her acceptance and love of her Frannie dog. But now no more struggles, but her unconditional love prompted us to return it back when it was time for her to be at peace. Your Addie lady behavior lives on in our home. You will remain my "sweet little old lady"Rose MartinAiken, South CarolinaSeptember 25, 2013
9/22/2013Otis was such a character. From the very start he was such a loving and devoted little kitty. He loved to play fetch with paper balls and later invented a nightly game where I would put his favorite toy "sockie" in his cathouse and every morning I would wake up to see his "sockie" laying by by bed. He was so proud he had brought me "a gift", Otis was such a loyal companion and would come sit with me when I was sad, or down, and look right into my eyes and I knew he was doing his best to comfort me. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't come to meet me as I walked into the door...always happy to see me. He loved sitting beside me and followed me into whatever room I was in. He was so funny in the way he would sleep next to me...laying beside me and even put his little head on the pillow. His little face was the first thing I would see when I woke up and he always would say "hello" when my eyes would open. He was a good kitty, and I am so very blessed to have shared 14 years with him. He was so loyal he would have kept trying to go on even with his cancer progressing, and feeling bad....he wanted to stay with me...for me, regardless of his pain. He taught me many lessons, and he will be greatly missed. The house is just not the same without our "Odie Bodie" May he be at peace and know he was loved and will be greatly missed.Sherrie FergusonLantana, FloridaSeptember 24, 2013
Miss Mo
5/27/1998 - 9/21/2013Miss Mo you will be missed!Elizabeth PearsonTampa, FloridaSeptember 23, 2013
11/29/2008 - 9/13/2013Shazz was the best & happiest boy. When we came home, or especially when Daddy came home he would get one of his favorite toys - sometimes not knowing what toy Daddy would want today - and meet us at the door (Picture150lber coming to greet you with a big pink toy, or one of his many favorites, unbeliveabley too cute) with his eyes twinkling "I luv u" and his little butt waging.
Being together was just the BEST OF EVERYTHING!!!

Love you Shazzy... Moma & Daddy
Steve & Lori WardSeminole, FloridaSeptember 23, 2013
1/27/2005 - 9/22/2013Buddy was a great dog. He was always there to greet us each day when he heard the garage door open. On many occassions he would get so excited that he would push me out the door. He loved his last vacation at Myrtle Beach. We took him for golf cart rides several times a day. All we had to do was hold up the leash and he would push us out of the way to get down the steps and onto the cart. He was drooling everywhere and in fact he took up the whole front seat. I will miss himKaren ShoberLeesport, PennsylvaniaSeptember 23, 2013
3/26/2004 - 9/19/2013Radar you were "one of a kind". You survived being attacked by coyotes twice and 2 huge German Shepherds in our backyard in Colorado. You would always go out exploring in the night when we let you out. Sometimes we didn't know if you'd make it back but you always did. Now nasal cancer got you and there was nothing we could do. We love you so, so, so much and miss you so much. We have a hole in our hearts now. Our house feels so empty without you there to guard it and watch over it. Our house is so quiet without you to bark every time the door opens or the garage door goes up. Life will never be the same without you. You gave us 9-1/2 years of joy and bliss and we certainly appreciate it. I only wish dogs didn't age as fast as they do. We know you are pain-free now and can run and play freely with Babe. And don't worry about dear sweet Rahja - she will be fine in the arms of her mother. You will always be our "Man Dog". Love, your familySuzanne GonzalezCanton, GeorgiaSeptember 23, 2013
3/1/1998 - 9/18/2013Last Wednesday I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Persian, Napoleon. He suffered a long time with polycystic disease. On Monday he stopped eating and he let me know that he would be leaving soon. With Dr. Vanessa's compassionate care, he passed peacefully where " the warm September sun, all creatures are illuminated.." Henry David ThoreauTerri KonrathPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaSeptember 23, 2013
10/2/2013 - 9/21/2013Our Dear Storm,
We love you so much- you gave us such joy and endless love and unconditional love for almost 11 years. I know that right now even though we are the ones missing you- you are without pain and I believe that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. That was the first movie your bro- Ryan when he was 2 years old sat through. Although you couldn't move and play lately, I believe that you are at Rainbow Bridge now running, playing, eating and enjoying sunshine that you didn't have lately. Stormie- you will always be in our hearts.
Melody MaliaSinking Spring, PennsylvaniaSeptember 22, 2013