Pet Memorials
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Bo "Boss"
10/13/2021 - 1/23/2021Bo was not the average pitbull. He was a land seal, a friendly baby hippo. He was the "big" dog everyone was scared of until they realized he was friendly. He was the dog that friends of ours would bring people to meet because if you were scared of pitbulls or big dogs he was the one that would change your mind. Even our landlord at the time helped us to keep him when the home owners insurance said NO. We had him for 11 beautiful years. He was truly man's best friend, but he was more like a child. He was goofy, clumsy, a brute even! BUT HE NEVER jumped on a child or an elderly person. He knew his strength and who could and could not play rough with. I love him so much still. I love you forever my sweet boy!Stephanie & Anthony LoucasKissimmee, FloridaJanuary 26, 2021
6/15/2003 - 1/24/2021Dearest Carley - From the moment you came into my home you were full of life and adventure. Scaling all of the high places you could find to get the best view, trying so hard to make friends with Chip, so excited to 'mother' Redford when he came along, you were my constant companion everywhere I went. Today with sadness and love I say good bye to my 'Binkie Boo'. We had 17.5 years of fun and excitement and most of all love - as you were steadfast in that department and showered your love to everyone. I asked Chip, Simon, Mandy, Tory and my Mother to meet you and take care of you now. I will never forget you and all the love and tenderness you have shown me over the years. You were the best- miss you to the moon and back my Carley girl!!Susan ReynoldsAliso Viejo, CaliforniaJanuary 26, 2021
It’s only been one day since we lost you. There are no words. Our house is so empty. Bella misses you so much.
Thank you for being our Perfect Storm. How I wish to hear your giant rabbit feet stomping around the bed to wake us up at the crack of dawn. To play ball with you. I wish you would put your giant head in front of me while I sit on the couch, blocking our view of the TV just to cuddle. Yes, our big bad protective German Shepherd loved to cuddle and lay on us.

Thank you for being there for us always. During our darkest days and our happiest moments.

We love you so so much. I would do anything to hug you again. Anything for one last walk with you.
We adore you we miss you our sweet boy.
Kimberly LopezManhasset, New YorkJanuary 26, 2021
1/21/2021 - 1/21/2021Daisybarn was the most amazing cat that we could have ever asked for. Kindness, gentleness, keeping our house on a schedule was her forte. She was playful, wise, and engaged in our lives every day. When we came through the back door from work we could always count on Daisybarn being there to greet us and get us on our schedule for the night. The first thing we needed to take care of was getting her her treats! That was always the first thing on the list, morning and night. She loved routine and was great in loving us through her schedule. We miss her more than words could ever say. She is gone, but not forgotten. Always with us in spirit and in our memories forever. We miss you and love you very much Daisybarn!Bradley and Aeschylus Austira-StowellSalt Lake City, UtahJanuary 26, 2021
9/30/2006 - 1/22/2021Kady was a 5 month old rescue puppy when she came into our family in early 2007. Her mother was a chihuahua but all 5 in the litter looked like their father who was most likely a Jack Russell. When people would ask what mix Kady was, for years I’d reply “ Half chi and half terrorist!”. I can’t describe how hard it was to see our feisty, funny little girl lose herself in the last months. Like most terriers she was loving, brave, stubborn and so loyal. She loved being with her canine sisters most of all, her daily walks and all the routine moments in our shared lives. She tried so hard to stay with us and we tried so hard to keep her with us. We miss her sweet face and loving spirit. It’s lonely without our Kady girl.
We spent a last loving day telling Kady everything we wanted to make sure she heard and felt one last time. Surrounded by her human and animal family, she lay in her bed, in the same home she came to as a frightened puppy. We were heartbroken but so very grateful to have had 14 years. We miss her very much.
Carla WoodBurbank, CaliforniaJanuary 26, 2021
10/20/2005 - 1/23/2021Hugo bear. Hugo baby monkey butt. Munka butts. Munka bear. Munka munka burnin’ love. Doo-doo bear. Ba-boo. Those are just some of the nicknames for our sweet Hugo. We treasured the past 15 years with you in our lives and we are so grateful to have shared this time. We really can’t imagine what our lives would’ve been like without you, and worse yet, how we will be able to carry on with you gone. No other cat in the world could match your big personality, handsomeness, and regality.

We knew you were something special ever since you were a kitten. You came to us in December of 2005. One of my earliest memories is laying on my stomach on the bed to watch tv and you came and laid down right beside me to watch with me. Going on trips back and forth between houses, listening to INXS on the car rides until we got an apartment together.

You started taking charge at an early age even with animals bigger than you. We remember you strutting out from under the bed and maneuvering your way out of your plaid collar as if to let us know that nobody is the boss of you. But behind the tough exterior was the sweetest, most lovable kitty bear. So full of personality. A real companion.

Once we got our cat Bowie a year later, you took him under your wing and showed him the ropes. It wasn’t long before you were curling up together on the couch with us. Then when we got our dog Lucy a year after that, you let her know that you were running the show. You were the alpha. Whenever someone new came about, you made your presence known and left a lasting impression on everyone. That long tail, your soft grey fur, and that smoldering gaze. Almost a deep sense of wisdom in your eyes. You’re the most handsome cat we’ve ever seen, and others would say the same. The only cat we’ve ever known to come when you heard your name. When we’d come home from being out, you’d come to greet us.

Some of the things we’ll really miss about you:
- Cuddling up next to us in bed, laying right on top of our chests, or curling up around the top of Nicole’s head on her pillow
- Taking your place on one of our laps while we watch tv
- Dipping your paws in the milk glass
- Trying to grab a bite of pizza or some Kung Pow chicken off our plates
- Those silly grey paws and your grey nose
- Always having your paw on top
- Sitting on the arm of the couch with your legs hanging over the sides
- Going out into the hallway or into the bathroom to make your “owl” noises and hear the echo
- Sticking your paws under the door to grab a treat
- Getting your pump on with the edge of the couch or on the gate
- Trying to get under the warm sheets when we make the bed and making kitty lumps in the quilt
- Sitting in boxes and egg cartons that were too small for your butt
- Rubbing your face up against an electrical plug to get a sneeze out
- Your obsession with sitting in and chewing on plastic bags
- Coming into the bathroom to lay by the hot shower then licking water of the glass
- Leaving large chunks of black and white fur all over the place from furminating Bowie
- When you’d turned the garbage over and blamed it on Lucy
- When you'd climb into the dryer or the dishwasher

You also helped us through some really hard times. When Lucy was sick, you came and licked her on the head to let her know that you were there with her. When Bowie passed, you were right out here with us so he wouldn’t feel alone. No matter what was going on in life, everything was ok when you were cuddling with us. With your paws on my chest, I could forget about everything else if even for brief moments. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to just hold you forever and know that everything will be alright. I’ll never forget the feel of your soft grey fur, your paws on my neck, or your purrs on my chest. There will never be another cat like you and we’re so grateful that you’re a part of our family. We love you so much and always will.
Tim HarrisonChicago, IllinoisJanuary 26, 2021
7/3/2006 - 1/24/2021Dozer was our first baby. He was the best dog and fur brother. He was our protector and cuddle buddy. We loved him more than he will ever know and he will be missed beyond measure. Dozer was always by our side (especially if food was involved). The decision to say good bye to him was not an easy one, but we knew it was his time.

Dozer was a healthy 14 year old pit bull. The week of January 18th, Dozer began to get weaker and weaker. By Friday, his back legs had gone out. We knew at that moment that he was miserable and it wasn’t fair to him to have him live like that. Sadly, on Friday, January 22nd we made our call to Lap of Love. We are so thankful that we were told about Lap of Love by a family member. Dr. Stacii came to our house on Sunday, January 24th to help us put Dozer to rest. She was very kind, caring and compassionate. We were clearly devastated and she made the process as painless as she could. We sadly said good bye to Dozer and have been missing his presence ever since.
Samantha ChapmanDearborn Heights, MichiganJanuary 26, 2021
6/5/2015 - 1/23/2021We always used to say that everyday of Beaux’s life was the best day of Beaux’s life. He was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen and always smiling. I’ve never seen a ball or Kong drive like his, and being outside (with his humans) was his favorite. Beaux was taken from us way too soon after suffering a spinal stroke, just one month after the passing of our other German shepherd. Perhaps they just couldn’t live without each other. Beaux was the perfect family dog and loved our one year old so much. Every morning when he woke up, he’d run into the baby’s room to check on him. The only person who could take his kong from him was the baby, and they’d proceed to play fetch together. I miss his smiling face and laying on him like a pillow. He was a very large GSD and the gentlest of giants. He would have never hurt a fly. I was heartbroken when our Moe passed in December, but this is a different, unfair kind of hurt. I’ll never understand why he had to be taken from us so soon when he had so much life left. In his final moments, he laid his head in my lap and put his paw in my hand as if he was saying “it’s ok momma,” which was unlike him but shows the soul he had. He was so sweet and so smart, he did not deserve to suffer or go out like he did. Can’t wait to see you again, big boy. I’ll never be able to replace you.Britney HansenRiverview, FloridaJanuary 26, 2021
Ms. Molly
1/1/2021 - 1/20/2021Ms. Molly , missing a piece of me in you. To the most beautiful girl that God ever created to teach me the unspoken language of Love.Anita GivensSevierville, TennesseeJanuary 26, 2021
Shadow, I miss your sweet face.. you’ve hit the jack pot when Scott brought you home... you no longer were abused, and I know it took time, but you fit in the family.... I thank you for being my best friend after my husband passed.. you gave me a reason to go on... I know how stubborn you were, and never complained.. the last two days I prayed you would walk again.. as much as I didn’t want to loose you, I thought I made the right decision.. now your in heaven hopefully walking, and now joined with Scott... I love you and miss you ..Mary SchaeferEast Hartford, ConnecticutJanuary 25, 2021