Pet Memorials
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3/12/2012 - 9/12/2020Bean was the best lady around. She was always sweet and loving and my best cuddle buddy. It’s impossible to put into words what you gave us and how much we’ll miss you. I will never have another kitty quite like you. You didn’t like to be held or have treats. You couldn’t be bothered much with toys, although you did love catnip. You liked to play in the water faucet and were so fun to watch. You loved your fur brother Gunner and tolerated your kitty sister Cricket (sometimes). You loved to sleep in bed sharing my pillow and loved when I’d sing. You always greeted us with a loud meow, and chastised us with a long meow when we’d been gone too long for your liking. You loved laying in the grass on sunny days and just watching the birds. You truly were such a blessing, and we miss you terribly already.Lauren JohnsonLexington, KentuckySeptember 14, 2020
9/1/2003 - 9/2/2020Pepper was the kitty who was not at all afraid of people, met them at the door and hopped up on the counter to insist on being petted. No one could resist! Her face was kind, gentle, and unforgettable. She was in the middle of every activity going on in the house. Her love and kindness is so missed now and always will be. Run free now sweetheart without pain. Go play with your brothers and sisters with water and feathers and balls. One day we will all be together again. In the mean time, I will always love and never forget you. Thank you for being my kitty for all these years. I was honored to be your mom.Debbie DraperPlainfield, IndianaSeptember 13, 2020
2/14/2004 - 9/11/2020For our Willoughby . You were much loved and will always be missed.Jennifer CazzolaInola, OklahomaSeptember 13, 2020
7/1/2005 - 9/12/2020July 2005 - September 2020

I am so glad it didn't work out before you came to me. I am so honored to have been your Momma!! My first pet as an adult and I was blessed to have 13 years with you!! You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you!! Letting you go was so very hard but I know it was the right thing. I am thankful I was able to give you the very best at the end. It was so peaceful!!
Rest well and wait for me at The Rainbow Bridge!! I love you Russell!!!
Christina LeVequeSanford, FloridaSeptember 13, 2020
5/1/2007 - 9/11/2020"Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take…I’ll be watching you." (Author unknown, but could've been Marcy.)Bridget SkinnerHILTON, New YorkSeptember 13, 2020
1/7/2007 - 9/10/2020Dear Biscuit,
You brought our family so much joy throughout the years that it is impossible to hold back our tears. We lay here with lumps in our throats, swollen eyes, and heavy chests filled with the burden of losing you, Biscuit. Our hearts knew it was time to say goodbye but doubt still fills our minds. Your rear legs lost mobility and you couldn't walk on your own any longer. We could see the toll it was taking on our body. Please know, sweet boy, we made this decision to give you a gift. The gift of a peaceful transition into an eternal life of happiness.. pain-free. We felt that keeping you here with us would have been selfish and that is why we had to let you go.

Please take and keep our love with you and let your spirit be restored. Knowing you are doing this will bring us some comfort, while we continue to grieve our loss of not having you near us anymore. You will always be our sweet, precious boy- no longer by our side but forever in our hearts. We love you and miss you dearly.
-Mom, Dad, Brooke, Dylan and Bandit
P.S. I sent a text to family members and one of them sent me a picture of a beautiful rainbow in the sky that appeared right after I shared you were no longer with us. Welcome to Rainbow Bridge.. Now go have fun and chase a lizard or something, will you? XoXo
Renee PhillipsOrlando, FloridaSeptember 13, 2020
1/18/2010 - 8/30/2020Fiona came into my life unexpectedly the night of April 19, 2010. She quickly became my whole world. I promised to take care of her forever. I didn't realize then how much she would take care of me in the years to come. I loved her more than anything.

Fiona was the eternal optimist. She was always happy and wanted to play. She taught me so much about love and life. She had a great sense of humor. She was compassionate, loyal and brave. Fiona wanted to protect me at all times, a job she took very seriously. I knew how she felt about me from her quirky routines and things we did together. Like how only I could take her outside in the morning, no matter how bad she had to go. (my husband kept trying, but nope I had to get up) She always followed me to the bathroom and guarded the door while I showered. Fiona did everything with me. Even if whatever I was doing wasn't interesting she was nearby. She made doing ordinary things more fun. It was an honor to be her Mom. During her illness she showed so much trust in me, allowing me to care for her in whatever way necessary. This reinforced just how strong our bond was. I am forever grateful for her loving companionship.

Fiona is my best friend and family. Her love will stay in my heart until we meet again.
Amy WillaertWhitestown, IndianaSeptember 12, 2020
3/21/2020 - 9/11/2020Chloe thanks for the last 16 years, our home and our lives haven’t been the same since you went to heaven. We know you’re at the rainbow bridge and we will see you again one day.
We miss you so very much, but now you are in heaven with no pain, happy with Frankee and Sasha.
Over the last year, after losing Frankee, we saw you slow down so much and tried desperately to keep you comfortable and out of pain.
We will always love you and remember you forever.
Mayra Norma MarollaWinter springs, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020
Tiger Lily
7/1/2020 - 9/10/2020Tiger Lily was our beautiful, sweet kitty with a very gentle temperament--very "chill." She was Mama's kitten from her 1st litter, and we were blessed to have her in our lives for the last 16+ years. So many wonderful memories of Tiger Lily, her sister (S'mores) and Mama...all memories intertwined with my own beautiful daughters childhood and our family. I will never forget those days. Our pets are angels that God put in our lives to let us experience unconditional love, joy and companionship. Tiger Lily is now with Mama, Winnie, Meeko, S'mores and Min-Min (Abby). Thank you for being a part of our lives and being such a loving, gentle kitty--our beautiful Tiger Lily.Tracy ArataEureka, MissouriSeptember 12, 2020
Dixie Clarabell Maynard
5/11/2004Sweet Dixie,
May you run free, run fast and catch lots of frisbees.
You are deeply missed not only by your humans, but also by your adopted furry siblings; Lexie and Thor.
May you rest in peace and always remember how loved you were.
Your Humans,
Mary, Russell and JohnWilliam
The Maynard FamilyLongwood,, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020